18th Birthday Ideas for Girls That Are Unique and Fun

There are a lot of teenagers who think that, if they are an 18-Year-old, the birthday is too boring. That’s not true, these 18th birthday ideas for girls are actually unique and the best way to have fun.

There is not a more important birthday than the 18th. This is a day all the kids enter adulthood or mark as a teen age. So, make sure your 18th birthday is planned and make it an unforgettable birthday party.  

So many teenagers are planning to make their 18th birthday unforgettable. So, keep reading these 18th birthday ideas for girls to make their birthday party unforgettable as much as possible. 

20 Unique and Best 18th Birthday Ideas for Girls

18-year-old is a very important milestone for a teenager, this is the time that you enter in adult living. There are a lot of things that will change and new expectations also arrive.

Whatever you plan, make it unforgettable and we are also going to help you by giving 20 unique and best 18th birthday ideas for girls, if you want a unique and fun birthday party then read this article till the end.  

01. Movie

This is the best idea to go to a movie with your friends, family or with your loved ones. This is the best 18th birthday idea for girls to have fun and make it even unique.

Your best movie with your bestie, the feeling is more about fun and enjoyment. watch the movie with some popcorn, pillows and Blankets to be more comparable.   

02. Group Sleepover

Group sleepovers are the best 18th birthday ideas for girls, because you can have fun and enjoyment with a big group of friends. You can watch movies, do some fun activities and stay up late at night.

There are a lot of things that you can do, now you’re entering adulthood then talk about your goals, ambition and in the next 5 years where you want to be. Make some kind of fun and unforgettable night with your friends.

03. Long Road Trip

Long Road Trip on 18th birthaday

Make a good plan with your friends to go on a long road trip and assign each of them to do something like one can play DJ and another can provide a snack for all.

 Make a long road trip towards the mountains, the beach, or near the city. Even the journey is more fun than the destination!

04. Do Professional Photoshoot

Doing a photoshoot with your friends is the best 18th birthday idea for girls because you are going to capture your day in photos.

Getting all dressed up and taking a cool photo with your friends and having fun while doing it. It’s unforgettable, even you can have more fun by visiting some nearby destinations for a photoshoot or you can use props.

This makes for great memories and also, you have killer Instagram photos for the next day.

05. Keep Surprise Party

A surprise party is some kind of fun and it’s an easy option to do, the trick is to keep it a surprise.

Choose the best place and call your best friends to come over there, make surprise things for them like arrange some food, or sound system, games to play or even movie plane.

06. Themed Party

Themed party will add fun and remember for long; it can take it from basic to a night to remember for a long time. You can pick up one theme that you want to do, make sure that decorations, food and outfits are in perfect order.

Here we are listed some options for your themed 18th birthday party.

  • Pizza Party
  • Meme Party
  • Toga party
  • Superheroes party
  • Game of thrones

07. Mocktail Party

Mocktail Party

Mocktail Party is also a good option for 18th birthday ideas for girls but make sure that while doing this party keep more juice. Still there are three years to go to the legal Drinking age but who will stop you if you want to have an unforgettable party?  

08. Adventure Party

If you are planning an adventure party then that is a good idea for girls. Make a small group or it depends on you for who you want to highlight in your party.

A taking a small group of your friends and having fun like a hiking adventure, kayaking trip or even skydiving.

09. Escape Room

Escape Room parties are perfect to have fun for a small group of people 6 to 10 people are enough to make it memorable.

 Even if you are not the winner, you will have more fun in playing.

10. Try a New Food

Trying a new food with family or your friends is the best idea to celebrate your 18th birthday. Make a plane with your friends or family and try a new food, this is a great opportunity to spend a quality time with them.

Instead of your old favorite food, try something new on your 18th birthday celebration. 

11. Spend Day on a Beach

Spend Day on a Beach

Spending your day on a beach is the best 18th birthday idea for girls, you will consider this idea first in this list.

Make a plane with your friends and spend more time on the beach, play some games or activities. This is the best way of having fun on your 18th birthday, whatever you do, just make sure that makes it an unforgettable day.     

12. Book a Hotel for Party

Book a hotel room and celebrate your birthday with your friends, if you don’t have enough money to rent a room, you can split the cost among your friends.

Go in the pool, order room service, sit with them and spend quality time and enjoy a night with your friends.

13. Make your Spa Day

This is my favourite 18th birthday idea for girls, this is something like taking self-care. Go with your friends to spend a luxurious day in the spa. A relaxing mind and give a mani-pedis that makes you have a more fun and exciting day.  

14. Get some Tattoos on Body

Get some Tattoos on Body

This idea is not for everyone, but if you’re waiting for a long time to get a tattoo on your body then this is a perfect time.

Go with your friends and make sure that you already have an idea about what kind of tattoo you want to have on your body.

15. Movie Night at Pool

Watching a movie at night in the pool area is the best 18th birthday idea for girls. This is the best idea with your friends or even with family.

Make sure that you already planned with snacks, play a movie that makes you more fun and exciting.

16. Game Night

Game night parties are full of fun and exciting nights, if you have a small group of friends and even you can add family members. If you’re all celebrating your 18th birthday then consider a game night party.

Feature some party games and enjoy a night filled with fun.  

17. Cooking Class

This is also the best 18th birthday idea for girls, set up a game or computation in a kitchen among friends and keep some prize for those who make delicious food.

Choose anything to make and have delicious food that you made all by yourself.

18. Shopping Day with Friends

Shopping Day with Friends

Make your day a shopping day, go with your friends and do shopping like clothes, or whatever that you want to perch on your 18th birthday.

It’s a good idea to go to a market or shopping mall, spend some time there with friends.

19. Dinner Party

If you’re a birthday boy or girl, you may have a favorite restaurant in your area. Book a table for dinner and go with loved ones or even with your friends or family.  

Have some food and spend some quality time with them.

20. Go on Trip and Cookout

This is also a great idea for girls to go on trips and also cook outside in the jungle or somewhere. Make a plane with your friends and book a taxi or car for day rent. Go on a long way and cook outside food with fun and have the food there.

That will make you more unforgettable and more exciting.


Hopefully these 20 unique best 18th birthday ideas for girls will give you more fun to do when you become an adult. Be safe, have fun and have a very happy 18th birthday.

If you have any questions or any suggestions kindly put them in the comment box below.

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