20 Best 21st Birthday Ideas for Girls That are Insanely Fun

You want your 21st birthday to be an event you want it to remember for years, and want your special moment in your life to be memorable. Then read this article till the end to know 20 best 21st birthday ideas for girls.  

In case you’re arranging a 21st birthday celebration for another person, we have a couple of simple tips that will help you to prepare for it.

There are a lot of approaches to planning your 21st birthday. You can take off with your companions, have a bonfire on your terrace, or take a bartending class with companions to try out mixed drinks.

Whatever you choose to do, try not to stand by until the last moment to settle on a thought and ensure that you’re amped up for your arrangements.

20 Best 21st Birthday ideas for Girls

Explore these 20 exciting ideas mentioned below for the 21st birthday celebration of a girl.

01. Girls Night at Bar

Girls Night at Bar

Friends and wine are the best combination to go with on a birthday. Nothing makes a girl feel like a grown-up woman until she can tell the bartender to surprise her by all the special drinks available at the bar.

So, it’s a perfect idea to organize a night out at a bar for the girl who is turning 21, as this will make her experience life like an adult. Trying different types of drink will make her feel to the fullest and adding up a dance party will add up a joyous experience of the night.

02. Spa Day with Friends

 Spa Day with Friends

A wonderful day at the spa is the thing that I call paradise on earth. What can be more relaxing and enjoyable, having a spy party with friends.

The spa truly is something other than a spot to appreciate a back rub. A greatest gift to yourself is a little bit of attention. Having a nice massage and delicious cosine can make you rejoice.

03. Drinking Game with Friends

Do or drink games, party at home with fun drinking games. Regardless of whether you’re at home, hanging out in your, or going away, keep a deck of cards, a couple of dice, and a couple of ping-pong balls. Some famous drinking games incorporate Beer Pong, King’s Cup, and Never Have I Ever.

04. Casino

Birthday is an occasion when you can bet at a gambling club, so you might take well advantage of it. Go on an outing to a club or around and play a round of 21 to commend your 21st birthday.

This is the first occasion when you can bet at a gambling club, so you might as well take advantage of it. (Memorize the basic rules of blackjack ahead of time if you want to look like a pro and impress the people at your table.) You can bet according to your choice (we certainly suggest being slow in the beginning) and you never know; you could wind up leaving with some genuine money.

Additionally, on the off chance that you request one of the free beverages at the gambling club, make certain to tip the worker serving the drinks!

05. Themed Party

Themed Party

Now this is what a girl would love. Shopping for a themed party would be an amazing activity to spend time on. Select a theme as per the birthday girl’s interest and go shopping accordingly.

Decide a nice dress code and shop or gift the birthday girl a new dress which would be perfect for the selected theme. Decorate on your own or get help with the party organizers and see whether everything is available or not.

Get ready with all arrangements so you can enjoy the party to its fullest. Don’t forget to have an arrangement of delicious dinner too and obviously a cake as per the theme of the party, wine to make the girl feel she is an adult now as she has turned 21!

06. Sleepover

Planning a sleepover at your 21st birthday, turn your birthday night into an unforgettable night. There are various creative turns that can help you take the event to a higher level.

Who doesn’t adore the chance to relax in silk nightgown the entire night with a face cover while watching their favourite movie with a perfect combination of snacks and drinks.

Late night gossip with old friends discussing life, a long conversation on topics of all types. Gossiping with a sip of wine, what else a girl turned into an adult would love. There are a lot more fun activities to do like, you can bake a cake with your friends.  

07. Photoshoot


Go all out glitz by several outfits for the event, and get your hair, nails, and makeup done. Pose dramatically by having an expert photograph shoot alone or with your closest and dearest friends or family members. post the snaps of your shoot, make vlogs of your day and post it on your account.

share your experience with your friends who live apart who are distant and couldn’t accompany you. Enjoy your day to the fullest and get your random pics clicked.

08. Long Road Trip

Long Road Trip

Yeah, you heard it right. Go on a road trip all alone. Put basic things in your bag and just drive somewhere you can give some time to yourself. Knowing yourself is the best gift you can give to yourself.

Enjoy your own company, trek to a high peak, click selfies, carry some snacks with you and enjoy melodious songs with a fresh atmosphere. You can ask your friends to accompany you and have a nice picnic with them.

You can also play games with them and have a nice time knowing them. it’s a perfect idea for girls who don’t like partying at clubs, girls who like fresh air and love wandering everywhere.

09. Night Club with Friends

You can have everything in Your life, however without companions You have nothing. A night club is a perfect place to celebrate your birthday, perfect for mature and classy people who like to dance and sing the night away in a cozy and elegant atmosphere whilst enjoying the best professional service at a nice club.

Search out for an ideal club as per the birthday girl’s choice. The opportunity to meet other companions is consistently the energizing appeal of a dance club at night. rather than an event in the evening, comparatively night clubs are more interactive and one gets a better exposure.

10. Pool Partying

Pool Partying

You wanna have a different kind of event, you can consider having a luau subject. It’s particularly famous for young ladies’ birthday celebrations and easy-going parties for grown-ups.

On the off chance that you love transforming your patio into a tropical heaven, build up your subject with charming luau party solicitations.

Embellishments are significant for establishing the vibe of any gathering. To give your pool party a casual, cheerful energy, you need loads of welcoming shadings.

Stay hydrated with fun drinks and arrange tasty snacks for the party, also have some cute pool floats that are eye-catching to make the venue look amazing where every age group would love to enjoy. 

11. Sports Game

An outfit party, of sports, could be a truly incredible approach to make an exciting occasion! Invitations should include the guest list and who they’ll be coming dressed as, there should be a mix of everyone’s favorite athlete at the party of any sport as per individual choice.

Assemble your kin to celebrate at game time. Regardless of whether they come for a Saturday school football match-up or a Tuesday night hockey match, concurring with a real game will be a particularly fun approach to celebrate! Have everybody really hop in on the activity.

Hold the event on the field, the court, the arena, or even at the neighborhood bowling alley to get in some adult “playtime”.

12. Boozy Brunch

Boozy Brunch

Who doesn’t adore a relaxed informal breakfast? From endless mimosas to inspecting every one of the sweet and flavourful dishes, brunch is always a good idea to most people.

If you’re the host of the brunch, however, you may have other feelings. A brunch party is all about unwinding and guilty pleasure. Arranging the boozy brunch party doesn’t need to be a nightmare.

Make your customized dishes and drinks and add your own touch in it. Have some preparations the night before so the day you’ll have a Brunch party you can finish off the work soon and enjoy the dishes. 

13. Attend Cooking Class

It’s a perfect idea for an introverted girl who loves cooking. If you are planning something for your friend you can get a subscription to cooking classes for her.

It would be a perfect gift for her. She’ll adore this and nothing can make her happier. Get her all the ingredients needed for cooking and give her her own time to spend on cooking. Give her a hand while she’s preparing food. accompany her. She’d love it.

14. Trip Abroad

A wanderer, the girl who loves to travel, who’s filled with wanderlust, what can be more amazing than booking a ticket for her to a trip abroad.

The best and exciting gift for a traveller. Most teens have a dream of going on a trip alone but are always restricted because of their age, but as the birthday girl has turned 21, gift her a ticket to travel to her favourite country.

You can accompany her whether you are a family member of her friend, who’s company she’d prefer to let her choose or you decide as per her choice and make her birthday the best one.

15. Tea Party

A tea party is a great way to be with friends and celebrate a birthday. iced tea, herbal tea and various types of blends and experiments on tea-based drinks can add stars to the tea party.

Obviously, this magical casual get-together birthday wouldn’t be finished without the Magical Butterfly natural tea. The secret ingredient is the butterfly pea bloom, a dynamic blue blossom from Asia that changes a straightforward tea drink into a blue invention.

16. Go to The Theatre

Go to The Theatre

To experience something new.

Of course, you can watch a film or read a book, however going to the picture hall is something exceptional, watching individuals performing live before you – an entire distinctive experience and diverse energy, feelings and so on.

Book a ticket for a movie of your interest and have a nice experience on your birthday. It also feels more special as if it is being performed for you and not for thousands of people around in your city.

You get so wrapped up in the emotions of it and then suddenly it’s over but your mind is still in the show. this is really an experience that you’ll regret being missed. have nice snacks with coke at the movie. It’s an amazing feeling.

17. Movie Night with Friends

Movie Night with Friends

Organize a movie night at your home, get all the appliances ready for watching the movie. If you find the climate pleasant, set up a projector and screen in your terrace for a movie marathon under the moonlight.

Ensure you have a lot of covers, pillows, cushions and warm blankets to relax on while you watch the cinema. feel cozy and enjoy the movie with nice snacks and drinks. Or prepare a meal to have between the movies during the interval, and have a nice day.     

18. Share your Dreams with friends

Get to know your friends on their birthday, have some time with them discussing and telling them your secrets, your desires, your goals. Whatever you feel comfortable to share with them.

Feel free to open your heart in front of your bff and let everything out. This will make you feel good and your best as you haven’t felt before.

19. Spend quality time with loved one

Become acquainted with your companion on their birthday, have some time with them examining and revealing to them your mysteries, cravings, objectives.

Whatever you feel great to impart to them. Go ahead and open your heart before your loved one and let everything out. This will cause you to feel better and your best as you haven’t felt previously.

you can cook or eat together, or do some housework together. Do engaging and mindful activities that facilitate spending quality time with your family.

20. Beach Bonfire

Beach Bonfire

Pick a themed party greeting, similar to a volleyball party greeting, to welcome visitors to the merriments. Since the gathering is on the sea shore, few decorations are necessary, as the sand, sun and ocean give an eye-catching surrounding. Before the sun sets, plan a couple of gathering games for visitors.

Sea shore volleyball is an incredible game in the event if you host the party near a net or have the basics to bring from home. Once the sun sets, it is time to build the bonfire.

Get started before it’s completely dark. Get all the essentials in advance and create the whole set-up for the bonfire. Transport food to the sea shore in coolers with ice. Bring a barbecue and the vital supplies on the off chance that you need to make grilled chicken, burgers or franks.

S’mores are always a hit once the fire gets started. Make sure to watch out for any food that needs refrigeration and throw it or set it back into coolers to keep it safe.


Hopefully, these 20 unique 21st birthday ideas for girls will give you more fun and enjoyable . Be safe, and try these ideas when you become an adult, and wish you very happy 21st birthday.

if you have any questions and suggestions kindly put them in the comment box below.

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