Bald with a Beard – 15 Best Beard Style For Bald Men (2022)

A lot of men feel a loss of confidence when they start losing their hair. Now, no need to worry, here we are listing 15 best beard styles for bald men and some tips on how to look amazing bald with a beard.

Bald with a beard become a trending style for men in recent years, and research also shows that women find bald men with long beards attractive! So, if your bald guy then shaves your head and grows a fuller beard.

Nowadays, Bald with a beard has become a hot trend that can often be seen on rock stars and celebrities. Now, not everyone has the ability to grow a fuller beard, but everyone can grow a bit of stubble or goatee.

This is a combination of bald head with a beard, this is something that you can also try. Read this article to find out why you need to shave your head and grow a beard.

Best 04 Reasons Bald Men Should Have Beards

Best 04 Reasons Bald Men Should Have Beards

Here we are given 5 proven reasons bald men should have beards and every bald guy should grow facial hair.  

01. Women Like It

Studies have shown that women find men with a bald head and beard attractive, handsome and charming. Bald with beard pictures are rated by women more % compared to normal pictures.

You will be much more attractive for women with your new look bald with a beard.

02. No Need to Shave Everyday

Bald men need to shave their heads every other day, so also if you shave your facial hair can become more irritating.

Shaving your face every day is hard on your skin, and also makes red, burns and irritates. So, growing a fuller beard will help you take care of your skin and skin health.

03. You Will Look Younger

If you bald and grow a beard, you will look younger, as time goes on, you will be looking exactly the same age. If you add a longer beard to your look, you will be more attractive, handsome and younger.

04. Beards Will Add More Value to Your Look

Another benefit of having a beard with a bald head is, it will add more value to your face, and makes a more attractive look. Bearded men get more attention in the crowd compared to normal men.

If you’re losing hair or you’ve decided to have a shaved head, then a beard will help you to create your face shape, and give more value to your look. 

15 Best Beard Style For Bald Men

If you’re losing hair or you’ve decided to shave your head completely, then congrats! If you notice that you’re going bald then shave it off and if you’re looking for best beard styles for bald men, then you’re in the right place.

The bald with beard combination requires a great facial hair style for your face and shaved head. So, here we are listed in this article 15 best beard style for bald men

01. Ordinary & Full Beard with Bald Head

Ordinary & Full Beard with Bald Head

This is one of the famous beard styles like shaved head with a full beard. This one looks great on bald guys; it depends on you how fast you will grow a fuller beard.

If you’re able to grow a full beard, then this beard style is definitely for you. It will require a bit of maintenance while growing.

02. Short Beard Stubble

Short Beard Stubble

This is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to grow a beard is stubble, keep your razor away from you for a week or two weeks. Once you find out the length you like, then keep it trimmed, clean and maintain the beard style.

If you can’t grow a fuller beard, then stubble is the best way to go. Having a short beard or stubble is easy to maintain and it looks really formal.

03. Long Beard with Bald Head

Long Beard with Bald Head

If you have a bald head with long facial hair, this is my favorite beard style for bald person with a beard. Long beard requires care, ability to maintain and commitment. This style will take your beard to the next level.

It will take you time to grow and you need to set down the razor for months and months. Still, you need to keep things tidy and need to maintain by using beard oil/ beard balm and beard brush/comb.

04. Moustache only

Moustache only

If you face more difficulty to grow a beard then you can grow a moustache only. If you’re dreaming of having a moustache then this is the time to grow a moustache with a bald head.

There are many ways to grow moustache, you can go with a fancy or simple one.

05. Wavy Beard Style

Wavy Beard Style

This beard style for those who have a beard is naturally curls and wavy, this is not something that you can choose.

If you have wavy and curls then don’t waste your time trying to straighten it, I would suggest you to invest in some beard products tools like beard comb/brush and beard oil/balm to maintain your facial hair.   

06. The Goatee Beard

The Goatee Beard

Goatee’s beard is very popular, and we can see it on many celebrities. This beard style is simple to grow and maintain and it will make you look attractive, neat and well-groomed!  

07. Yeard Beard Style

Yeard Beard Style

The yeard beard style also looks attractive with a bald head. You need a lot of patience and dedication to have this style.

It will need more care and maintenance, and you can invest in a nice beard comb/brush and beard balm/oil. Let your beard grow for months or even years.

08. Van Dyke Beard

Van Dyke Beard

This beard style is very famous for those who have a round face shape. The beard and moustache never touch each other. If you do it correctly then it looks amazing with a bald head.

09. Shaded Beard

Shaded Beard

This beard also looks great with shaved heads, and this beard style can be achieved within a few days of not shaving. This beard style main feature is, beard length is one or two centimeters. So, easy to maintain and less care.

10. Handlebar Moustache with Long Beard

Handlebar Moustache with Long Beard

Long beard with handlebar moustache looks really great for bald men, if you have a handlebar moustache, it will immediately attract attention to you in a crowd.

It will need special care and more maintenance. If you curl the moustache that looks amazing. But it’s really worth it.

11. Mutton Chops with Bald Head

Mutton Chops with Bald Head

This is one of my favorite styles for bald people with a beard. This is an old fashioned beard style, but it looks amazing with a bald head.

If you’re dreaming to grow wolverine beard style, then this is the time to grow with a bald head. If you did this mutton chops with a bald head, surely you will stand out in a good way.

12. Medium Round Beard with Bald Head

Medium Round Beard with Bald Head

This is a good idea to grow medium facial hair, it will be easy to maintain and very less care. It will look good with bald men.

13. Boxed Beard with bald head

Boxed Beard with bald head

This style also looks good on bald men, if you’re looking for a beard style without adding more volume, then this is the one best for you.

It will give you a formal look and it shows well-groomed.

14. Cool Circle Beard

Cool Circle Beard

This beard style for those who have a round face shape with a bald head. It will look cool and looks very attractive.

If you’re struggling to get a fuller and thicker beard then this beard style is for you.

15. Anchor Beard with Bald Head

Anchor Beard with Bald Head

Anchor shape beard with bald me look good on round face shape, a floating Moustache gives more attention to your face.

QNA on Bald with a Beard

  • Does a Beard Look Good with a Bald Head?

    Nowadays, bald with a beard has become famous and study has shown women find attractive people who have bald heads with beard. If you’re losing hair then no worry and find a great beard style that will look amazing on you.

  • Are shaved Heads Attractive?

    Yes, a shaved head will be very attractive if you have a good beard style. There are many celebrities who shaved their heads and grew fuller beards.

  • Why Do Bald Guys Grow Beards?

    Bald men are more sensitive to dihydrotestosterone, so as they go, they become bald. But the hair follicles on the chin are unaffected by the hormone. That’s why beards continue to grow. 


If you’re slowly getting bald or already bald, then you need to let your facial hair grow a bit, it will look better and you will feel better as time goes.

If you’re struggling to get a fuller beard then go with anything that looks good on you.

Hopefully, you like this article, if you have any suggestions and any questions kindly put them in the comment box below. 

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