7 Best Night Time Fat Burner Supplements (2022 Reviews)

When it comes to fat burning, sleep is the simplest and most effective thing you can do to get excellent results. There is a lot of evidence showing how inadequate sleep causes weight gain by disrupting hormones, decreasing insulin, causing inflammation and reducing metabolism.

But the best night time fat burner supplements work on multiple levels, includes

  • Support deep-cycle sleep
  • Suppress Nighttime appetite
  • Help to increase night time metabolism
  • Promote growth hormone secretion
  • Black Cortisol

The night time fat burners are designed to be used at night-before you sleep to burn more fat. So, read the article till the end to know 7 best night time fat burner supplements and their benefits.

7 Best Night Time Fat Burner Supplements

Below are 7 best night time fat burner supplements that can help to burn fat without losing sleep.

01. Lean PM Night Time Fat Burner

Lean PM Night Time Fat Burner

Lean pm night time fat burner has high amounts of epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), an extra from green tea which has many proven benefits such as boosting immunity, recusing stress, protecting cells from damage and reducing cancer risk.

The EGCG is proven to help increase metabolism to burn fat that doesn’t cause wakefulness. It also helps to regulate blood sugar and helps to prevent weight gain.

This fat burner sleep-promoting formula is very well balanced and it also includes Bioperine which increases bioavailability.


EGCG Helps to boost metabolism and mix of amino acids, magnesium, B6 and melatonin that help promote sleep and reduce stress.

Proven IngredientsDoesn’t suppress appetite
High amount of EGCGIt only contains 60 capsules
No side-effects
Bioperine increase absorption
It has 100% money-back guarantee
It promotes deeper sleep

02. BPI Sports Nite-Burn Night Time Fat Burner

BPI Sports Nite-Burn Night Time Fat Burner

The goal of BPI is to make products that are best in the market, to be committed to their formulations. It consists of a property blend; means we don’t know the exact amount of each ingredient.

BPI sports Nite-burn fat burners contain Vitamin D3 which is the main ingredient in their formula.

Nite Burn is a non-stimulant nighttime metabolism booster, fat burner and sleep aid. It doesn’t include stimulants, which is safe to use before night.


Raspberry ketones promote fat cell breakdown, green coffee bean extract increases metabolism, white kidney bean extract blocks carb absorption, ingredients like L-tryptophan, dandelion, lemon balm and melatonin, which promote sleep and help with fat reduction.

Boosts the metabolismPropriety blend
D3 for fighting belly fatIt may cause bloating
Blocks carb absorption
It has money-back policy
Low cost

03. Modern Man PM Fat Burner

Modern Man PM Fat Burner

Modern Man PM Fat Burner is, as the name suggests, this fat burner that is specifically designed for men. This fat burner is a more popular supplement and it contains green tea and green coffee bean extract, that makes it stand out. Yes, these ingredients do increase fat burning, but they can also make it harder for sleeping.

Modern Man PM fat burner contains ingredients which suppress appetite and promote restfulness. The amounts of each ingredient are a bit high, and experts warn that some ingredients in the fat burner can cause side effects like stomach upset and dizziness. So, you need to start with a half dosage of the fat burner to see how you react.


White kidney bean block carb absorption, green coffee boost metabolism. Ingredients like L-theanine, garcinia cambogia and hoodia gordonii relax the body and promote serotonin production.

Reduces stressContains some caffeine
Allows you to fall asleep quicklyNot suitable for women
Improves libidoMight be strong for some people
Designed specifically for men

04. 1UP Nutrition Recharge PM Burner

1UP Nutrition Recharge PM Burner

1UP fat burner contains ingredients like GABA, I-tryptophan, 5-HTP and melatonin for promoting sleep. Also, this product has different ingredients like L-carnitine which is a well known fat burner and muscle builder, also improving your focus and clarity.

Note: L-carnitine needs carbs to metabolize.

Glycerophosphocholine is another interesting ingredient in 1UP, and research shows that this ingredient boosts HGC production and helps focus, libido and fertility.

Sleep-promoting blendProperty blend
Promotes HGC productionL-carnitine requires carbs to work better
Some ingredients boost libido and fertility

05. Sheer Shred PM Night Time Fat Burner

Sheer Shred PM Night Time Fat Burner

Sheer shared PM fat burner is another product that promotes an effective fat loss and the focus is on boosting your metabolism while you rest. This fat burner has the highest amounts of white kidney bean extract and GABA compared to any other night time fat burner supplement.

Study shows that wite kidney beans help prevent weight gain by reducing the amount of carbs absorbed in your digestive system. If your body has fever carbs when sleeping, the less of them get stored as fat and your body starts burning fat for night time fuel.

Sheer shard PM fat burner contains GABA which is one of the body’s main inhibitory neurotransmitters and great for relieving stress and promoting relaxation.


This fat burner contains a carbs-blocker that prevents night time weight gain and some ingredients proven to promote sleep and relaxation.

Blocks carbsIt does not directly increase your metabolism or fat burning
Get high quality sleepIt can lead to excessive sleeping
Free of stimulants

06. Phen 24 Night time fat burner

Phen 24 Night time fat burner

Phen 24 night time fat burner is the brainchild of Wolfson Brands, which formulate and sell various supplements worldwide.

This fat burner supplement encourages thermogenesis in the body, even during sleep and helps to fat loss. The phen 24 fat burner does not affect your sleep cycle, but it works to improve fat-burning.

This fat burner supplement targets your metabolism in the day and at night. You burn more calories, even while sleeping when you use this product.

Boost your metabolismThis supplement bit expensive
Helps to regulate cortisol levelsThis product provides different capsules for day and night
This product offers a return policy of 60 daysNot a vegan-friendly

07. Naturewise Night Time Slim

Naturewise Night Time Slim

This fat burner is more recommended by health and fitness experts, which does balance your sleep aid and fat burning ability quite well. The Naturewise fat burner supplement has thermogenic properties that work well even while you sleep, allowing you to burn fat for longer without working as hard.

This supplement also encourages the body’s metabolism to become faster, this will increase fat burning. Also, this fat burner provides smoother and deeper sleep.

Gluten and soy-freePropriety blend
It contains capsimax that boosts weight lossContains stimulants that can cause jitters
Free from common allergens
Work well to suppress appetite

Night Time Fat Burner Benefits

Of course, the benefits of these fat burner supplements are that they can burn fat while you rest and help you lose some weight. But there are some benefits that you can get.

  • Promote your better sleep cycle: all the above fat burner supplements work as a sleep aid and that will help you fall asleep quickly and get into a better and more consistent sleep cycle.
  • Boost those growth hormones: many above supplements will help with muscle recovery by increasing testosterone and growth hormone levels.
  • Cortisol reduction: cortisol is a hormone that is linked to stress level, and if you’re busy in your professional life, then cortisol can interfere with your sleep. So, taking the above supplements can help to reduce cortisol reduction and will help you feel more rested.
  • Don’t wake up hungry: the above supplements will work quite well to regulate your blood sugar and keep you feeling pulled for longer.
  • Thermogenic effects: thermogenic, metabolic effects are one of the best ways to lose weight without exercising. They will raise your body temperature slightly and burn more energy.

Also, night time fat burners increase your metabolism rate so that you can burn more calories while you sleep. Because you won’t be eating anything while you sleep, and those calories will come from your body fat.

FAQs on Night Time Fat Burner

  • When Should I Take PM Fat Burner Supplements?

    Generally, it is recommended to take a fat burner 1 hours before going to bed. This can be a bit tricky because some ingredients in this supplement kick in faster. Generally, taking melatonin 30 minutes before going to bed can be recommended and GABA should be taken 2 hours before.

    You can take your supplements about 1-2 hours before bedtime, that will help to better sleep. Of course, follow the manufacturer’s instructions. 

  • Do Night Time fat Burner Work

    Depending on the supplements, there are some ingredients with proven weight-loss benefits such as increasing fat metabolism, blocking carb absorption and increasing HCG level – but their effect is very small.

    Some experts say, it’s worth nothing if you aren’t exercising and dieting correctly. Taking a night time fat burner means you’re burning an extra 100 calories per night while you sleep and over a month, this can be about a pound of weight.

  • Are there any Side effects of Night Time Fat Burner?

    The short answer is NO, night time fat burner doesn’t have any side effects, unless you have some sort of allergies to the ingredients or you take high doses. If you’re experiencing any kind of allergic reaction or unpleasant side effects, then stop using your product and talk with a health care provider.  

Final Thoughts

If you are unhappy with your weight loss goals, then it is worth trying out a night time fat burner supplement. Because these supplements aren’t going to shed tons of fat instantly, but they do help!

Night time fat burner isn’t going to lose directly, you should still need to diet correctly and exercise regularly for better results.

However, you should always consult a doctor, physician or a nutritionist before incorporating such supplements into your diet.

Hopefully, you like this article, if you have any questions and suggestions kindly put them in the comment box below. 

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