Standing Cable Hip Extension Exercise – Exercise Guide and Video

The standing cable hip extension is one of the best exercises to warm up before starting lower body workouts.

Well, the glutes play a big role in hip extension and they assist with jumping, heavy weight lifting and running and more. This exercise gives more strength and makes your glutes stronger.

Sanding cable hip extension is one of the great isolation movements to target the glutes and hamstring muscle. So read this article till the end. 

Cable Hip Extension exercise details

  • Target Muscle: Gluteus Maximus
  • Which Type: Strength
  • Mechanics: Isolation
  • Synergists: Hamstrings
  • Equipment: Cables
  • Force: Push

How to do Cable Hip Extension exercise

  • Start first by attaching an ankle strap t bottom of the cable machine
  • Keep you free leg back and working leg in front
  • Grasp the cable for stabilize your body
  • Keep your torso upright and make sure your working leg stays straight at all time
  • Pull the cable slowly with your working leg until your hip is fully extended
  • Hold for second and squeeze the glutes
  • Slowly return your leg to the starting position
  • Repeat with this leg for more repetitions
  • Repeat this exercise with your opposite leg

Variations and Tips for Cable Hip Extensions Exercise

  • Keep your working leg straight and your body upright
  • You can change each leg for sets
  • Hold the cable machine to keep your body stable and comfortable
  • Don not tries to kick your leg back, keep the movement your control
  • You may feel that slightly externally rotating your working leg, this can achieve great glute activation
  • You can do this exercise after a compound leg movement
  • The cable hip extension is great for warming up before a lower body workout

Benefits of Cable Hip Extensions exercise

  • This exercise adds size and strength to the gluteus maximus
  • The cable keeps more tension on you muscles
  • This exercise great for hypertrophy with low weight and high reps

Watch this video – How to do standing cable hip extension

QNA on Cable Hip Extensions

What Does Cable Hip Extension Help?

The sanding cable hip extension exercise is a great idea to isolate the glutes without giving tension to other muscles. You can perform after compound leg movement, this exercise great for warming up before lower body workouts.

Why is Hip Extension Important?

Hip extension exercises are very important for your hip extensor muscles and the glutes. Having stronger glutes are key to lower back support, and help to run, walk and jump.

Are Hip Extensions Good?

Hip extensions are great and more beneficial for strengthening and movement for your hip. They do hit some of the strongest muscles including your extensors in the hip. 


The sanding cable hip extension is excellent exercise which can make your hips stronger and glut. It’s very important to take advice from personal trainers or experts, they will help you with correct form and you may avoid injury.

Hopefully you like this article, if you have any questions and any suggestions kindly put them in the comment box below. 

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