Can Models Have Tattoos – Some Top Models with Tattoos

Nowadays getting tattoos on body become famous but there are some people want to get into modeling industry but they have tattoos on their body and they often searching in Google that can models have tattoos or is there any models with tattoos.

So, read this article till the end you may get the answer for your question. But if you seriously want to become a model then stop getting tattoos on your body.

If you’re searching these types of questions means you already have tattoos or you are trying to get one.

There are some agencies allowing models to have tattoos but some of the agencies have very strict policies. So if you want to become models with tattoos then you’re in the right article.    

Person have Tattoos can Become a Model

Person have Tattoos can Become a Model

Well, the modeling industry basically does not allow models who are covered in ink, but there are some models that have been covered with tattoos and had successful careers in modeling by showing their body art.

Models who are heavily covered with tattoos may not be accepted but some time is required on clients’ demand because clients want to show their products who have tattoos on their body.     

Well, some of the big brands totally do not accept the models that are covered in tattoos because generally models exist to sell the products that they wear, clients do not want the audience’s attention to go on tattoos because the products are the star of the show and models have to sell it.

In high fashion modeling the rules are very strict and different, especially working with big brands. These types of brands have very strict rules that models need to meet their requirements including specific height, body measurements and having no tattoos or no skin art.

07 Famous Models with Tattoos

Famous Models with Tattoos

There are a number of models that have tattoos and are successful in their career but make sure that you need to be careful about the placements of ink and how the size of the ink.

If you’re thinking of getting one then keep the tattoos in small in size so that it is easy to hide them, to cover with make-up, and can be removed while photo editing.

So, here are listed 5 famous models with tattoos.

01. Kate Moss : Kate Moss has a simple anchor on her forearm and also has twin sparrows on the base of her back; she can cover easily for any kind of photo shoot.

02. Chanel Iman : Chanel has a hanger and her name tattooed on the back of her beck, so she can easily hide it for photo shoots.

03. Gisele : Gisele has a tiny star tattooed on her wrist.

04. Erin Wasson : Erin is a tattoo lover and she has many tattoos on her back and arms.

05. Jessica Stem : Jessica has star tattoos on her ankle and foot.

06. Ruby Rose :Ruby has covered in some tattoos and so many are inspired by her personal interest.

07. Melodie Monrose : Melodie has a beautiful tattoo on her upper torso.  

Showing Tattoos in Your Modeling Portfolio

Showing tattoos in your modeling portfolio

Showing tattoos in your modeling portfolio is defends on what types of the modeling jobs you’re going to do.

If your aim is to work with tattoo magazines and tattoo shows then of course you can show your tattoos and include some of the picture in your portfolio.

If you want to work in fashion modeling and commercial modeling by signing the modeling contract with agencies then you need not to show your body art in photos. Also try to remove it or limit the tattoos that you’re getting.

Tattoos Needed to Become a Model

Many beginner models have this type of question, should I get a tattoo if I want to get into modeling or tattoos are needed to become a model, the straight answer is No. if you want to become a model there is no requirement to have a tattoos in your body.

The best tip for aspiring models or beginner models is when you start your career in the modeling industry you should hold off getting tattoos entirely. When you begin your unknown model, it may limit your opportunities.

If you have a requirement to be a high fashion model and you want to be also a fashion model then try not to get any ink because ink-free models are high priority. Most of the brands love clear skin, flawless skin.

Can Make-Up Cover Tattoos?

Can Make-up cover tattoos

If you are trying to get into the modeling industry but you have tattoos on your body, some modeling agencies allow you and some of the agencies do not want to have ink on their models.

 If the ink is small in size then make-up artists can help you hide them but if you have large in size it will be difficult to hide them.

However beginner models do not get a large size of ink and it is difficult to hide them, some categories of modeling may allow your body art but in high fashion modeling you do not have any kind of large tattoos.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can Victoria Secret Models Have Tattoos?

    The short answer is YES, Victoria models have tattoos but that are small in size and easy to hide. To cover with makeup or to be subjected to creative photo editing is paramount.

  • Are Tattoos Bad for Modeling?

    The tattoos are allowed in the modeling but they are small in size and easy to hide. Big or visible tattoos are not allowed in the modeling, and tattoos negatively impact on your modeling career. 


Here we know about can models who have tattoos and some of the super models with tattoos. If you dreamed of becoming a model then stop getting any kind of body art.

Hopefully, you like this information, if you have any suggestion and questions put them in the comment box below.

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