Top 16 Hottest Fashion Nova Models with Photos (2024) on Instagram

Fashion Novo is one of the biggest online fashion stores for women. Day by day this store is getting more popular. Fashion Novo is known for its clothing designs and trends.

They need many famous models to advertise their products all over the world. so, who are the beautiful ladies behind the brand?

So, here we are listed Top 16 Hottest Fashion Novo Models. So, you can follow them on Instagram. 

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What is Fashion Nova Models?

Fashion Nova is a high rated online fashion store for humans, they are delivering the products to millions of people worldwide.

There are a number of Instagram models who help to achieve their goals and make more profit. So, we are listed top fashion nova models (Instagram influencer), read this article till the end. 

Who Can Become Fashion Nova Model?

There are a lot of people who have this question who can become a fashion nova influencer or model, if you have a higher follower of your social media accounts like on Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat or more.

If you are able to make sales for their products, then you can collaborate with fashion nova but remember how much they pay you. That totally depends on how many followers you have on social media. 

Top 16 Hottest Fashion Nova Models on Instagram (2024)

If you want to know who are the fashion nova models and want to follow them on Instagram, then here we are listed top 13 hottest fashion novo models.  

01. Tiffany Keller

Tiffany Keller is fashion nova model

Tiffany Keller is an American professional model who is represented by Elite los Angeles. Tiffany is very popular in modeling and she has worked with many brands including Fashion Novo, Salty Mermaid Swimwear and Windsor.

She is also seen at several events and fashion shows including Maxim Hot 100 Party and Miami Swim Week.

Tiffany Keller was born on 14 April 1995, in Los Angeles, California. She has more than 392k followers on her Instagram account.

02. Cristal Serrano

Cristal Serrano is fashion nova model

Cristal Serrano is also American model who has worked with brands such as Sabo Skirt, Miss Guided and love culture and she is represented by La Models.

Cristal Serrano was born on 12 July 1994, in Los Angeles, California. She has more than 208k followers on her Instagram account.

03. Janet Guzman

Janet Guzman is fashion novo model

Janet Guzman is an American model and fashion photographer. Janet Guzman has always been familiar with cameras and she regularly models for fashion novo.

She was born on 19 December 1993, in the United state and she uploaded her first photo on her Instagram account on 27 January 2017.

Nowadays, she is very famous on Instagram because of her modeling and lifestyle photos. She has more than 1.8 Million followers on her Instagram account.  

04. Kara Del Toro

Kara Del Toro is fashion nova model

Kara Del Toro is a Houston model and actress but currently living in Los Angeles. She is represented by Elite Models Management and she has worked with Top brands including GUESS.

She was born on 18 August 1993, in Houston and she has more than 1.6million followers on her Instagram account where she shares her modeling photos, latest fashion looks and swimwear photos.   

05. Marilyn Melo

Marilyn Melo is fashion nova model

Marilyn Melo is a Dominican Republic model; she moved to the United state for her career. She has modelled for Get The look and Fashion Novo and she has been represented by Wilhelmina.  Also, she has been featured in Dopeness Magazine and Urban Magazine.

She was born on 11 March 1994, in Dominican Republic and she has more than 800k Followers on her Instagram account where she shares fashion, swimwear and lingerie photos

06. Demi Rose

Demi Rose is fashion nova model

Demi Rose is British model and internet celebrity, she is the most popular model in Uk and she appeared in Nuts, Zoo Magazines and FHM magazine.

She was born on 27 March 1995, in England and she has more than 16.2 million followers on Instagram and still increasing, where she shares Fashion photos, bikini and swimwear photos.

07. Yodit Yemane

Yodit Yemane is fashion model

Yodit Yemane is an American model, television Personality and Instagram influencer. She is also known as a Fashion Nova star. She worked with DEE & LAHNI, Dollhouse London and she has also appeared in TV Shows and Music videos.

She was born on 22 March 1990, in Boca Raton, FL and she has more than 1.2 million followers on her Instagram account where she publishes modeling photos and daily activities photos.  

08. Daniella Beckerman

Daniella Beckerman is fashion nova model

Daniella Beckerman is an American model and internet influencer. She is represented by Elite Models Miami and also, she worked with big fashion brands including fashion nova.

She was born on 7 February 2001, in the United state and she has more than 329k followers on her Instagram account. 

09. Auderyana Michell

Auderyana Michell is fashion nova model

Auderyana Michell is an American model and Instagram influencer. She has worked with top brands like Tobi, the Label’s LPA, Pac Sun and PRISM Boutique. Also, she was represented by Freedom Models Los Angeles and Next Miami, London.

She was born on 13 April 1999, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. She has more than 711k followers on her Instagram account and still the followers are increasing.

10. Stephanie Rao

Stephanie Rao is fashion nova model

Stephanie Rao is an American model, Instagram influencer and brand ambassador. She is also partnered with 1Up Nutrition and she worked with top fashion brands.

She was born on 1 December 1991, in Miami, Florida, United states. She has more than 1.1 million followers on her Instagram where she posts her fashion shoot photos and fitness photos.

11. Belle Lucia

Belle Lucia is fashion nova model

Belle Lucia is an Australian model and Instagram Phenomenon voted by GQ magazine as their Instagram woman of the week in march 2017. Before entering into modeling she completed a nursing degree.

She was born on 13 October 1994, in Australia. She has more than 1.3 million followers on her Instagram account where she posts modeling photos and her daily experiences.

12. Tabria Majors

Tabria Majors is plus size fashion nova model

Tabria Majors is an American flus size model and Instagram influencer. She is very popular on social media and she has global recognition. She worked with many top brands including Loralette, Ashley Stewart, Forever 21, Avenue, Rebdolls and more.

She was born on 19 March 1990, in Nashville, Tennessee, United State. She has more than 1.5 million followers on her Instagram.

13. Audrey Littie   

Audrey Littie is plus size fashion nova model

Audrey Littie is an American plus size model and Instagram influencer, she is well known for being a fashion novo star. She has worked with top brands including GS Love and Rebdolls. Also, she was featured in the picture of the week in 2019.

She was born on 17 June 1991, in the United states and Sha has more than 222k followers on Instagram.  

14. Audrey Littie

Audrey Littie fashion Novo Model

Audrey Littie is an US plus size model who is represented by Wilhelmina and IMM models. Audrey Littie is a popular model who worked with many big brands like Fashion Novo, etc.

Audrey Littie was born on 14 june 1991, in the United States. She has more than 230k followers on her Instagram account.

15. Eva Nunez

Eva Nunez fashion nova model

Eva Nunez is a Mexican fashion model, influencer, makeup artist and youtuber. She has more than 150k follower on her Instagram and also, she has over 500k follower on her TikTok

Eva Nunez was born on 14 Sep 1994, in Jalisco, Mexico.

16. Jossie Ochoa

Jossie Ochoa fashion nova model

Jossie Ochoa is an American fashion model, social media influencer, youtuber and businesswoman. She appeared in many fashion shows like LA Fashion Week, Miami Fashion Week, Nuestra Belleza Latina, LA Swim Week, etc. she also won the crown title in Miss Guatemala US 2014.

Jossie Ochoa has more than 500k followers on her Instagram account and more than 30k subscribers on YouTube. Where she publishes modeling related videos.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is the Face of Fashion Nova?

    There are many nova babes and they are the real face of the company. The nova social media team which they upload over thousands of photos under #novababe.

  • What Size Do Fashion Nova Models Wear?

    Most of the fashion Nova models are wearing small in tops and dresses, the size will be 1, 3 or 5 in jeans. It totally depends on their body types.

  • Who is Fashion Novo Top Model?

    The short answer is Janet Guzman, Because according to social media, she has more than 1.9m followers on her Instagram account. 

  • What Sizes Do Fashion Novo Models Wear?

    It totally depends on the model’s size and measurements. Most of the fashion novo models wear sizes small in tops as they have a lean body. Other models wear larger size dresses.


Fashion nova was the most searched store on Google in 2008, and in 2024 fashion nova has become the headlines. I hope you like this list of fashion novo models, if you like then follow them on Instagram.

Hopefully, you like this article, if you have any questions and suggestions put them in the comment box below.  

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