How To Grow More Facial Hair – 9 Tips For Grow Beard Fast

How to grow more facial hair and how to grow a nice beard as fast and as long and as healthy as possible. Growing a thickness beard on your face can be very challenge for many people for some reasons.

How get a nice full beard on your face, the first thing that you need to do is to make a commitment, you need to push through and go through the whole process you can’t be expecting your beard to grow and look amazing and flowy.

it’s a little bit of a process; some time people have the uneven growth, have slow growth and sometimes itching once in a while on your face, it’s gonna happen it’s normal.

9 Best Tips for Grow more facial hair Fast

Best Tips for Grow more facial hair Fast

You can make your beard how you want it to look, it’s gonna take a little while but it will get there. Who have trouble to grow facial hair fast? While here are 9 best tips for facial hair growth

01. Stop applying many products

Stop applying many products for beard

Make sure that you’re growing a healthy beard is stop applying so many products, there’s always a lot of guys who are apply a money products on their face.

If you apply too many products your beard is going to be too oily or too dry, it’s going to absorb all of those chemicals and that can’t be good for your beard all the time.

The reality is your beard is not going to grow overnight just because you put really expensive oil or five different oils into your beard, it takes a while and you have to be patient.

You can apply beard oils, beard creams or conditioner or moisturizer, you beard to make sure that you’re styling it if it’s getting to that length but just don’t go overboard that’s not how it works.

02. Workout more daily 

Workout more daily  for grow beard

You have to do daily exercise or work out because that is going to boost your testosterone which means more facial hair. Testosterone is a male sex hormone and this will help to grow beard.

Make a plan for your workout days and more importantly you can do heavy exercise; like lifting weights, high intensity workouts and just try to do as much as you can, to increase your testosterone level in your body.

Exercise in general is a great way to relieve stress and your beard will grow faster if you’re more relaxed. Lot of people lose their hair because they are stressed too much. Actually, you don’t get stress, if you stressed your facial hair will not grow faster.

Exercise will boost testosterone level and you would get relieve stress, you’re gonna look better, you’re gonna feel better that is what working out does to your body.

03. Exfoliate your beard

grow more beard

The next tip is something that you really need to do especially in the beginning when you’re starting to grow your beard, exfoliate your beard every four five days just to make sure that you’re getting rid of the dead skin cells on your face.

it’s gonna clear up the skin it’s going to make sure that there are no ingrown hairs which absolutely danger and it’s also good for your skin to make sure that you’re not getting any pimples any acne or blackheads.

To exfoliate every four to five days that should be enough, don’t go over with this. Make it plane to exfoliate your beard and it will help to grow more facial hair.

04. Eat a healthy diet

Eat a healthy diet

Eating a healthy diet will give your body all the nutrients it needs, a balance diet and any vitamins or minerals that can help you to grow beard faster and thicker naturally.

Vitamins can really help you get a fuller beard that you’ve been wanting because biotin for example you know carries oxygen and nutrients to your scalp which helps hair growth. So, take biotin pills because it will help to grow more facial hair on cheeks.

Also eat Healthy foods like whole grains, seafood, dark leafy greens, all have lot of vitamins, our hair also needs Vitamin A to stay moisturized and to grow. Also, you will get good sources of Vitamin A from sweet potato, kale spinach

Eating rich in vitamins will help you to grow facial hair, and also more protein rich foods will help to grow healthier beard. And being healthy will definitely give you a boost to grow beards naturally.

05. Keep your beard moisturized

Keep your beard moisturized

Always keep your beard moisturized, don’t go overboard with the products but you do have to apply a little bit of product to make sure that your beard hair and the skin underneath this nicely moisturized.

You have to moisturize your face and that includes your beard twice a day, once in the morning when you wake up and then once at night before you go to bed.

When you apply the moisturizer; you can apply it to your forehead, your nose, your cheeks and also your beard and your jaw.

Make sure that you are moisturizing underneath your beard, no matter how long you have beard, there’s also a skin and that skin needs to be taken care and make sure that you’re applying a good moisturizer to hydrate and moisturize your beard and the skin underneath.

06. Stop trimming your beard

You have to stop trimming your beard, lot of guys are thinking I gotta trim it, it’s gonna grow faster this is a big myth.  You need have some patience; don’t touch it, don’t you dare grab that razor or that trimmer unless it’s looking completely uneven and wild.

Leave it alone, and make sure that you’re cleaning up your neck and your cheeks. You have to remove the extra hair on your face, this is the perfect time to grow a beard. 

07. Stop smoking

Stop smoking

You should stop smoking or taking nicotine because it’s so bad for you for your skin, for your hair and everything else bad for your teeth.

08. Sleep well

If you’re getting enough Sleep, your stress will decrease and this will help to grow facial hair.

If you sleep 7 to 8 hours, your skins blood flow will increase and also will help to increase the testosterone level, this will useful to grow your facial hairs.

09. Drink more water

Drink enough water daily, which will help you to flush out the toxins from your body.

This will help to keep your skin hydrated, its help to grow healthier and thicker beard. so, you can grow more facial hair. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Help Beard Grow Faster?

Growing beard is depends on genetics, your diet and exercise, beard cannot grow without correct nutrients in body. If you want to grow beard faster, start eating more fruits, vegetables and do more exercises, and follow balanced diet.

Do Beard Oils Work?

There is no scientifically evidence that beard oils are work or help to grow beard, but some cases it works in the manner in which is designed. It will help to grow heathier facial hair and keeps smooth and silky.  

What is the Age to Grow Beard?

The first facial hair appears at the corners of the upper lip at the age 11 to 15 and then it spreads to form a moustache over the entire upper lips at the age of 16 to 18.


If you want to grow your facial hair, then you can try this above 9 tips will definitely help to grow facial hair faster, but you have to make plan and be consistence and also maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Note: It’s important to consult a doctor before try a medicine and any products. In this article we are given generic information.

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