Alternative Modeling – Step by Step Guide to Alternative Modeling

Modeling industry has so many different types of niches, and the alternative modeling niche is one of them. These models work for more unique companies and brands that do not conform to mainstream ideas of beauty.

Today’s world, you do not have to fit your physical stereotype to become a successful model, and an alternative model who does not fit into the definition of a model.

If you have unnaturally colored hair, tattoos on your body, colored hair and piercings can become an alternative model. There are lots of brands that promote alternative models and these brands target very specific audiences and different styles.   

So, in this article you will find out everything about alternative modeling, keep reading.

What are the Requirements Needed to be an Alternative Model?

What are the Requirements Needed to be an Alternative Model

To be an alternative model, there is no specific requirement or criteria for alternative modeling, you have seen in other categories of modeling like, high fashion modeling or commercial modeling which demand models to be fit in a certain height and body shape.

In alternative modeling, all body shapes and sizes are accepted. Most of the agencies and brands will look for a model who is the taller side (Female around 5’8” and Male 5’11”).

If you are shorter than these heights also accepted in alternative modeling, but you need to be photographed well and look great in front of the camera.

If you have more tattoos on your body, that will give you a plus point to enter in alternative modeling. Build your confidence in front of the camera and be more photogenic.

What Kind of Work Alternative Models Do?

What Kind of Work Alternative Models Do

There are many works for alternative models and they work for lots of different brands, also they work with brands that cater to a more diverse audience like Goth Brands, Hipster brands, emo brands and scene brands.

Because, they fit a certain image, like with tattoos, coloured hair and piercings. There are many brands or companies looking for alternative models, like tattoo shops looking for alternative models to target their audience and hair salons also looking for alternative models to promote their colouring hair style.

Alternative models are needed for brands that represent steampunk, goth, ego, punk and fetish models. The alternative look is ever green and always in high demand for models in the modeling industry.

How to Become an Alternative Model – 5 Best Tips

Like all types of modeling, alternative modeling also is in high demand and very famous. There are many people who want to know that how to get into alternative modeling, so here are 5 best tips to become an alternative model.

01. Improve Your Style

If you want to be an alternative model then develop your style and don’t be afraid to wear a dress that doesn’t follow the social norm. you already know that alternative models work for goth, emo and Hipster brands.

If you have an unnatural hair colour, that gives you a plus point to get into alternative modeling. You need to look like an alternative on a daily basis, rather than only for a photoshoot.

It’s very important to have a tattoo and piercing on your body, if you’re under 18 then take permission from parents before getting any kind of tattoos and piercing.  

02. Build Killer Modeling Portfolio

Build Killer Modeling Portfolio

You need to have a strong modeling portfolio in order to get notice. Your modeling portfolio must contain up to 16 to 20 high-quality photos of you.

If you’re new to this modeling industry or planning to start alternative modeling then its best idea to hire a photographer to take some photos of you. This will give you photoshoot experience and also give you the chance to walk away with some high-quality photos.  

Your photos should reflect alternative style and natural beauty. If you have a unique hair colour, piercing, tattoos or any body modifications, show it in your photos.

It’s very important to include your different alternative looks and style in your portfolio.

03. Practice Posing

It’s very important to improve your posing style, if you have an edgy look that doesn’t mean you will be great in front of the camera. Still, you need to practice posing.

Study on alternative modeling agencies and magazines and see what kind of photos they publish and start practicing. Also, look at alternative model’s  on social media accounts and see how they pose in their posts.

You can practice in front of the mirror or camera and know the best angle.

04. Research on Industry and Agencies

You can do research on alternative modeling agencies and brands, there are a number of agencies that work specifically with alternative models. You need to do research and send your portfolio via the application process on their website.

 There are many alternative brands looking for alternative models to promote their products and services.

Also, do your homework on the alternative modeling industry, research on how it works and are there any down sides.

Before applying to any modeling agencies, read their reviews, visit their website and see who all are working with them and who already worked with them. Choose the agency that you feel should be comparable while working with them.

05. Build your Network in Industry

Build your Network in Industry

It’s very important to build your network in industry, the more people you know in the modeling industry, the more chances you have of getting more work.

There are many websites for models that help them to build networks, promote their portfolio photos and find work. Model Mayhem and Pure Storm are the best websites for models, sign up and add your information, post your photos, then search for casting calls.

Also, you can utilize social media to build your network and most of the top agencies are looking for new faces and new talents on social media, especially on Instagram. 

How Much Do Alternative Models Get Paid?

If you’re popular and have some experience in the modeling industry then you may make a lot of money. If you’re a beginner to modeling then you may earn little money, as an average $300 to $1000 per hour. 

Famous Alternative Models

There are a number of alternative models who are in the fashion industry and successful in their career. And they earn huge amounts of money. So, here we are listed some of the top 10 famous alternative models. 

Popular Alternative Brands

Here you will find best 10 alternative brands.

Top Modeling Agencies for alternative models

There are a number of modeling agencies out there in the world, but here we are listed 07 best modeling agencies for alternative models.


If you want to be an alternative model then you need to look like an alternative on a daily basis, not just for a photoshoot. There are many dishonest people in the modeling and fashion industry, before applying to any agencies do your homework and search for it.

Hopefully you find out everything about alternative modeling and hopefully you like this article, if you have any questions and any suggestions kindly put them in the comment box below.

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