10 Powerful Health Benefits of Mint Leaves You Can’t Ignore

Herbs have been used by many people worldwide since time immemorial. Herbs are plants treasured for their medicinal, therapeutic, and aromatic properties and are often cultivated to avail such benefits. Since herbs are the natural source of many important elements with almost no side effects they play a vital role to prevent and treat diseases in humans. 

Mint (commonly known as Pudina) is one such herb that is popularly used by people because of its amazing health benefits and culinary purposes. 

Mint or Mentha is a member of the Labiate (Lamiaceae family) and is usually bright green. It is a large family that consists of 20 to 30 plant species including peppermint. Mint leaves are grown globally for flavoring food and used for their special fragrance. 

Mint is a sustainable option as it can be easily cultivated at home. Also, mint leaves have several health benefits as they contain a considerable amount of vitamins, antioxidants, and many vital elements.  

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10 Health Benefits of Mint Leaves

10 Health Benefits of Mint Leaves

01. Mint Improves Oral Health

Can’t get rid of bad breath? Tried everything and are still not satisfied? Here you will find an easy and inexpensive solution to your problem. Maintaining good dental health is very important as it boosts your confidence and improves your overall personality.

Mint or Pudina is basically used for fresh and good breath as it masks bad odor. You can simply start by using mint-based toothpaste, chewing gum, mouthwash, etc.

Chewing fresh mint leaves is a natural and faster way. Mint contains menthol which gives you a pleasant cooling sensation that you would have experienced at least once in life. 

02. Mint Helps to Cure Asthma

Asthmatic people have a hard time during winter and the situation becomes even more severe as the temperature drops down. Although medicines and pumps are constant partners for such people it is believed that some home remedies can do wonders for them.

Considering a natural remedy is always a good option as it has almost no side effects and it reduces complete dependence on medications. 

Mint has a characteristic fragrance and anti-inflammatory properties that aid asthmatic people to breathe easier. Taking steam of mint water or having a mint-flavored tea can help you to clear your throat and nasal pathway.

03. Benefits of Mint in Common Cold

Mint or pudina contains menthol which is considered a mild decongestant. It makes it easy to clear phlegm and helps you breathe better. Gargle with lukewarm mint water (Boil 6-10 mint leaves in water) will help to relieve a sore throat.

The characteristic aroma of mint can clear the respiratory tract and allow relaxed breathing. Also, it provides relief in irritation due to coughing. 

04. Mint Aids Digestion

Nowadays, a modern lifestyle with less physical work has caused a common problem of indigestion. Disturbed sleep-wake cycle, not having enough water, and frequently eating spicy food can contribute to such problems. Such practices can disturb the normal activity of enzymes.

Mint can be very useful in case of an upset stomach. It can stimulate the activity of enzymes thus helping in the process of digestion. It has antibacterial properties that help to overcome any kind of bacterial infection in the digestive tract. 

05. Helps to Fight Stress and Depression

Nowadays, due to numerous reasons, depression and anxiety are widespread among a large world population. Many drugs are discovered for overcoming such conditions of stress and depression. But taking such drugs for a long time may cause serious side effects.

According to researchers, plant-derived natural compounds can have beneficial effects with almost no side effects.

Mint or Pudina have characteristics that can be used in the treatment of brain-related disorders, including stress and depression. Pudina has a refreshing smell that helps to relax the mind and body.

People with stress have increased levels of cortisol and less amount of serotonin in the bloodstream. The menthol in mint helps in regulating the level of cortisol in the blood thus reducing anxiety and stress.

06. Mint in Weight Loss

Including herbs in your weight loss diet is considered a natural and healthier option rather than artificial supplements. Herbs like mint tend to provide low calories which makes them suitable to be used for weight loss. Mint tea and food items prepared from mint can be included in the diet.

Mint has the potential to increase metabolism. Poor digestion is one main reason for weight gain. Mint stimulates the activity of digestive enzymes which cause better absorption of nutrients from food. Such fast metabolism boosts the burning of fat and helps in weight loss.

Also, mint regulates sugar and cholesterol levels in the blood so mint can be used in people with diabetes, heart problems, and other health issues. 

07. For Maintaining Healthy Skin

For Maintaining Healthy Skin

Due to some of its special properties mint or pudina is widely used in the production of skincare products. Mint leaves have an anti-bacterial property that can be used for healthy skin. Mint contains vitamin A and salicylic acid which limits the secretion of oil in the skin which prevents acne. 

Mint leaves remove dirt from the skin pores. It contains antioxidants that help to prevent wrinkles and dark circles.

Applying the paste of mint leaves and rinsing it with water can do wonders for you. Mint has anti-inflammatory properties due to which it can be used to heal wounds and itching. Drinking mint water can detox your body and make your skin healthy.

08. Mint Boosts Immunity

Seasonal fluctuations in climate cause flu and various other allergic conditions. Strong body immunity is required to fight against such conditions. Mint or pudina is one of the most valued herbs due to its ability to fight against harmful microorganisms.

Mint has powerful antioxidant properties that boost immunity. Including pudina in your diet can help you to maintain good health especially during summers.

09. Maintains Good Eyesight

Nowadays, people have a hard time controlling their screen time which has resulted in weak eyesight. Mint or pudina can be a very useful home remedy to maintain good eyesight rather than visiting an ophthalmologist. 

Mint or pudina is proven to be a good source of antioxidants like vitamin A and vitamin C that can improve the health of the eyes. Oxidative stress causes hair fall. Antioxidants tend to reduce oxidative stress thus preventing severe hair fall. Using shampoo, conditioner, and oil having mint as a constituent is very beneficial for healthy hair.

10. Mint Increases Brain Power

Mint is abundant in iron that increases hemoglobin and improves brain function. Mint boosts alertness and memory because of its characteristic aroma. Mint stimulates the activity of neurons thereby making memorizing and learning easier. Also, it enables one to focus better.


Mint or pudina is considered an amazing herb that can be of great use in improving eyesight, weight loss, cooking, etc. It is considered a source of many vitamins and nutrients. Using it is preferable because it is a naturally obtained herb with almost no side effects.

Mint or pudina leaves can be used in the production of numerous ayurvedic medicines. If you are the one trying to switch to a healthy lifestyle then growing such herbs in your kitchen garden is a great option. Adding mint to water, salads, and beverages is always a good idea.

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