How Long Does Mascara Last and When to Throw Away

Do you ever wonder how long mascara lasts? We all love make-up products and it’s hard to replace our favourite products. Once the products expire, we need to replace them, otherwise it will cause our skin and eyes health.

Mascara is also one type of make-up that most women wear on most days. But every product that we use needs to be replaced even if it is your favorite mascara.

So, in this article you will know about how to tell if your mascara is expired and how long does mascara last.

How Long Does Mascara Last?

If the mascara is unused, then the mascara tube should be packed with preservatives for it and last up to two years but if you’re using it frequently then you need to replace it every three to four months.

The mascara product goes bad in the shorter amount of time because bacteria breads quickly into the tube. After two or three months from opening it for the first time or even sooner it’s well starts getting clumpy or smells weird.

It is best to replace mascara every three months.

Does Mascara Have an Expired Date?

Every make-up product has an expiration date including mascara, but it’s very important to know when you first opened and when it will expire and treat your eyes with a new mascara tube.

Mascara is one of the best and staple make-up products that every one can add in their daily makeup routine. It can help to improve your appearance and look your best, but the mascara is still performing their best.

There are many makeup products that quickly become your favorite products but make sure that you are using the best brands and healthy one.

How to Tell If Your Mascara is Expired?

If your mascara is smelling bad after two to three months then it’s time to throw it away. Also, you need to pay attention to the texture and color of your mascara. if the mascara formula has separated or it’s dry then it’s time to replace it.

If your mascara looks dry and is not lengthening and volumizing anymore, it’s best to replace it with a new tube so that you can continue with feeling and looking your best.

We recommend changing your mascara every three months even if it’s working well. Also pay attention to your eyes health because the eyes are very sensitive and using an expired mascara will lead to irritation and cause eye infections.

What Happens if you Use Old Mascara?

Using old mascara will not give you any kind of benefits, and may cause your eyes health. If you’re using a new mascara tune then it can give long, volume and length to your eyes but you are applying expired mascara, it can cause your eyes exactly what you don’t want.

Make sure that the mascara is still working perfectly and giving their best.

QNA on Mascara

  • How Long Does an Unopened Tube of Mascara Last?

    Generally, if properly backed and stored in cool, most of the unopened and completely sealed mascara should last for two to three years.

  • Is it Bad to Wear Mascara Every Day?

    Most of the experts say using mascara constantly may cause inflammation and infection, even loss of your eyelash.

  • What is the Safest Mascara?

    There are number of mascara products available in the market but choosing the best one is very important to your eyes. So, here we are listed top 3 organic mascara for your eyes and that will help you to feel more beautiful and confident.
    01. 100% Pure Ultra Lengthening Mascara
    02. Kosas Big Clean Mascara
    03. ILIA Limitless Lash Mascara  


It’s very important to pay attention to your make-up products and their formulas, if anything seems funky then replace it with a new one or throw it.

Hopefully you like this article, if you have any question and any suggestion kindly put them in the comment box below. 

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