How Much Do Models Make – Modeling Career Salary?

Money people think that models get paid millions and models enjoy all the luxury in the world, but the reality of models is different. How much do models make, if you are a beginner you have to fight for a job first then you can earn money and you have to make yourself-brand like a supermodel.

Obviously not everyone’s going to be a super model and you’re not going to live a glamorous luxurious life, traveling around the world and making millions of dollars. Here to give you a realistic expectation of what you should make as a model.

But in this industry male and female models are there, you should know about how much do male models make and how much do female models make

How Much Do Models Make – Models Salary 

How much do models make

Lots of models make a huge amount of money, but some models make money to survive their daily expenses. Models salary depending on the type of model you are and model status as well.

Some supermodels make a huge amount of money per day or per hour, even nowadays plus size models are making a lot of money in fashion industry.

There are many types of modeling in this industry, but here are 7 types of model’s salary we will give an approx.   

01. Runways Models

When you do runway shows the average that runway models get paid it’s usually around $600 do models make per show or per day. You have to keep in mind per day could be anywhere from two hours in a day or it could be as long as even 12 hours in a day and this much do fashion models make

It all depends on the client and how your agent negotiates that contract, and for super models they travel around the world and they make millions of dollars.

02. E-commerce Shoots Models

how much do E-commerce shoots models make

An E-commerce shoot is when you model and you shoot for specific clothing companies; that are sold online. The E-commerce models usually get paid around $2,000 to as high as $3,000 for one e-commerce shoe.

It’s a full day of shooting and trying different clothes and shooting everything that’s in the collection. Then there’s a web usage fee that is associated with that.

It’s up to your agent to negotiate the web usage fee and if there’s any kind of renewal options after a year or two years.

03. Print Shoot Models

For the print shoots, average models usually get paid anywhere around $2,500 and up and that’s what you get as a flat rate. Typically, those don’t usually have renewal options because it’s just a flat print shoot.

04. Commercial or Advertising Models

Commercial or advertising models

If you were doing a commercial print shoot, you will get paid anywhere around from five thousand dollars and above, this much do commercial models make.

Commercial print shoots for example like if McDonald’s wanted to do an ad; where they have a model eating a hamburger, and put that in billboards or magazines. The printed ads will do a buyout for a year or two-year contract.

Usually, your agents would negotiate something like that where you get a flat rate and then you get a renewal option after a year or two years. For every renewal fee could be anywhere from five hundred to two thousand dollars, it all depends on your agents and what they negotiate.

05. TV commercials Models

A TV commercial is the bread and butter for anyone who’s a model and actor because not only do you get paid a flat rate you also get residual payments which are paid out every 13 weeks.

Typically, if you’re a side after a union talent, there’s a flat rate for $1500 for commercials. If it’s local original use only you get paid $1500 straight up. Then you get paid every 13 weeks depending on how frequently the commercial is running.

If it was a national commercial however you’ve hit the bank because you get paid a flat rate of $50,000 straight up. Then you get residual payments every 13 weeks which could be $2,000 or whatever depending on where the commercial is running, how often it is running and what’s in the contract.

06. Fit Models


When you’re a fit model; what you do is that you go and visit designers and they see their garments according to your size.

They’ve booked you for a specific reason because you fit the size that they’re building their collection for. If you want to do fit modeling, for a fit modeling face is not important at all, you will get paid for your body.

The fit model can get paid as much as $350 to $400 a day. Fit modeling wasn’t fun because it takes a lot of energy to just stand still for hours and hours.

It’s definitely something for you to try out if you are just starting out your career because it’s a good way for you to meet designers and make a few bucks.

07. Hand /Foot Models

Hand and feet models can also earn a lot of money in the modeling industry, for this modeling niche requires a model to have aesthetically pleasing legs, hands and even feet.

Hand and feet modeling is like a freelance modeling, models can do the work with different clients. These models usually get paid around $100 to $200 per photo-shoot or per hour.

What Affect Model Salaries?

There are a lot of factors that affect the model’s salary, but here we are given some major factors

  • Gender
  • which Agency you’re working with
  • Model status
  • Model appearance
  • Location – which country we are working
  • how much time you’re working?
  • which brand are you working with?


How much do models make, it’s possible to earn a lot of money from modeling, if you work hard you will keep yourself in shape, and if you are fascinated about your work or career, you can definitely earn a lot of money

If you become a supermodel; you will get a lot of jobs and also you will earn millions of dollars. You also have to keep a back-up plan, because when you become too old, you start getting limited jobs and also your salary can decrease.

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