How to Apply Mascara Like A Pro – Step by Step Guide to apply Mascara

There are many people spending a lot of money in the salon, because they don’t know how to apply mascara in home.

Adding mascara is the easiest and effective way to draw attention to your eyes. Below we are explained everything about how to apply mascara on your own and given a step by step guide.

Everyone wants to highlight their facial features, whether it is skin, hair or eyelashes. If you’re looking for longer, fuller and thicker eyelashes, then mascara can always be the first finishing touch that improves your appearance on almost any look.

You don’t have to be a professional makeup artist to give a wow look to your eyes, you can get that look all on your own with the help of your best mascara.

Learning how to apply mascara is beginner level beauty skill, but making your technique perfect is one of the best ideas that you need to know. So, continue reading below tips to learn the perfect method to apply mascara.

What are the Different Types of Mascara?

Mascara is one of the easiest ways to get people’s attention and make your eyes stand out from the crowd. Mascara has the ability to make your lashes darker, thickness and also add more length. Also, it will help you tackle your every need.

Most mascaras offer multiple benefits such as volume, curl, and length. But there are three main categories.

  • Lengthening Mascara: this kind of mascara helps to add length to your lashes and also help your eyes to open up.
  • Volumizing mascara: this type of mascara is very popular and can give you thickness and length.  
  • Curling mascara: this will help to add flair to flat and give a bit of volume to your lashes.

If you want to see magic while applying mascara, then try to learn how to apply mascara below on your own.

When to Apply Mascara?

This one of the most asked questions, when to apply mascara and when should add in a beauty routine. This totally depends on you and your personal preference, most of the make-up artists suggested that you can apply mascara last, after your overall makeup.

Step by Step Guide to Apply Mascara Like Pro

The applying mascara is a finishing touch to your make-up routine and it come after eyeliner, eyeshadow or any kind of eye make-up. Then you can step up to finishing touch, here is a step by step guide to apply mascara like pro all on your own.

01. Choose the Right Mascara

Choose the Right Mascara

There are numbers of mascara on the market that promise lengthening, volumizing, faster growth, curling our lashes.  There are many products with combined formulas and the option will be confusing.

So, take a look at your lashes and decide what kind of mascara they need and here are some things to keep in mind while purchasing any types of best mascara.For short lashes: try to buy lengthening mascara with a smaller brush and thick bristles.

For uneven in length and damaged lashes: check out the ingredients in the mascara including panthenol and Phyto-Keratin will help your lashes to grow, and try to use a fatter brush.

For sparse lashes: try to buy volumizing and thickening mascara with a large and round brush, with lots of bristles. There are many combination primer mascara formulas available in the market and these will help in bulking up lashes and keep your lashes healthy and neat.

For full lashes but need length: try to buy lengthening mascara but long brush with spaced bristles.  

Before buying any kind of mascara you need to decide which one is best for you can be intimidating.

Waterproof mascara is great for those people who want to wear it the whole day and use waterproof mascara only for any special events. Such as pool parties or any crowded events. You should replace mascara every three months.

02. Curl Your Lashes

Curl Your Lashes

Before applying mascara, try to use an eyelash curler to lengthen your lashes.

Position the curler as close to the base of your lashes and close the curler and hold for 10 second, then release the curler. This will allow your lashes to stick fast for better eyelashes. Choose the one that comes with a rounded upper pad.

You can try to focus on the corner’s lashes, because it can help you to achieve the fuller and longer lashes.

03. Use Eyelash Primer

Eyelash primer gives you mascara better staying power and it will help to lock your mascara in place, also separate the lashes and it will be prepping your lashes perfectly for mascara.

Try to swipe 2 coats on the top lashes and bottom lashes and wait at least 30 sec before applying mascara.

04. Apply Mascara on Your Upper Lashes

Apply Mascara on Your Upper Lashes

Twist the want from the tube and wipe off excess mascara on the edge of the tube. Too much mascara can lead to clumping, so avoid clumpy. Giving the little wipe can leave you with the right amount for mascara.

Look at yourself in the mirror and place the wand at the base of your upper lashes. Wiggle it back and forth and then pull the wand upward towards the tip of your eyelashes with zig-zag motion.

Apply a second coat, you can follow the same technique to apply the second coat.

You can apply most of the product to the roots. That will help your lashes to look longer and will keep them getting weighed down.

05. Apply Mascara on Your Lower Lashes

Apply Mascara on Your Lower Lashes

Take a tissue and place it under your lower lashes to protect the under eye area. This will help you to apply mascara without getting all over your skin.

You can start from the middle portion of the lower lashes. Brushing on mascara of your lower lashes from the lower lashes’ roots to the tips.

Apply the mascara at the lashes roots and lift upward to the tips. If you apply too much mascara then pull it off with your fingers.

06. Finishing Touches

Now, you need to give finishing touches to your lashes and it will enhance the look of your lashes. Look at the mirror and find out if there is any kind of clumpy on your skin and get the look that you want.

07. Clean Up Any Smudges Around Eyes

Mascara can be messy and sometimes it will get missy around your eyes while applying mascara. so, allow it to dry, don’t smear it and make things worse. Put moisturizer on the cotton swab and start removing smudges.

How Long Does Mascara Last

Mascara lasts around three to five months, and you need to replace the mascara every three months for safety. Because you’re putting it right near your eyes on a daily basis. if you’re applying an old tune for a longer time, it will give eye infections. So, try to replace the old tube with a new one.

Mistakes to Avoid While Applying Mascara

  • If you applying second coat after the first coat has dried: it will make your lashes mess and clump
  • Don’t not use expired mascara
  • Don’t use someone else’s mascara, it will transfer bacteria from the mascara to your eyes
  • Don’t curl your lashes after applying mascara
  • Don’t apply mascara in a moving vehicle, this is what most of us do. It will mess your entire makeup
  • Make sure that you’re removing mascara at the end of the day. Try to remove the mascara before going to bed, otherwise it will shed your eyelashes quickly.

QNA on Mascara

  • Do you Let Mascara Dry Between Coats?

    If you want to apply second or third coats, then never let one coat dry before applying another one.

  • How Many Coats of Mascara Should I Apply?

    Most of the experts recommend applying one or two coats of mascara. if you’re applying more than 2 coats then it’s made your lashes clump and the curl fall. For better results or achieve great volume and length you can add three or four coats.

  • How Often Should you Replace Your Mascara?

    All the experts recommend replacing your mascara every three months.

  • Is it Bad to Wear Mascara Every Day?

    Constantly applying mascara can cause infection and inflammation, even will cause loss of your eyelashes. If you’re wearing it every day then try to remove it before going to bed. If you go to bed with make-up that will affect your eyelashes.  

  • Why Do My Eyelashes Look Bad with Mascara?

    If your mascara is dry, it will make your lashes clumpy, so you can keep the mascara tube in a cup of hot water for a few seconds and then the hot water will loosen up the formula then it will be easier to apply.

The Final Word

Before applying any kind of mascara, get advice from doctor or professional expects because you’re going to use around your eyes. If you have any kind of allergy then try to read ingredients of the mascara.

You need to learn how to apply mascara all on your own and improve your techniques for better results and overall appearance.

Hopefully you like this article, if you have any questions and any suggestions kindly put them in the comment box below.  

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