How to Become a Fitness Model – 7 Tips to Get into Fitness Modeling

Nowadays, there are a number of fit people who want to get into fitness modeling but don’t know how? Well, here are 7 best tips of how to become a fitness model.

Becoming a fitness model is a very competitive profession and it takes more hard work and dedication. Being a fitness model is very popular and these models are killing on televisions and social media.

If you invest your time, hard work and energy you can achieve your goal, it takes lots of effort and you have to be strict on your diet and workout routine to stay in shape.

Well, If you want to learn how to become a fitness model then read this article till the end and also you need to know requirements to get into fitness modeling, what kind of job fitness models do, are there agencies that promote fitness models and how much do fitness models make.

What is Fitness Modeling?

What is fitness modeling

Fitness modeling has to be fit and living a healthy lifestyle and fitness modeling is a category of modeling in the modeling industry. These models have a well developed physique and they promote fitness and health products.

Fitness modeling is very difficult compared to other categories of modeling because in fitness modeling you have to be lean and fit.

These models have a high demand in the modeling industry because there are tons of health and fitness brands that want to promote their products through fitness models. 

What are the Fitness Modeling Requirements?

The best thing about fitness modeling is that there are no strict physical requirements compared to other categories of modeling, especially high fashion and runway modeling.

In fitness modeling body types matter a lot more than body measurements so if you’re trying to get into fitness modeling then you have to eat clean, workout on a regular basis and you should have an athletic body.

Most of the top fitness modeling agencies want to look at their models that are lean and fit with firm muscle tone.

Basically, height should be 5’5” and above for female models and 5’10” and above for male models. You should have a healthy looking, attractive face with good skin condition, healthy hair and a great smile.

Most of the agencies are looking for a fresh face with a commercial look so they can book more jobs for their clients. 

07 Best Tips of How to Become a Fitness Model

If you’re in great shape and passionate about physical fitness and living a healthy lifestyle then you should try to get into fitness modeling, and make your career in modeling.

Fitness modeling is a bit of a competitive industry and this will take more hard work and dedication. If you’re able to invest time, energy and effort you can be a fitness model.

We can see fitness models in top magazines, in all types of advertisements and in commercials, there are so many people who dream of being a fitness model but they don’t know how to become a fitness model. So, here we given all the information.

01. First Understand the Fitness Industry

First you need to understand the fitness industry, do your research and learn about how fitness modeling works. Also you need to know your body types and what types of fitness models you want to be.

Start doing your research and learn, get more knowledge about industry, you should know what are the improvements and changes you need to do.

02. Stay Fit and Active All the Time

Being a fitness model, you need to stay fit and active all the time because whenever you will get calls for shoots or promoting products. So, make sure you should stay in shape and look your best.

Stay strict on workout routine and healthy diet, make a schedule and follow on a regular basis so you can be ready at any time for any work.

03. Have a Good Workout Plane

Have a good workout plane

You need to have a good workout plan or schedule and strictly follow on regularly. If your beginner tries to do with low weight, if you’re experienced then do with comparable weights.

You need to keep a personal trainer and tell about your goal so he can help you with a good exercise routine and diet plan.  

04. Eat Healthy Food and More Nutrients

Start eating healthy food for living a healthy lifestyle and make sure to consume more nutritious food. you need to keep a track on how much calories consumed daily.

Make sure that you diet accordingly what types of body you want, before starting any diet contact a doctor for more information.

For fitness modeling you need to be lean and fit so you need to focus on protein, healthy fat and good carbs.

05. Practice Your Fitness Model Poses

You should practice your fitness model poses, there are so many fitness models poses on the internet. You can start posing in front of the mirror and learn how models can pose.

There are so many videos on YouTube. Watch them and start practicing your poses and make sure that what poses work for you with your body.

06. Approach Agency

Approach agency to become fitness model

If you’re ready with what the basic requirements need to have, then start your research on agencies and find one so they can represent you.

Most of the fitness modeling agencies often hold open calls, so do your research regularly and make a list of it, start meeting up with agencies.  

07. Use Social Media to Marketing Yourself

You can use your social media to market yourself, especially Instagram and Facebook and update daily at list one post.

Start engaging new people and industry people, start gaining more followers and feed your stories about your physic or workout or diet so you can get more engagement.  

Build your Fitness Modeling Portfolio

You should have a great fitness modeling portfolio, most of the agencies looking for models that have well captured photos and know how to pose in front of the camera.

You need to include 6 to 15 photos, try to get natural photos and you need to include body shoots. You should know how to show your body for the best shoot.

What Kind of Job Fitness Models Do

If you’re fit and in shape, there are a lot of jobs waiting for you in fitness modeling.  There are a lot of health and fitness brands that want to promote their services and products through fitness models.

Some of the fitness models promote fitness services and products on their social media and do sponsored posts. Many models working with manufactures sports products and with fitness magazines, some models have appeared in catalogs.

Some Agencies for Fitness Models

Some agencies for fitness models

Most of the top fitness modeling agencies are looking for new faces and new talent. If you have a killer fitness modeling portfolio you can send it to the agency that you want to work for.

If you fit their requirements they will sign the contract with you and they will start looking for a fitness job for you. So, here are some fitness modeling agencies that promote fitness models and make their career successful.

  • True Model
  • Stetts Model Management
  • Silver Model
  • MMG Model
  • BMA Models
  • Naturally Fit Agency
  • RMG Model
  • Source Models

Who are the Famous Fitness Models?

There are so many famous fitness models in this industry and they made their career successful. So, here we are given some of the top male and female famous fitness model lists.

Female Famous Fitness Model

Male Famous Fitness Model

You can also read these article if you looking for more more female fitness model and male fitness model.

How Much Do Fitness Models Make?

If you have a good body and fit with good muscle tone, there are a lot of ways to get paid such as promoting fitness products and services on social media but it depends on how many followers you have.

Most of the professional fitness models are earning big amounts of money and beginners are earning low amounts. It totally depends on popularity and audience, an average $500 to $1000 for one single product promotion.

FAQ’s on Fitness Modeling

Do Instagram Fitness Models Get Paid?

Many people on Instagram love to follow fitness models and like their stories and pictures. Once a fitness model gets a good number of followers on Instagram. They can earn anywhere between $2000 to $10000 per sponsored post.

Do Male Fitness Models Do Cardio?

Fitness models train almost like a regular bodybuilder, with cardio added every day. It is important to do some cardio for at least 20 to 30 minutes every day.

How Tall Do You Have to be to be a Fitness Model?

Most of the fitness modeling agencies look for model’s body types that are lean and fit with defined muscles tone. Many agencies prefer height is 5’6” for women and 6” and above for men, this is usually standard in the modeling industry. 


Here we know about how to become a fitness model and how to get into the fitness modeling industry, if you’re trying for fitness modeling then make sure that you take care of your body and keep always fit and active.

Hopefully you like this article, if you have any suggestion and questions put them in a comment box below.  

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