How to Become a Foot Model – 7 Tips to Get into Feet Modeling

There are so many women with having great feet and they want become a foot model but they don’t know how to become a foot model and how to start, so here is step by step guide to get into feet modeling.

Well, everyone have different aspect and we are proud to be have, if you have great foot then a career of foot modeling is for you.

If you’re trying to get into feet modeling you need to live in a big city because the foot modeling agencies are located in big cities, so there a chance of become feet model.

You can see feet models on mainstream advertising and these models come under body parts modeling.

What is a Foot Modeling?

What is a foot modeling

The foot models are considered as a body parts models and they use their foot to make some extra income. There are lots of brands wants foot models to promote their products in commercial television and advertising.

Most of the foot models work part time to earn some extra money and they have other jobs to enhance their income. The foot models are used in advertising some products, basically when a close-up is required. 

What you Need to be a Foot Model

If you have attractive foot compare to others then you can become a feet model, it’s very difficult to become a full-time foot model but you can make extra money by doing feet modeling and safer side have one full time job.

The foot models need when a close-us is required for products, such as shoes, socks, toe rings, skin medications, foot jewellery and any products that associated with foot.

07 Tips of How to Become a Foot Model

How to Become a Feet Model

If you’re interested to become a foot model then you can begin with either signed to an agency or you can work freelance. Working as a freelance is bit difficult because you have to find work yourself.

If you’re working with agency, the agency will take care of kindling a job for you but they will take of some percentage of whatever you make.

Well, before you apply for any foot modeling jobs, there are some thing you need to know. So, here are best 7 tips of how to become foot model.

01. Have an Attractive foot

If you’re trying to become a foot model then you should have an attractive foot, have long, slender foot. The modeling agency required this feature in their models and the most important id to have a great proportion.

02. Have Toned Muscle and Flexibility

It’s very good that your foot have toned muscle, strong and it’s very important to have your leg more flexibility. The modeling agencies also look for who have a good leg to promote clients products with your foot.

03. Exercise Your Foot

Exercise your feet

You need to exercise your foot and leg to make it strong and flexible. You can do certain exercises for strengthen your foot. Try not to go hard, just simply make them active, fit and more beautiful.  

04. Trim Your Nails Every Week

It’s very important to cut your nails every week and pint them because if you have long and ugly nails even with most beautiful foot, people will notice that and no one want to get into foot modeling.

05. Exfoliate and Moisturizer Your Foot

If you want to become a foot model then you should need to take care of your foot and leg every day. You can use good scrub to exfoliate your foot and use a good skin moisturizer to keep your foot attractive.

06. Have Good Photos of Your Foot

Have Good Photos of Your Foot

If you want to become a foot model then foot images or portfolio is very important. So, keep some good photos of your feet and legs. Make sure that keep your foot images as clear and quality, do not use more filters and Photoshop to make more attractive.

The agencies are look for a natural image of your foot.

07. Apply a to Good Agency

There are lots of modeling agencies looking for a new talents and fresh talent. So, you can do your research on agencies and apply to multiple agencies when you feel comparable and right for you.

Some top agencies have a specific department for body parts modeling, so you can send your foot portfolio with them and start working as a foot model.  

Who are the Famous Foot Models?

Who are the famous feet models

There are so many foot models that are working as a part-time or full-time and earning an enough amount of money. These models are popular in social media as well in modeling industry. So, here we are list some famous foot models.

  •  Zara Miller
  • Ashleigh Morris
  • Claire kesby-Smith
  • Elisha Cuthbert
  • Scott Adams 

Some Body Parts Modeling Agencies

There are numbers of feet or body parts modeling agencies and they are opened their door for a new and fresh talent. These agencies not only for feet, they take who have attractive lips, hands, legs and eyes.

This modeling category called as a body part modeling. So here are list some best body parts modeling agencies.

How Much Do Foot Models Make?

It’s totally depends on how much your foot are attractive and also how much do have experience in modeling. Most of the time for experience model will get $500 to $800 per hour and for aspiring models can expect $200 to $350 per hour.


Here we have known about how to become a foot model and how to get into foot modeling. So, before enter in the industry you need to do research about how this industry working and be careful of scams and stay away from dishonest people.

Hopefully you learn about foot modeling, if you have any suggestions and questions put them in a comment box below. 

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