How to Become a Lingerie Model – Step by Step to Get into lingerie Modeling

There is number are people dreaming to become a lingerie models but they don’t know how to become a lingerie model, so here is step by step to get into lingerie modeling.

If you fine to wear undergarments while taking your pictures then this article is for you. Nowadays lingerie models are in high demand and this category of modeling is booming.

Becoming a lingerie model is very difficult and will take effort to achieve; if you are serious about your dream then you need to put your full effort to get a perfect body, attractive and photogenic. 

What is Lingerie Modeling?

What is lingerie modeling

A lingerie modeling is like bikini modeling or glamour modeling, lingerie models are who poses in bikini, undergarment bathing suits, and exotic wear and lingerie.

Lingerie models features in poses for photoshoots and waking the runway in bikini or undergarment. There are some big brands needs a model to promote their products, brands like La Perla, Victoria’s Secret and Wonderbra.

Who may work with big brands they will consider has a supermodel and they are very popular in modeling industry.

What are the Requirements for Lingerie Modeling?

If you want to become a lingerie model then you should be skinny and also the requirements are depending on brand to brand.  There are some big brand (Victoria’s Secret) have very strict requirements for their models, they have to meet the certain height and models have a very low body fat percentage.

Some other brands don’t have a strict requirement; they just expect model should have a nice and attractive figure and for mole model need a certain amount of muscle.

Female model should skinny, tight posteriors, clear skin, long hairs and good busts size. If you have tattoos on your body its totally depends on brands. Some brand allows models to have a tattoo and other may not allow they prefer a more natural look.

Finally, the requirements for lingerie models are depend on brands on their targeted audiences.

07 Best Tips for How to Become a Lingerie Model

Best Tips for How to become a lingerie model

Lingerie models are looks most glamorous forms of modeling and they have a high demand also in modeling industry. There are tons of brand looking for a model who promote their products.

Lingerie modeling job is not a easy, there is a lot of hard work behind the seen. If you’re interested to becoming a lingerie model then read this article till the end.

01. Need to Feel Confident

Lingerie modeling is not only about body, you need to have self-confident. A wearing little clothes and posing in front on the audience or camera may require enough confident.

Remember, this pictures that they taken of you in little clothes or in undergarment should be for advertise their products and you must feel comfortable that you may see everyone in undergarment.     

02. You Need to Work on Your Body

If you have a skinny body that make you great and a slim and toned figure is have a high demand. Female model should have enough chest size, small waist, attractive body and skin. For male models should have a strong six packs, attractive skin, glowing hair and some muscles.

03. Work on Your Hair and Skin

How to Become a lingerie Model

Lingerie models is not only body to take care, they have to take care of their skin and hair. You should keep a good skincare routine for you skin. You need to be glowing and radiant.

If you want to know to take care of your skin then here is a solution: How to get clear skin naturally without products – 10 Best tips

04. You need to Feel Comfortable to Wear Undergarments

You should be feeling comfortable to wear little clothes and undergarments. If you have a glowing skin that will enhance your confident and allow you to feel more comfortable. 

Make sure that you may happy and comfortable to wear undergarments while taking you pictures.  

05. Eat Healthy and Exercise Regularly

If you want to become a lingerie model, then you should have a skinny body. The only way you get skinny and toned body is to maintain a healthy diet and more nutrients.

Also, you need to exercise regularly and make you figure more attractive and better.

06. Practice Posing

It’s a great idea that before going to apply a agency, you should know your best angles and poses.

You need to practice posing in front of the camera and find your best angles.

07. Submit your Portfolio to Right Agency

Step by Step to Get into lingerie Modeling

You need to do an own research on agencies and find the one that will feel right or comfortable for you. Well, you should have a killer modeling portfolio with different poses and on variety of clothes.

 Once you build of your portfolio then start submitting online to many agencies.  

Who are the Top Lingerie Models?

There are so many models who become a supermodel and they successful in their career. Lingerie models make enough amount of money and their pictures are gain lots of popularity on social media.

Here are we are listed 10 top lingerie models and they have a million of follower on Instagram. These models are featured on cover of Vogue.

What Kind of Job Lingerie Models Do?

What kind of job lingerie models do

The lingerie models promote a lingerie brands to marketing or advertise projects. The lingerie models should be comparable with wearing very little clothes.

There are so many brands wants to promote their clothes through lingerie models in different ways like catwalk, runway shows and poses for photoshoots.

How Much Lingerie Models Make?

Many lingerie models successful in their career and they are earning thousands of dollars for a one image or for show.

 If you’re in a beginner you will not get paid huge amount, once you started growing popularity and once you become a demand in industry then you can get paid huge amount.

Popular lingerie models average salary can be $500 to $700 per hour and for beginner can expect $300 to $400.

How to Stay Safe as a Lingerie Model?

Lingerie models are in very popular in modeling industry and it’s very important that all lingerie models have to stay safe. Remember that you should know how to protect yourself.

Any models never feel forced in any situations, no one can force you. If you feel that some one is forcing you for something you need to report the agency that you signed with.

That’s the reason you need to join the good and right agency so they can support and protect you.

There will be some dishonest people or artist try take a disadvantage of you. So, make sure that read a contract fully then sign and also be care full of you.


Here you learn about how to become a lingerie model, before enter in lingerie modeling you need to make perfect on your poses, you need to feet confident, you need to work on your body skin and hair.

Hopefully you like this article and you known about lingerie industry. If you have any question and suggestion kindly put them in a comment box below. 

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