Patchy Beard – How to Fix Patchy Beard and Bald Spot

All men are different and they have a unique beard. Not every one will get a fuller and thicker beard. some guy’s growth their beard that not perfectly maintain, so here are some tips on how to fix patchy beard and bald spot.  

A fuller and thicker beard that is desired by many men, unfortunately, all men are not get thicker beard, but there are few ways to grow and maintain your beard. in this article we’ll look at how to fix patchy beard and bald spot and how to style patchy beard.  

Why is My Beard Patchy?

There are many reasons why your beards are patchy and bald spot. So here will give you most common reasons why you have a beard patchy.

  • Genetics
  • Your Age
  • Hormone Imbalance
  • Poor lifestyle
  • Medical Condition

7 Best Ways to Fix Patchy Beard and Bald spot

Best Ways to Fix Patchy Beard and Bald spot

If you take a long look about patchy beard in the world, you will be surprised to see patchier beard than you thought. Some beard styles are look better with patchy for particular look. It’s up to you that how you style with patchy beard.

However, in this article we are mention 7 best ways to fix patchy beard and bald spot.

01. Just Try Letting It Grow

The first thing you need to do is, let your beard to grow it out then you really know if you have patchy or not.

Not for a weak to grow, just let your beard to grow till two or three months.

A beard takes a bit more time to grow but may guy’s give up early in this process due to itchiness and other beard obstacles, but you need to give time to grow it out. While growing beard you will find a few patches, but that ok, just give a chance to grow.  

The reason to letting it grow is that most of the beards are looks patchier in first weak or month, so you will find out what area is bald spot and how patchy your beard is.

02. Keep It Trimmed

Keep patchy beard Trimmed

It’s very important to keep it trimmed after knowing you beard patchier area. You can trim your patchy beard creatively and that looks great with your face.

Or, you can choose best beard style or let it grow more, after three month you can make it short. Take your time to find patchy beard area and keep it clean and trimmed.

03. Eat Healthy Food

Eat Healthy Food to fix patchy beard

If you trying to fix patchy beard then healthy diet plays very important role, eating healthy food is not only for to grow fuller beard, its also important to live a healthy lifestyle.

Not only junk food affect on your beard grows, a bad diet can also affect your beard growth. If you eat a well-rounded diet with healthy balance of protein, Vitamins, minerals and healthy nutrients help to grow you beard and keep your beard healthier.  

There are many foods that will help to fix patchy beard including Olive oil, Coffee, Sorghum, Pomegranate juice and Oysters. we are not saying if you eat this food, your beard will grow over night but it will definitely help to grow hair.

You need to understand that a single food will never make a change in beard growing process, but they slightly help you process.   

04. Exercise Regularly

Exercise Regularly to fix patchy beard

Exercise and weight training workout can help to boost testosterone level, help to boost metabolism and increase your blood flow.

Push ups, pull ups, chest exercise and overhead workout are great to boost testosterone level and compound movements hit multiple muscle and that most effective for your overall body.

Before starting any new exercises try to take an advice from trainers or coach for better results and also consult with doctor.   

05. Get Enough Sleep and Avoid Stress

Getting enough sleep between seven to eight hours every night help to improve the quality of your beard and increase the growth rate.

If you getting enough sleep will increase the blood circulation and will reach blood to hair follicle and their roots.

 Also, need to avoid stress, because stress can decrease the beard growth rate. Over stress can leads to weakens of immune system that means less hair growth.   

06. Care for Your Patchy Beard

Care for Your Patchy Beard

It’s very important to take good care for your patchy beard. your beard is like your hair on your face. How you care for you skin and hair like that you need to take care of your beard.

Grooming the beard will help to hide patchy beard, apply beard oil, apply beard balm and brush your beard and try to keep healthier.

07. Take advice from Doctor about Minoxidil

There are numbers of product for beard growth but so many men are recommended Minoxidil to growing more beard.

It’s better idea to take advice from doctor before applying any beard products, especially Minoxidil, without doctor consult will be cause on your face.

How to style Patchy Beard

First you need to find out the patchy areas and it’s very important to know what are the best styles makes your beard to appear les patchy.

There are many beard styles that you can hide patchy or bald spot. A goatee beard is classic one to hide patchy and the balbo styles also good one.

If you trying to maintain a fuller beard style then keep some hair on the cheeks and trim the hair all around in same length and make defines lines.  


There are plenty of natural proof for how to fix patchy beard and bald spot. before applying any beard products, please consult with doctor.

If you read this article from the beginning to end, you know how to fix patchy beard and bald sopt. hopefully, you like this article and got information about patchy beard.

If you have any suggestion and questions kindly put them in comment box below.   

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