How to Flirt with Girl – 10 Best Tips to Flirting a Woman

How to flirt with girl – Flirting with any girl doesn’t come easy to everyone, more than 85 % of girls they can’t tell even they are flirting with them.

Even the most confidence people also fail in flirting with woman; you may think yourself you know how to flirt with girl but you’re not able to make her confortable; you’re going to have a tougher time in future.

If you’re thinking your technique are not working enough to flirt any woman, so here are best 10 tips to flirt any girl.

Note: this information is not professional advice, this is general information and based of personal experience, and also these tips help me to flirt with girls.

If you’re struggling with flirting girls, then here are 10 best tips to how to flirt with girl, this could help you to get your crush’s attention on you.

10 Best Tips to how to Flirt with Girl

Best Tips to how to Flirt with Girl

01. Be Funny

Being funny all time, that obviously attracts the girls, but some girls like funny guys and some girls even don’t like; be care full while flirting any girls.

While conversation; tell her your funny stories if you have any, if not, just make her feel funny. You can bring a smile on her face; that’s a good idea to get her attention.

02. Be Confident

Be Confident

The most important point is be confident, there is nothing sexier than confidence. A confidence is very importance while doing conversation with her, and makes her feel comfortable.

The more she realizes that you are not trying so hard, the more you both feel comfortable taking. While taking you always act like yourself and don’t be getting afraid in front of her.

03. Body Language

Body Language

If you want to know how to flirt with girl, you just try to focus on this point.

The body language is more important, and this is the key of flirt with girls. When you’re taking with her always play with your hands, and when you’re standing you always keep your body faced towards her.

If you’re sitting doesn’t necessarily to keep your body faced towards her, and also don’t smile all the time, only when it necessary.

Always pay attention to her body language, and if she is playing with her hairs and touching you, those are the signs of she interested.

04. Use your sense of humor

Use your sense of humor

When you joke with a human, use your observational humor. When you’re making fun of someone else in front of girls, observe them, are they confortable or not.

When you’re talking with a girl, use your sense of humor, and understand the situations and then react.

05.   Make sure you smile

Make sure you smile

If you’re trying to flirt with girls, the smile plays the important role.  When you’re doing conversations with any girls with your positive smile, it will take you so far.

You have to understand that when to smile, and it will shows her that your happy being around her. it will also help you to get some confidence and self-steam.

06. Tease Her

Tease Her

Tease her and mess with her, not aggressively, but enough to make her lough. While teasing her doesn’t go over, don’t hurt her, just make her playfully.

You can always find some think to tease her like, give her a silly nick name, treat her like a child, disagree with something when she said, and make fun of her and more. Don’t go over, just make something that het her attention on you.

For example: if she telling something about her sister and you can response with “is she is beautiful or hot”, she will understand that you are joking with her.

07. Touch her

touch her

The best flirting technique ever, you can’t overdo it, but you can touch her in a smooth, natural and normal way, so she can feel comfortable. When you are messing with her, give her elbow top, side of the shoulder.

Don’t touch her face and don’t put your arms around her unless she can feel comfortable with you. Obviously don’t touch any inappropriate body parts, where she feels awkward.

If you touch her with good manor, which send a little message to her, the message will be like “I like you” or “I want to be your best friend”

08. Show you’re interested in her life

This is the best way to realize her you like her, and most of the people like talking themselves and compliment. Lot of people make mistake while talking with girls, they could shows that they are not interested in their life.  

If you got a chance to talk to your crush, you can ask her lot of question about her life, her family, and her friends, it’s obviously show that you are truly interested.

09. Make her lough

Make her lough

This is one of the enjoyable technique for how to flirt with girl, but how you make a girl lough is depends on your personality, talking skills and sense of humor and also you should know what work for you.

You can think yourself of your close friends, how they make you laugh, the same principle you can apply when you’re talking with any girl. If she is laughing often on your talk, she is getting more comfortable with you and she will keep talking with you.

If you’re trying to lough any girls, you just ask funny questions to her like, what is the thing you tried, but you will never do it again in your life, what is your favorite fun thing to do with guys, how you will tell about yourself, funny, nice or indigent.

10. Compliment Her

Everyone likes compliments, this tip is very easy to flirt with girl, but if you don’t know how to give a compliment; it will not work.

The best way is; pick on thing you most like about her, and simply tell her you like it, but you have to be very care full about it. If you give a compliment on her, but she don’t like it; will goes wrong.

If your trying to give compliment on her for example: she is wearied a jacket and you can give a compliment like “this is a nice jacket, where you get it”.


You can be nice with any girls; I am going to leave the rest of the thing on you, you don’t have to take it too seriously. You’re just talking with a someone, that’s it.

This information is general, and a not professional advice and this is based on personal experience. These 10 tips are not scientifically proven to work on you, but it helped me to flirt with girl.

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