How to Keep Beard Hairs from Sticking Out and Get Lay Flat

Lots of men grow their beard longer and longer; it will get harder to maintain the beard in shape and style.

Also, if you have a longer beard then the common problem is their beard sticking out and they don’t know how to keep beard hairs from sticking out and getting laid flat. So, in this article we are going through 7 best ways to keep beard hairs from sticking out.

There are many reasons why your facial hair can become out of shape and stick out. This is the biggest challenge that men can face while growing a beard. So, reading this article you will get overall things you can do about how to keep beard hairs from sticking out.

Why Facial Hair Grows Straight Out Sometimes?

Most of the men have this problem and they often search in Google why my beard hair grows straight out. There are a variety of reasons why your beard sticks out, whatever the reason it doesn’t make it less frustrating when you try to style with your beard.

Genetics plays a huge role in facial hair growth, how it grows over time and you can ask your family, then you may get a better understanding of its shape, growing pattern and texture.

Sometimes, it’s difficult to maintain and control beard hair straight out, so let’s look at why your beard hairs stick out.

  • Curly Beard: if you have super curly facial hair, you will notice curls in particular directions and these directions can change over the time. The hair follicles are also responsible for curliness into your beard and directions of the beard growth.
  • Consuming an unbalanced diet or poor diet: everybody needs basic proteins, minerals and vitamins and that affects on your organ and also on your facial hair.  Eating well and staying hydrated will naturally help to live a healthier life and keep healthier facial hair.
  • Poor grooming routine: it’s very important to use proper grooming products, your beard needs to be washed, deep clean, moisturized and conditioned at the very least, these will help your beard to lay properly and will help to grow healthier.
  • Over trimming your facial hair: if you trim your beard over and over, then your facial hair can become so short, they can’t lie down. That may stick out and be impossible to lay flat.

How to Keep Beard Hairs from sticking out – 7 Best Ways

Here are the best 7 ways to keep your beard hairs from sticking out and getting laid flat, in this article you may get over all of the things you can do about how to keep beard hairs from sticking out and you will be surprised how easily you can keep your beard in shape.  

01. Let your facial Hair Grow Out

First, let your beard grow out, it will take time to grow, patience and self-control to not trim every single day. Let it grow so you can see how it behaves.

It’s a good idea to leave your beard to grow for 2 to 4 months in order to get a good picture of your beard to its full potential.

02. Exfoliate your Beard

It’s very important to exfoliate your beard and skin underneath. It will help to remove the dead skin and hair cells, get rid of dandruff and increase the blood circulation on your face.

Regularly scrubbing is one of the best ideas to keep overall beard health. Also helps to grow the hair follicles leading to fuller and thicker beard.

03. Trim your Beard with Scissors

Trim your Beard with Scissors

Once you have reached your goal where your beard is fuller and thicker, then it’s time to snip with your scissors for those hair where facial hair sticks out and stands out.

Trimming your beard with scissors is the best way to get your beard lay flat and keep facial hair from sticking out.

04. Only Trim Clean and Dry Hair

This is the best idea to trim your beard when facial hair is dry, don’t trim your beard when it’s wet and dirty because you probably end up going too short.  

It’s an excellent way to take a shower first, and make sure you dry your beard completely, then only trim your beard. 

05. Use Comb and Brush To your beard

Regularly brushing and combing your beard is the best way to train your beards, lay flat and keep beard hairs from sticking out.

Using a comb and brush will help to style your beard and keep in shape. Also, regular brushing and combing will increase the blood circulation and stimulate hair growth

06. Wash your Beard and Conditioning

Wash your Beard and Conditioning

It’s best to wash and condition your beard frequently but remember not more than two to three times in a week.

Washing your beard with good beard shampoo will keep your beard healthier and clean. And conditioning your beard will moisturize and nourish your facial hair, that will prevent wild facial hairs from appearing later.

07. Use God Products

There are so many beard products available in the market but choosing the best one is important. Waxes, balms, beard oils and pomades, bearded men have a lot of choices when it’s come to beard products.

Beard oil is the best friend for bearded men when it comes to facial hair sticking out and these oils will keep your beard healthy and fresh.  

Before buying any products read ingredients carefully, and take the help of bearded men when it comes to choosing beard products.


  • How can I Trim My Beard to Grow Down?

    You need to brush or comb your beard downwards to keep in shape, also take help of beard oil and beard balm to style your beard.  

  • How Long Should You Let your Beard Grow?

    A full beard will take 2 to 5 months to grow, as a beard can grow between 0.3 and 0.5 millimeters every 24 hours.

  • Is Pulling Out Beard Hair Bad?

    Pulling out your beard hairs is a bad habit that will damage your hair follicles and potentially tearing your hair out. If you pull out your beard hair often then you could wind up with bald patches. 


Keeping your beard hairs from sticking out is a simple task but if you do not follow a proper beard care routine then it becomes more difficult.

So, we should take care of our beard on a daily basis and will try to help them to grow, and need to keep them healthy and strong.

Hopefully you like this article and got information on how to keep beard hairs from sticking out and get laid flat. If you have any questions and suggestions, kindly put them in the comment box below.

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