How to Smell Good all Day – 14 Best Secrets

We all want to smell good all day, because it boosts your confidence and may feel fresh. The great news is that smelling good is not a genetic trait. So, anyone can smell fresh and nice all day, by just using perfumes and fragrances that give you a nice scent.  

We all know that smelling good is as important as looking your best when you’re around people. fragrances and perfumes can play a huge role, but here are other ways that you may smell good all day, without perfume or with perfume.

Whether you want to smell like perfume or just like your natural self, here are 14 best secrets that will make it last all day, but that may require a little effort at the beginning, but as time goes by the things work at the end.

14 Tips on How to Smell Good All Day

Here are 14 best and healthy tips to keep your body smelling good all day long. These secrets help your hair, breath and clothes smell good all day. So read the article till the end.

01. Drink Enough Water

Water is very important, drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated is for smelling good all day.

Sweating is a way of regulating your inner temperature but it can also lose a lot of water in your body. Remember losing too much water can lead to dehydration that will make you tired and weak. Dehydration also makes a bad smell in our mouth.

Drinking enough water is the best way to keep your body hydrated and dilute some bad scents in your mouth. You should drink at least 8 glasses of water every day that can keep you away from bad breath and dryness. 

02. Choose Healthy Diet

The food that you eat is an important part of how you smell, you will not be able to physically see how it affects but you can feel it after choosing the healthy food.

There are many foods like onions, garlic or cumin that are known to be good for living healthy in terms of nutrients, but these foods can cause your body to smell bad.

So, eating more vegetables and fruits (containing more protein) will keep your body fresh and smell good all day.

03. Make your Perfume or Cologne Last Longer

Applying a little fragrance could last longer, but you need to apply it properly. So, here are a few things that you need to know while making your perfume last longer.

  • Apply it to pulse points: our pulse points are warmer parts of our body; this will allow the scent to mix with our body chemistry. As your body heats up (blood pumps near this skin’s surface) the pulse points can activate the fragrance in the perfume.
  • Don’t rub your fragrance: rubbing your fragrance can break the top notes of perfumes. Also, it can mix with natural oils from your body and make your body smell bad and perfume smell can last soon.
  • Spray onto a hairbrush: just spray your favorite scent onto a hairbrush and brush your dry hair. This can make your perfume last longer.

Best places to spray perfume:

  • Back of your neck
  • On your wrists
  • Behind the ears
  • Small of you back
  • Behind the knees
  • Inside your elbows

You can buy perfume and colognes online stores like amazon.

04. Moisturize Your Skin Right After Shower

Try to moisturize your body with scented lotion or creams right after you get out of shower, because it will last longer when you apply it on the wet moist base.

If you need a little more scent or to last all day, choose body lotion and creams that are made by some brand that you’re using perfume and cologne.  Choosing body washes, moisturizers, and perfumes of the same brand can smell good all day.

05. Get Clean Shower and Reach the Right Spots

It’s very important to get a clean shower and clean the most sweat glands. Remember, your genetics and what you eat can also influence the way your body smells.

So, you can’t do anything about your genetics and can’t cut out food that can cause an odor, foods like garlic, onion, broccoli and fish, because they are delicious and good for living a healthy lifestyle.

Many people have questions about how often you should shower? Well, it depends on your skin type, performance and your activity level.

Taking shower once a day is a must and if you feel you need one more that’s up to you. You need to keep your body clean and focus on the body parts with most sweat glands like groin, armpits and butt.

06. Pay Attention to Your Clothes

It’s very important to pay attention to your clothes. How much effort you put into washing your clothes can show how good you smell. Most of the laundry soaps and detergents also have good fragrances like perfume.

You need to wash your clothes with a good detergent and laundry soap.

07. Lightly Spray on Your Bedsheets and Pillows

Lightly Spray on Your Bedsheets and Pillows

Smelling good around you is more important than applying perfume to the body. There are some home essentials that you can apply perfume on so they may smell good (example: your pillows and bedsheets).

If you spray perfumes or natural scents like rosewater that can allow you to sleep faster and better. Because all the fresh smell around you, and also it can get within your skin and you will wake up fresh and smell good.

08. Let Your Perfume Dry Before You Go

Most people do this mistake of applying fragrances on their bodies and immediately stepping out. If your suddenly steps out after applying perfume that can immediately the wind and air can neutralise your perfume, and you might end up smelling good for less than 2 to 3 hours.

Make sure that first apply on your body then should apply on your clothes and let your perfume to dry and then step out.

09. Never Shake Your Perfume

Shaking perfume bottles will incorporate air into the bottle, and decrease its intensity and life span (breakdown of the scent). Don’t feel like your perfume has to remain still at all times. Try not to shake your perfume bottle.

10. Use a Natural Deodorant

There are a number of deodorants available in the market, but choose the best one that works well on you.

Deodorant made up with natural ingredients like aloe, mineral salt, coconut oil and shea butter, these can prevent you from sweating.

 Deodorants don’t remove wetness but they do remove sweat odours. The natural deodorant has an overwhelming fragrance that fights off bacteria by absorbing the bad smell odors.

11. Keep a Hair-Dedicated Perfume

Most people believe that all perfumes, lotions, body oils and deodorants can be applied anywhere but that’s wrong. The lotions and perfumes have some fragrances but they work differently on your body.

If you want your hair to smell good, then try to get a hairbrush and hair-dedicated perfumes, because that will keep your hair smelling good and give a shiny colour.

12. Spray on Your Wardrobe

Spray on Your Wardrobe

If you want your clothes and other fashion items to smell good then you need to spray perfume on them. Every one doesn’t want to spend hours of time spraying every day.

So, spraying the wardrobe where you store your clothes and other items can be more effective, and you can do it once a week. This will give you a long-lasting scent that isn’t strong but it’s calm and charming.

13. Apply Twice a Day

Many people last their perfume within 12 hours and it takes conscious effort to smell good for 24 hours. There is a limit to the last perfume or lotion on the body. So, you need to apply perfume at least twice a day to keep your body smelling fresh and good.

Every one sweats during working hours and the best way to stay fresh and smell good is to reapply perfume. Make sure to keep one perfume bottle in your hand bag.

14. Use Shoe Spray Fragrance

It’s natural that your feet give off a bad smell after wearing shoes. Wearing socks can only control bad smells from spreading but that can’t completely reduce the bad smell. That’s why shoe spray fragrance is important, it is more like a perfume for feet and will make you smell good.

The shoe spray fragrance is mostly used when you wear a shoe without socks.

How to Make Your Hair Smell Good All Day

Just like our body, our hair also plays an important role in smelling good. So, you need to take facial care of your hair. Here are some secrets to make your hair smell good.

  • Wash your scalp thoroughly rather than just lather, rinse and repeat:  it’s very important to wash your hair correctly so that it can clean your scalp. Cleaning your scalp will ensure that you remove all the dirt and oil, and smell delicious every time you turn your head.
  • Add some drops of essential oils to your shampoo: this is the best way to keep your hair fresh.
  • Spray a fragrance on your hair brush before using it on your hair: this will make your hair smell good and leave your hair undamaged.  
  • Spray a hair fragrance that can be specially designed for hair: this will not allow your hair to dry and make your hair smell good all day.

The American Academy of Dermatology recommends focusing the shampoo on your scalp and getting it clean before moving to the hair. 

How to Make Your Breath Smell Good All Day

Many people have a common thing that causes bad breath, because the most common cause is poor oral hygiene. So, here are some tips to get rid of bad breath and keep your mouth fresh.

  • Brush your teeth twice a day: brushing your teeth with toothpaste twice a day can clean your teeth and keep your teeth healthy.
  • Brush your teeth right after eating foods that cause the bad smell: this is the best idea to get rid of bad smell, if possible, you can brush your teeth right after eating onion, cumin, tune or even garlic.
  • Remove floss once a day: this is also important because it can remove food particles that are stuck between your teeth.
  • Avoid keeping dry mouth: drink enough water to avoid dry mouth, otherwise dry mouth can cause bad breath.
  • Chew on fresh mint leaves: chewing on fresh mint leaves can be the best idea to make your breath smell good all day.
  • Always, keep mint in hand bad: this is a must have item in your hand bag and use it whenever it is needed.

How to Make Your Clothes Smell Good All Day

Each person has their own unique smell, some have their body odor and some smell good like a floor. So, washing your clothes regularly is the best way to keep your clothes smelling fresh and good.

There are a number of products available in the market that can be added to the wash and get your clothes smell good. So, if you want your clothes to smell good all day, then here are a few tips that you can follow.

  • Spray your clothes with a fabric deodorizer like linen spray or Febreze spray.
  • Try to add 10 to 20 drops of essential oil while washing your clothes.
  • While washing your clothes use a laundry booster like a baking soda or scoop of borax.
  • Keep dried lavender in your closet.
  • Keep cotton balls or scent tissue paper in your drawers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Can I Make My Body Smell Good Naturally?

    Here are few things that you can do to keep body odor away:

    01. Keep yourself clean
    02. Use antibacterial soap
    03. Towel off well
    04. Keep your clothes clean
    05. Cut on certain foods and drinks that cause bad smell

  • Does Shaving Armpit Hair Reduce Smell?

    Shaving your armpit hair definitely reduces bad smell, your underarm sweat and has a direct link to body odor, that is the result of bacteria breaking sweat down. If you remove hair under your armpits that can reduce bad smell.

  • How Do You Get Good Body Odor?

    Here are few tips to follow:

    01. Take a shower every day (if possible, take twice a day)
    02. Wash your clothes regularly and wear clean ones
    03. Avoid strong smelling foods
    04. Put on an antiperspirant at bedtime


Here we learn about how to smell good all day. Some practicing proper hygiene habits can keep body odor away from you and help you to smell good.

Remember, if you experience a sudden change in your body smell (odor), then kindly speak to the doctor, because in some cases these signs can be underlying conditions.

Hopefully, you like this article, if you have any questions and suggestions kindly put them in the comment box below. 

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