How to Use Beard Oil to Keep Your Beard Moisturized and Itch Free

Just like the hair on your head, your beard also needs special care and maintenance. There are many beard people who keep beard oil in their grooming products. And if you’re wondering how to use beard oil or how to apply beard oil properly, then read this article till the end.

The beard oil is one of the best products that helps to reduce itching and beard dandruff, and make your beard hair smooth, silky and neat by moisturising and conditioning the hairs. Beard oil makes it even easier to style, especially as it gets longer.

Here in this article, you will know everything that you need to know about beard oil, how to properly apply beard oil, or how to use beard oil, what it actually does with your beard, when to apply, and what you should avoid when using beard oil.

What Do Beard Oils Do

Beard oil acts one of the best roles to conditioner for your beard, and most importantly, the beard oils improve your beard overall health, condition, and appearance.

Also, beard oils help to prevent your beard from becoming wiry, dry and brittle by adding a light shine and fragrance.  

Know Beard Oil Ingredients

Beard oils are made up of a combination of essential oils and carrier oils.

Essential oils: these oils add a fragrance component that makes your beard more enjoyable.  These oils also contain anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

Carrier oils: the ingredients that play the most important role when it comes to moisturizing, conditioning and softening your beard and skin.

Castor oil and jojoba oil are the most used carrier oils, these two ingredients that are used in the majority of beard oil. Also, we listed commonly found carrier oils.

  • Jojoba oil
  • Castor oil
  • Argan oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Grape seed oil
  • Sweet almond oil
  • Sunflower seed oil

What will Need to Apply Beard Oil

Beard oil is easy to use and apply, all you need is a comb. But if you have a short beard then you can use your hands. There are lots of combs you will find in the market that are specifically for beards, and many people prefer wooden combs to groom their beard.

Any type of comb cam works but make sure that it would be a wide and narrow section.

How to Use Beard Oil

If you buy any beard oil, there will be specific instructions on the back of the container. However, here will give you tips on how to apply beard oil generally.

01. Start With Clean Your Beard

It’s very important to wash your beard, before applying beard oil your beard should be clean and use a towel to dry your beard. or try to take a warm shower because the heat from the shower helps open your pores and makes your skin and beard easier to absorb into the oil.

  • Take a few drops into the palm of your hands, the amount of oil that you will use depends on how longer your beard is. We recommend around 3 to6 drops.
  • It’s better to start with a few drops to avoid getting your beard too greasy.

02. Apply Oil to the Skin First

Apply Oil to the Skin First

Rub your hands together to spread the oil evenly, then run your palm and fingers through the beard ensuring it can reach the skin beneath. Make sure that it moisturizes the roots of your beard and skin surrounding it.

03. Apply Oil to the Beard

Apply Oil to the Beard

Now, start applying directly to the beard, apply the first sides of the beard and move your hands in a downward. And rub your hands down the front of your face so that will cover your chin and mustache. Then brush your hands to the neck to get the bottom of the beard.

04. Give a Finishing Touch with a Comb

Give a Finishing touch with a Comb

To finish, run a comb through your beard to continue evenly distributing the oil, and run the comb against the growth of your facial hair.

Comb your beard back to the place that you want to style or groom your beard as you like.

When to Apply Beard Oil

The best time to apply beard oil is right after taking a hot shower or washing your face. Because your beard and face are completely clean and your pores have opened up, that makes easier absorption of the products.

Before applying beard oil, use a towel to dry your beard so it’s not wet.

You don’t need to apply bear oil every day if you have a short beard, you can start applying every other day. But if you have a longer beard or live in a dry climate, you will need to apply more often.

The Benefits of Using Beard Oil

  • Beard oil makes your beard smell good because most of the bear oils contain fragrances that give your beard a pleasant and good smell.
  • If you’re applying beard oil that may help you to moisturize the skin underneath your beard and prevent from flaking skin and getting dry.
  • The beard oil reduces itchiness caused by flaking skin, by moisturizing the hairs.
  • Beard oils contain monounsaturated fats or saturated fats that may help to keep a natural moisture barrier, that will keep your facial hair soft and hydrated.
  • It may prevent dandruff by moisturising the skin beneath the beard hair.
  • It will keep your beard neatly and looking healthy.

Difference Between Beard Oil, Beard Balm and Beard Wax

Beard wax, beard oil and beard balm have a different texture but similar functions. These products can offer you the same moisturizing benefits but they will change the way you style your beard.  

Beard oil: beard oils are made up of essential oils and carrier oils with fragrances, this product is the best option that won’t let your beard down.

Beard balm: beard balm also contains essential oils and carrier oils but has a thicker texture. Most of the experts are often recommended for men with longer and fuller beards.

Beard wax: beard wax also contains the same carrier oils and essential oils but this is thickest option of all. The wax will give the ability to hold your beard in one place when you’re trying to get a particular style, and beard wax may be the best option if you are facing hard to manage.

What Need to Avoid When Applying Beard Oil

The amount of beard oil you apply on your beard is up to you, but there are somethings that you need to avoid:

  • Pouring the beard oil directly on your face
  • Applying beard oils when your beard is still wet
  • Applying so much beard oil on your beard that may feel greasy
  • Leaving beard oil uncombed
  • Using the oil that gives irritation and discomfort

Where to Buy Beard Oil

You can find beard oil easily at most places that you will get it at men’s grooming stores or pharmacies. Now, you can also find the same beard products online from many trusted retailers.

Shop here for your best beard oils online.

Here are some best beard oils:

QNA on Beard Oil

  • How Long Do you Leave Beard Oil in?

    If it feels greasy when it’s applied on the beard that’s fine because the beard oil formulated to quickly absorb into the facial hair. So, give the beard 5 to 15 minutes to absorb the oil before applying any products

  • Does Beard Oil Have Side Effects?

    The short answer is NO, but some people experienced allergic reactions on their skin because of the use of ingredients in beard oils. And those who have sensitive skin may cause some irritations on their skin.

  • Should I use Beard Oil Every Day?

    The answer is depending on your beard length, if you have a shorter beard then you can use every other day and if you have long and thicker beard then you can use every day. Make sure that you will use it after showering and shampooing your beard because the warm water helps to open your pores that will help your skin to absorb oil efficiently.

The Bottom Line

There is no evidence that any beard oil makes your beard grow faster, but it does have many benefits to your beard that will keep your beard hydrated, and give it a shiny texture and by applying beard oil it will be easier to manage your beard.

Hopefully, you like this article, if you have any questions and suggestions kindly put them in the comment box below. 

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