Tips To Increase Physical Activity And Achieve Fitness Goals

The level of your physical activity can make or break your fitness goals.

Yes, you read that right.

This is the reason why every now and then, you are asked to get up, leave laziness behind, and be more active in order to stay healthy and build strength.

However, most of the time, things are better said than done.

This means that you would often find it difficult to increase your physical activity and achieve fitness goals because of various reasons.

Therefore, to help you with that, below are some practical tips that you would definitely find useful.

4 Tips To Increase Physical Activity

1. Be Specific About Your Goals

When it comes to achieving fitness goals or any other goal of your life, there’s only one rule that will always help, no matter what.

This rule says, “be specific about what you want or need.”

Yes, that’s right.

Here’s the explanation:

According to this rule, you are supposed to tell your mind exactly what your ambitions are instead of portraying an estimated or abstract idea. This increases the probability of you achieving your goal instead of the other way around.

Take, for example, scheduling the day ahead of you in the morning.

If you are simply going to write in your to-dos that you have to organize the messy stuff instead of being specific about which messy stuff you are talking about, it won’t help.

The reason is that the chances are that there might be a lot of things in your home that needs to be organized, so the idea of simply cleaning up everything might dread you, resulting in you skipping the task as a whole or procrastinating. 

Instead, when you want to reorganize your wardrobe or any other specific portion of the house, write exactly what you want, and you will be more motivated to do it instead of the other way around.

The same is the case with your health-related goals.

If you want to increase your walk time, set this in your mind that you are supposed to walk more and dedicate more time to do so instead of the other way around. 

2. Focus On Building Habits

The next thing that helps you in achieving fitness goals is working on something that sticks for the long instead of the short term.

One such thing is building habits rather than staying motivated.

Now, you might ask, how is it possible to do something if you are not motivated enough for it?

So, the answer is that you still can.

The only thing you need to realize is that motivation comes with fluctuation and uncertainty. 

On some days, you will want to run miles and miles. 

However, you’d barely want to step out of your bed on others.

On the other hand, when you develop a habit of waking up early and going for a good morning walk, you won’t need to seek assistance from motivation, and you will be more consistent with your goals than the other way around. 

3. Remember, There’s No Such Thing As Perfectionism

The next thing you need to remember while achieving fitness goals is to remind yourself that there’s no such thing as “perfectionism.”

The reason is that if you don’t remind yourself of this very fact, you are going to leave less and less room for mistakes.

This, ultimately, results in emotions like dissatisfaction and ultimately quitting because of that.

However, tell yourself that your main goal is to stay consistent, regardless of the amount of time you have spent.

4. Start Small But Smartly

There are many instances in which we come across people finding it hard to take a good start in the first place.

This, ultimately, makes it more and more difficult for them to keep up with and achieve fitness goals as time goes by.

The simple solution for this is to start small and smartly.

For example, you want to be a good runner, and you are starting it just now, so your body is definitely not prepared for that level of physical activity.

So, starting with being regular in walking while wearing orthotic slide sandals to keep your feet from hurting will definitely help you stick to your goals.

The same is the case with other examples. The more comfortable you make your start, the higher the chances that it will last long to reap true benefits.

Bottom Line:

There’s no doubt that achieving fitness goals and increasing physical activity can be daunting. 

However, when equipped with the right information, a lot of your work can get easily done.

Keeping in line with that, hopefully, the tips listed above will surely benefit you in one way or another.

Lastly, do let us know if you have anything to add or suggest.

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