Japanese Hair Straightening – What You Need To Know

Japanese Hair Straightening is one of the popular methods for straightening wavy or curly hair. What you choose to wear your hair is your choice, and if you’re trying something more permanent, then Japanese Hair Straightening is the best and most effective method.

Japanese Hair Straightening treatment actually started in Japan in the 90s, but basically it has been a normal treatment, not a trend. Nowadays, it’s become very popular and trending all over the world.

Japanese Hair Straightening, uses a chemical process to make your wavy or curly hairs permanently stick to straight. Many women with curly hair swear about it, and it can give a sleek and shiny style.

So, read the article till the end before you take the treatment, because it can wreak havoc on hair if it’s done by an inexperienced stylist or incorrectly. So, it’s very important to understand all the benefits and side effects, you may consider it is right for your hair or not.  

What is Japanese Hair Straightening?

Japanese Hair Straightening is a permanent straightening treatment that will remove 70% to 90% of curl, wavy, frizz and hair volume by chemically restricting your hair bonds.

Here is the process of Japanese Hair Straightening: First, they apply a solution to your hair to chemically break the bonds to straighten and soften it. This will stay on the hair about 20 to 25 minutes depending on the length and type of hair.

Then, they will wash your hair, blow-dry and flat-iron your hair to lock in the shine and smoothness. Next, they neutralize your hair to restore your hair’s bonds and pH levels. And finally, again they wash your hair, blow-dries and do flat-ironed to finish the process. Before you leave the salon, your hair is straightened and shiny.

What Are the Benefits of Japanese Hair Straightening?

The most important benefit, it will save your time straightening and styling your hair. After Japanese Hair Straightening treatment, it’s easy maintenance and better condition. Typically, hair emerges softer and shinier.

Your hair looks naturally straight, healthier, stronger and fuller. When your hair is wet it still remains straight. Like you can just wash and go.

Brazilian Blowout vs, Japanese Straightening

Earlier, Brazilian Straightening (Brazilian Blowout) is becoming the hair straightening treatment of that movement, and also has popularity. A couple of years later, people learned how much formaldehyde (carcinogen) is sometimes used in the Brazilian treatment, and the popularity of this treatment decreased as a result.

Since then, the Japanese Hair Straightening treatment gained popularity and many women swear by it.

Which is Better, Keratin or Japanese Straightening

Japanese Hair Straightening treatment makes you straight, skinny and smooth. It is much easier to blow-dry yourself at home. Keratin treatment also gives you very similar results, but here is the difference:

While both treat smooth, skinny hair and blow-dry yourself, Japanese thermal Straightening is more intense.

Japanese Hair Straightening treatment breaks your hair’s bonds and gives your hair straightness. Keratin treatment temporarily reduces frizz by coating your hair, but it doesn’t break your hair’s bonds.

A keratin treatment leaves some volume and curls in your hair, while Japanese Hair Straightening treatment will give forever hair straightening (until it’s cut off). 

How Long Does Japanese Hair Straightening Last?

How Long Does Japanese Hair Straightening Last

Japanese Hair Straightening lasts forever, and the result can be prolonged with maintenance. Since your hair will still continue to grow, you will need to touch up your hair after seven to ten months, or whenever you have more than four inches of new hair growth.

Japanese thermal Straightening is best suited for curly and wavy hair patterns, which allows for texture continuity between the treated hair and new growth hair. Many people say it lasts for up to 12 months, but this will depend on the hair type.

How Much Does Japanese Hair Straightening Cost?

The price of Japanese Hair Straightening will vary from salon to salon. So, it will start around $700 to $1000, it is a time-consuming treatment. So, the price reflects that, but the total cost will depend on your stylist, length of your hair and the salon.  

Are There Any Side Effects of Japanese Hair Straightening?

Japanese Hair Straightening uses a chemical process to straighten the hair; it could damage in coloured hair. Remember, if you want to get benefits of this treatment, you need to have above level five. Otherwise, it might not get benefits from the treatment.

There will be a risk of compromising the integrity of your hair, when you chemically straighten your hair. If you get the Japanese Hair Straightening treatment from an experienced stylist and according to the manufacturer’s guidelines, it may keep your hair healthy and skinny in the end.

Where to Get Japanese Hair straightening

You can get Japanese Hair Straightening treatment anywhere in the world, but you can get it in larger cities. Japanese Hair Straightening treatment mainly offered in trendy or popular salons.

If you live in a small town, then you need to go to the nearest large city to get this treatment. Before, you do research on the salons in your city and find the one that you like.

The costs for this treatment depend on where you live, but you can expect to pay around $400 to $1000. 

QNA’s on Japanese Hair Straightening

  • Should I wash my Hair Before Japanese Hair Straightening?

    The short answer is Yes, please do. The best way to prepare your hair for Japanese Hair Straightening is to clean and air-dried hair in its natural texture.

    This process will take around four to five hours from start to finish, so arriving in a salon with prepped hair will reduce your time spent.

  • How Long Does Japanese Hair Straightening Take?

    How long does Japanese Hair Straightening take totally depends on your hair length and type of hair. Typically, from four to five hours, or even some treatment takes up to eight hours. It’s important to book an appointment for Japanese Hair Straightening when you’re free.

  • Is Japanese Hair Straightening Worth It?

    It depends on you, how you choose to wear your hair, how much you spend to keep your hair healthy and shiny. If you spend $700 to $1000 for keeping your hair straight and healthy, and wake up with straight strands every day, then I think it’s worth it.


Everyone’s hair is different, while our hair health and straighten are based on how effective and safe the treatment will be. Every one may have completely different results and for great results, make sure to talk with a hair care professional before committing on a permanent straightening.

Hopefully, you like this article, if you have any questions and suggestions kindly put them in the comment box below. 

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