7 Ways to Lose weight with Lipedema – Symptoms, Best Diet for Lipedema

Many people suffer from lipedema and they wonder how to lose weight with lipedema. Importantly, lipedema is a complex condition, so you need to keep a balanced and healthy diet and exercise regularly.

The fact that lipedema fat doesn’t respond to normal weight loss methods. A healthy diet and good exercise routine help to manage or control progression of lipedema. 

Of course, we know that tumescent liposuction treatment can be useful for lipedema fat removal, but what if surgery is not an option to remove lipedema fat. So, read this article, we will go through the best fitness ways to lose weight with lipedema.

What is Lipedema

Lipedema is a condition that stores excess fat in the lower part of the body. It also affects upper arms and the condition does not affect the feet and hands.

Lipedema is also known as a painful fat disorder, it may cause exercise fat deposits on the upper arms, legs, things, calves and buttocks.

 Women with lipedema often feel they have two bodies, and they may find difficulty while wearing clothes.  

Development Stages of Lipedema

Lipedema fat develops in stages, there are many women who stay into 1 or 2 and they do not progress to stage 3.

stage 1

The amount of lipedema fat has increased but the skin looks normal.

Stage 2

The lipedema fat contains large amounts of fat that can be lipomas and lipomas filled with blood vessels called angiolipomas.

stage 3

The lipedema fat causes large deformations especially around the knees and on the thighs. Lipedema is a pre -lymphedema condition, but not everyone with lipedema may develop lymphedema.

Symptoms of Lipedema

There are many symptoms of lipedema, including:

  • Exercise fat collects on your lower half of the body
  • Fat deposits on the both legs equally, also fat that collects thighs and buttocks
  • The lower half of the body looks much larger than that upper half of the body
  • Lipedema fat also affect the upper torso and arms
  • Legs bruising easily
  • May be pain in the affected area
  • Painful legs
  • In 20 to 50% cases, may family member be also affected
  • Skin may feel smooth or underlying tissue
  • Swelling doesn’t indent if you apply pressure on it

7 Best Tips to Lose Weight with Lipedema Naturally

Here we are listed the best 7 tips to lose fat naturally with lipedema. Losing weight with lipedema also depends on the cause of your condition. So, there are many things you can do to reduce the lipedema fat or control it.

01. Healthy Diet

Healthy diet may help to control the growth of lipedema fat deposits. As many healthy diets are more effective depending on your body type and the condition of lipedema.

To know the best diet for lipedema, it is great to talk to a dietician, nutritionist or doctor. So, they will recommend you best lipedema diet recipes that may help you easier and adapt to your new lifestyle.    

02. Exercises

Exercise is the most important way to reduce the painful lipedema symptoms. To reduce pain symptoms, the medical professionals recommend you to do some exercise because that is proven effective to reduce pain symptoms, and you can add this exercise in your routine including walking, swimming and cycling.

The exercise movement throughout the day may help for maintaining overall health.

03. Swimming 

Swimming is one of the best exercises and also a low impact exercise. Many people find that swimming is easier with swim fins. Water exercise is more beneficial to people with lipedema and this exercise strengthens your muscles and stimulates the lymphatic system.

04. Walking

Walking is excellent low impact exercise, and you can move as much as you can. You can take 10.000 steps a day which is equivalent to 5 miles. Make sure that does not have to be done at once, make a plane of it to get more steps.

Walking is one of the best exercises for lipedema because it is an excellent low impact exercise and stimulates the lymphatic system.  

05. Weight Training

If you’re suffering pain with cardio exercise then try some body weight and weight lifting exercise. These exercises are a great way to build muscles and may burn your muscles may indicate inflammation.

A good idea to start with body weight exercise or you can start off by lifting light weight and work on your way to heavier weight.

Doing exercise often helps to control lipedema progressing to the next stage, so do any exercise that helps. Make sure to ask advice from a personal trainer to avoid injuries.  

06. Try Supplements

We do not recommend any kind of supplements, still you want to try, talk to a doctor before trying anything. There are some supplements like Butchers Broom, Black seed and Selenium, they may improve lymphatic flow.

The use of these supplements is more beneficial to those who suffer from lipedema.      

07. Wear Compression Garments

Wearing compression garments has many benefits to those who suffer from lipedema. These tight garments can give you more relief if you’re familiar with tight garments.

Wearing compression garments has many benefits including:

  • Improves lymphatic flow
  • May reduce pain
  • Legs may feel less heavy
  • Helps to grow fat cells slowly
  • It may help to stop lipedema to growing the next stage

Make sure that you wear good and quality compression garments, so you can get more benefits.

What is the Best Diet for Lipedema

A best diet for lipedema generally depends on the person, always speak to a nutritionist and dietician before starting any kind of diet plan because they provide you with the best diet recipes.

Try to consume more fruits, vegetables, healthy protein and whole grains. If you want to lose weight with lipedema, then reduce intake of sugar, salt, wheat, dairy products and carbohydrates.

The Final Thought

These are the 7 best tips to control lipedema and lose weight with lipedema. Before starting any type of treatment, kindly talk to doctors and professionals. So, you can get the best directions to lose weight with lipedema.

Hopefully you like this article, if you have any questions and suggestions kindly put them in the comment box below. 

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