15 Male Model Poses Every Men Must Know for a Great Photoshoot

There are a lot of men who want to get into modeling but they are terrible in front of the camera. So here are the best 15 male model poses and will help you to look great in photos and on the runway.

A model should know about how to pose in front of the camera, it is very important to be a successful model. Before entering into the modeling industry you should know your best angels and your best poses because that will help you to go smoothly in industry.

The key to getting a great photo for men is to be comfortable, if you are comfortable with your own skin, on your appearance, have a good posture and you know how to relax on crowded then best male model poses can see. 

Practice can make you perfect, so start working on your poses and improve it. It is a good idea to tell your friend to take your random photos, so you can see what are the things that need to be improved and how your photos are.

The great male model poses basically need a masculine look, your skills and good postures. So, there are few things you can know to make that happen. So, here are the best 15 male model poses for your photoshoot.

Best 15 Male Model Poses For a Photoshoot

If you want to look your best in photos then start working on strength and confidence. The key element of poses is your facial expression, your hand positions, your body postures. So, here we are listed 15 best male model poses, read this article till the end.

Standing Male Model poses for catalogue

Generally, your catalogue poses are going to be different because it will totally depend on the audience, brands, companies or agencies. You need to be ready for all the poses, so here are basic standing male model poses every model should know. 

01.The Cross-Over

This pose is very popular in industry, you just need to stand with your legs crossed and your front leg toe can balance on the floor. This is the best pose for a model when he is posing for trousers and shoes.   

02. The straight Backed

If your tall then this pose can be perfect for you, to do this pose; stand straight facing the camera, use your hands as props (put them in your pocket or try to push your hair back or doing up your belt buckle), try to keep your feet bit apart and your both elbows should be straight.

When photographers take photos of you, be mindful and relax.

03. Classic Contrapposto

To do this pose, you need to put your body weight on one leg and the other leg is relaxed, so your shoulders are arms twist off-axis. Then your body shapes an asymmetry but balanced look. This look is also more attractive and popular.  

04. The Leaning

These are perfect male model poses, to achieve this pose you need to lean on something, to get a better photo you can lean against the wall and you can lean side or straight back. You can try with different angels here, as walls will give you more options to take a perfect photo. 

05. Hand on hips

The hands-on hips, this is a usual women pose, but it will work well on male models also.  To get this looks; keep both hands on your hips, push your shoulders back and show off your arms.

06. Arms Crossed

Arms crossed best pose to send a message (lost in their own or is closed off). This pose will give you an independent look, to get this pose you need to keep your hands on show by either placing them rest and your fingers can be relaxed.

07. Jacket Over Shoulder

This is a very famous pose for male models, generally you will be doing this when you wear a jacket and you will take it off to relax a little and of course the jacket will be over your shoulder. The same idea applies when you’re posing with a jacket.

Sitting Male model poses

Basically, it’s very difficult to take a sitting male model pose, but here we have listed the best male model poses, that you can practice and know your good angels. 

01. Props

A model should know how to work with anything that is given to you, using props to make a really great photo, props can be a bench, railings, stairs, walls, chairs and more.

If you know how to use them while photoshooting then you may expect good photos of you.

02. Siting and Crouching

This is a very popular male model pose when you are showing off shoes, to get this look you need to crouch low to the ground and balance your body weight on your legs, also you can bring your knee to the ground.

03. The Thinker

The thinker sitting pose is a very popular and classic art, to get this pose, you need to sit, your chin is in your hand and elbow on your knee. This pose is very thoughtful and this pose will work well when you’re posing seriously.

04. The Backwards Chairs

This pose is also famous, you can see this pose on album covers, this pose will work well on male models. So, to get this pose you need to have a chair, sit on the chair and shoot from behind the chair. You need to cross your arms and put your chin on your hand.

05. The Stairs

Stairs are perfect for a fashion photoshoot, because stairs allow you different levels of photographic possibilities. To have this photo you need to sit on the step and your legs are on two different steps. Or you can lean towards the camera and hang your arms over the knees.

Facial Male Model Poses

Your face is very important while shooting and if you have good facial expression then you have a successful career in modeling, the brand will have hair who has a good facial expression. You need to feel and your mood or emotions should be how brands want to have a shoot.

Practice facial posing in front of the mirror and see if anything that you need to improve and it’s a good idea to look at magazines or follow your favourite models to get ideas on what you need to practice. Also, we are listed two common facial male model poses. 

01. The Profile

This is a profile pose that you guys are already know, but its very important pose that some brands want to have this pose with good facial expressions.

To get this pose you need to stand with your body to the side and turn your head to the camera, your shoulder can push back. 

02. Head shoot

 Head shots are very popular and every model should have this pose in their portfolio, to get this pose, you should stand straight looking towards the camera, the shot should be over the shoulder.  

High-fashion male model poses

High-fashion models walk their runways, and posing for this category is different compared to catalogue modeling. Many runway models pose at the end then the photographs can take a picture of the garments. This can be harder than its looks.

You need to practice catwalk poses, make sure that your catwalk should be effortless and natural. In a catwalk there are no top poses required, just need is your natural walk.

You can improve your catwalk by watching runway shows on YouTube, there are some channels where professional models walk on the runway, you can see how they are managing the runway walk and then practice by yourself.


Here we know about 15 best male model poses, if you’re trying to improve your poses, practice yourself in front of the camera and know your best angels and your best poses. If you know any photographers then take advice from him.

Hopefully you like this article, if you have any questions and suggestions kindly put them in a comment box below.

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