Male Model Runway Walk – 6 Different Types of Runway Walks

Lot of models get afraid when they’re on the runway, male model runway walk; when you walking on the runway you should have confident, face should straight and show your best. Modeling is like a showing the designers new collection on the runway.

If you’re walking the runway in front of hundreds of people, all the people focusing the camera on you, so here we will show you every step you need to be aware of what to do with your hands, what to do with your feet, what to do with your face.

How to Walk the Runway – 8 Tips for Male Model Runway Walk

How to Walk the Runway

Waking the runway is an art you have to be perfect; practicing the walk again and again you will be perfect. You are in fashion industry have you to improve your walking techniques, so here we are given 8 best walking tips for male model runway walk.

01. Pull your Pants up

The very first thing you need to keep in mind; when you’re getting ready to walk down the runway is that you need to pull your pants up.

Pull your pants up so that way your legs look longer you can take longer comfortable strides.

02. Keep your Pockets Empty

The second thing you want to keep in mind is that you want to make sure that your pockets are completely empty. Having stuff in your pocket while you’re walking down the runway is very unprofessional and it’s very distracting as well.

You don’t want to look like you have a bulge in your pocket or in your hips. Just make sure that those pockets are flat and completely empty.

03. Keep your Back Straight 

Another thing you want to keep in mind before you take your first walk is you want to make sure your back is straightened up.

You want to make sure your back is completely straight. And you want to relax your shoulders, take a deep breath, and then you begin to walk.

04. Keep your Hands Comfortable and Naturally

Tips for Male Model Runway Walk

A lot of models do common mistake a lot is that they don’t know what to do with their hands; maybe they lift a lot of weight so they end up walking with.

Another thing that guys do is that they swing their arms way too much or another mistake is that they keep their hands glued to their body and they almost look robotic while they’re walking.

You want to be mindful of this, try to walk very naturally and comfortably you want to feel comfortable because if you feel awkward that your walk is a little awkward.

05. Take Longer Steps

If you give nice long strides it just looks a lot better, why? Because it looks like you’re just kind of flowing across that runway and you’re on a mission.

If you give shorter steps it looks like you’re a little bit insecure and it looks like you have less confidence as well.

06. Keep your Head Straight 

Another mistake that a lot of novice models make while they’re walking down is that they Bob their heads way too much for the walk.

It looks kind of funny; you want to make sure that your face in your head is like pointing to one direction keep it steady keep it natural.

07. Keep Focal Point

Keep Focal Point while walking the runway

Another mistake that models make while they’re walking down the runway is that they don’t have a focal point that they’re walking down.

When you’re walking down the runway you have to keep in mind that your picture is being taken at every second. So, you want to look fierce, you want to look intense; you want to look just like a model.

It’s ideal to have a focal point down at the end of the runway, usually for the main camera just look right above the main camera and just keep your eyes focused on that point,

As you walk down the runway; these fears be steady, be confident and your walk is going to look at such.

08. Don’t Walk to Slow or too Fast

Another tip is to don’t walk too slow or too fast, why? Because it just looks a lot better also remember you’re walking with a certain song and that song just place for a synonym on at a time. So, your show has to fit in perfectly with the timing of the song as well.

6 Different Types of Runway walks

Different Types of Runway Walks

There’s a couple of different ways that a male model runway walk; it depends on the designer or the brand, who you’re working for, who’s the client and then also the market or the country that you’re in.

Most countries all that a bit different they say a couple of different ways that you can walk on the runway.

01. Preppy walk

The first type of walk is the preppy walk, and you usually see this in Calvin Klein, Ralphlauren. You know something more preppy and put together, you know your standard, classic all-American look. It’s very simple, it’s very basic.

This is a prep walk that some designers prefer, and you will see this in New York fashion week a lot too.

02. New Yorker walk

Another type of walk is New Yorker, if you notice in the New Yorker. The models like to take longer strides; it’s very fast beat, very fast-paced, high energy.

A lot of times the models don’t smile, they are very serious in the face and they clinch their jaws so their cheekbones are really structured.

03. B.E.T Style walk

Another style is the B.E.T style, the B.E.T style is very flashy, very show-offy, and sexy, you’ll see this in a lot of African and American runway shows.

You’ll see this even on the B.E.T rip the runway. It’s very high energy, very show-off and its kind a fun.

04. European walk 

European Runwalk 

Another type of walk is European walk; The European walk is very stream-lined, very classic and simple. The designers like the clothes to be the main focal point and not the models.

A lot of times, you’ll see the models looking very bland and almost lifeless, and they’re not allowed posing at the end of the runway.

It’s very strict and straight forward. The focus is on the clothes and not the model and that’s how it should be.

05. Dead Walk or Zombie Walk

Another type of walk is the kind of the dead walk or the zombie walk, it’s where you have no expression at all; you just walk down the runway with no big movements.

Your arms are down to the side and you just walk straight forward and you come back that’s it’s kind of lifeless that’s very popular in Europe.

06. Gentlemen Walk

The last one is more like the gentlemen walk, it’s the walk where you show a little bit more confidence, a little bit more personality, but not too much it’s very classy.


There are 6 basic types of male model runway walk; you should be perfect for all these. The very important thing you can do is to improve your runway walk is watch runway shows. Even you can practice at home, do some set up for your walk and practice your walk every day.

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