What is a Model Release Form – Step by step Model’s Guide

If you’re beginner to the industry or working as a model you need to know certain terms or contracts. Some one asked you to sing model release form and anyone wants to become a professional photographer will require a contract with models.

If you’re starting a photography business then you need to take a sign from the model on document called model release form. Here in this article, we break down the model release form, its uses, when you need and what purpose you need.

Remember, this information is on experience and this is not a legal advice. We want to help you to understand the model release form. If you’re going to sign any legal contracts before you need to take a professional advise and guidance.

What is a Model Release Form?

What is a model release form

A model release form, is like contract between model and photographer and also like documents of permission. Model release form gives the permission for the photographers to use the images for a commercial purpose with the model permission.

If the model is under 18 years old then model release from should be signed by parents or legal guardian. This form also used for when the photographers want to sell the photos, they have taken the images of models.

The model release form protects models and photographers and also protect copyright and your profit.

Nowadays, in the modeling industry there is no industry slandered for models release form. There are lot of photos on online without a release form templet. It totally depends on the photographers or agencies or brands and also, they have their own rules and regulations.

Why Do You Need a Model Release Form?

If you’re modeling for many photographers then you need to sign a model release form because the form will protect you and photographers and you and photographers ensure that these images are what exactly being used for.

Signing a model release form is very important because models may don’t want to their images use for some illegal activities and also models don’t want to promote this type of any products through their images.

Well, while signing the model release form kindly read the details and term and conditions. Basically, you need to give a permission to your images only use for a commercial purpose. 

It’s very important that models should get their commission if the brand or photographer making a money using models face and images.

Remember, its important both the parties should have a copy of the contract.

When Model Release Form be Used?

When model release form be used

A model release form be used when generally models photos be used for commercial purpose.

Well, a model who signed with the agency they don’t have to worry about model release form because the agency will help you and even advise you about.

Make sure that while signing the documents kindly read it fully and understand the terms, no matter how trusted brands or photographers and no matter how long they are in the industry.

If your freelance model then you should pay attention on the documents that you’re going to sign. Remember, understand the terms and conations in the contract and if your agreed or comfortable with then only sign.   

Should I Sign a Model Release Form?

Should I sign a model release form

Signing a model release form is totally depends on your decision, some photographers can ask you to sign and some of them are more relaxed.

If you sign the documents it means that you exactly know where and what purpose your face and images are being use.

If you not sign the model release form there is no guaranty that your images are only using for commercial purpose. It might be used for some illegal activities without your consent and that you don’t want to happen. 

What Does a Model Release Form Look Like?

Many beginner or aspiring models are new to the industry and they are not familiar with the documents looks like. The models release form in depending on the what agency or brand or photographer that you’re working with. The form may look slightly different, but the intense of the documents are some.

Here we are given some bit information about form that how looks like.

  • The form starts with a paragraph written at the top of the form explaining about photographer.
  • The paragraph will include the name of the photographer and what involved in the agreement that you’re going to give a permission. This will include how and where the image can be used for and also who have the rights on the images.
  • The rest of the form will be blank for models to fill it, this will include your personal information, like model contact details, name, date of birth and address etc.
  • This form can include photoshoot information like date of the shoot and location of the shoot.
  • This form also includes your and photographer signatures, also the print of both name for legibility.
  • If the model is under 18 years then there is an option for your parents or legal guardian to sign.
  • If you’re signing the models release form then two witness are required to sign the form.

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What are the Commercial Uses?

Mainly, the images are used for commercial purpose that promote any products or any services, or advertise the products and generates sells, or generates the revenue for a company. 

If you sign the model release form then the brands use your images for promoting their products and service to generates the sell and make more money through your face and images. 

The models get paid enough money for their images and also models get more popularity in the industry when models are worked with big brands.

A photographer will sell your photos or they can give it free but make sure that these photos are be used for promoting brands or for affiliating the company products, that means for commercial purpose.


Here we known about model release form and the use of it. But if you’re going to sign any contract in this industry, you should read it fully and understand because there are lot of dishonest people, they want to take disadvantage of you, be careful.

Hopefully you like this article, if you any suggestions and questions kindly out them in comments box below.  

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