Modeling in Japan – How to Get Scouted for Modeling in Japan

Japan country is famous for their traditional arts and clothing designs and you want to do modeling in japan as a Foreigner or how to get scouted for modeling in japan, then you are in the right place.

Nowadays, fashion industry becomes the one of the biggest industry in the world and accessories and clothing has huge sales in most of the countries.

So, there are numbers of manufacturing companies, in order to sell their products, they hired models to wear these clothes and accessories to advertise them or show them off public to buy these things.

If you’re looking to model in japan then you need to read this article till the end, you will get some knowledge about modeling in japan.  

Foreigner Can Do Modeling in Japan

Foreigner Can Do Modeling in Japan

Japan is also one on known country for their fashion trends, there are lot of aspiring models wants to do something big in Japanese fashion industry.

However, it may be bit challenging for aspiring foreigner models to make big in japan fashion industry. Some of models may be possible but some of the models might face some challenges in the modeling industry, like their language and their culture shock.

Probably you may face lot of challenges but if you able to speak the Japanese language fluently then you have a lot of chances to get into modeling in japan.

The japan fashion modern trend is bit different compare to the global fashion trends, as a foreigner model you need to be bit familiar with japan fashion trends. Also, it’s very important to learn about their culture, their tradition and how thy live their life.

Also, you need to learn their basic language that would be relevant to modeling jobs, it is not necessary to learn fluently as a foreigner model and they know that how to speak to foreigner model.

What are the Challenges Models May Face in Japan?

What are the Challenges Models May Face in Japan

There are lots of challenges might face as a foreigner aspiring model and there are certain things foreigner models might go through in order to make modeling as a profession in japan.

Modeling jobs basically pays good amount of money in japan, but that’s not for every foreigner models. It’ totally depends on you that how you will represent yourself.  

Another challenge might face as a foreigner is to less demand for a foreigner face in the industry. It’s very hard to get paid higher and get jobs on daily basis. you need to work harder in the beginning of your career in japan.

There are many top agencies are having their own rules and regulations on taking commissions, some of the agency will take a 20% and some of them are take a 50 % of the amount of the money that is paid by studio or jobs.

Remember, the agencies in japan may take at least two months to pay you, also some of the agencies may take six months to pay out the models

How to Get Scouted for modelling in japan

modelling in japan

There are lot of things you need to do before staring your modeling career in japan. So, here we are listed some of the best tips to get scouted for modeling in japan. Kindly go through these tips will get knowledge about how to do modelig in japan.

01. Decide the Category of Modelling

First you need to decide the category of modeling, what category of modeling is suitable for you and what kind of modeling you want to make a successful career.

There are many category modeling, do your research on them and chose the one that right for you in japan.

02. Get the Right Visa

Get the Right Visa

There are lot of aspiring models go japan on a tourist visa and then they will start finding agency. They tell agency to renew their visa, remember the agency not paying you anything. Their work is to find a work for you and they take a commission on that.

You need a Humanities (work) visa to go over their and get work.

03. Improve Your Look and Appearance

If you want to stand out from the crowed of models, then improve you look and your appearance. Polish your look, your hair, nails and improve your skin tone.

There are lot of thing you need to do with your appearance, watch some of the tip’s videos on YouTube or read some articles on internet.  

04. Build a Killer Modelling Portfolio

You need to build a killer modeling portfolio, which is your best photos that you’re going to send to modeling agencies.

Keep 8 to 15 best photos of yours, that should be natural and clear.

05. Find Good Modling Agency in Japan

Find Good Modling Agency in Japan

Do your research on agencies and find the right once and make a list of it, there are number of agencies in Tokyo. Also submit you modeling portfolio to them and chose the right one that your comparable to work.

Here are some of the top agencies in japan

06. Improve Your Social Media Accounts

You need to improve your social media presence, get more followers on social media especially Instagram, because there are lot of modelig agencies are looking for a new faces and new talents on Instagram. Some of the agencies will ask you that how much do you have a follower on Instagram.

How Much Do Models Make in Japan?

We can see many models are doing good in their career as a foreigner models and also, they are getting good amount of money. You can expect as an aspiring model 5000 yen to 2000 yen per hour, and for experience models may get more.

What it is Like to Being a Foreigner Model in Japan

As an aspiring foreigner models going to japan is something bit surprised, their fashion trends are bit different compare to global fashion trends. In japan the people are very helpful and their local models are also respectful and friendly.

The clients are look for a very specific features in model, because their products or service has to get more sell, there is no big completion between foreigner models and local models because they are like two categories of models.

Most of the clients look for a different kind of looks, styles and new faces, so improve your individual personality. Remember, foreigner models treated well in Japanese fashion industry. One of the best things for foreigner models has to keep in their mind is to be on time.


Here we are known about can foreigner models can do modeling in japan. Before taking your decision do your own research on their cultures, their fashion industry and their language.

Hopefully you like this article, if you have any question and suggestion kindly put them in a comments box below.

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