Top 7 Biggest myths about Modeling Industry

Everyone wants to know the biggest myths about the modeling industry, we think that this is a glamorous industry normal people can’t make their career.

There are lots of some burning question have in young girls and young boys like how much difficult to be a professional model, what are the beauty thing that matters and is modeling is stressful so here are the biggest myths about modeling industry.

Being a model there are some advantages and disadvantages, it is not all about glamour and pretty people. It is not like what we would imagine for the modeling industry. This profession also required hard work, dedication and stress like other professions.

But some dishonest people take advantage from beginner models, every profession has a dark side but you have to be very careful, so here we are given 7 biggest myths about the modeling industry. If you want to begin your career in the modeling industry then read this article till the end.

7 Biggest Myths About Modeling Industry

01. Models Make Lot of Money

Models make huge money is the biggest myth about the modeling industry, if your super model it’s true that they make lots of money on a single job. It’s also not true, it all depends on which category of models you are, how much hard work you’re putting and how much work you are getting.

Usually when you start your career in modeling you may make enough money to support your daily lifestyle. Of course as time goes by, you will be able to make more money and you may become a supermodel.

You should remember one thing that all models are not supermodels, only a few percent of models become supermodels and make more money.

Sometimes beginner models have to do free photo-shoots just to kick-start their career into the modeling industry. There are so many models who do not get paid for their work, they just get designer clothes they have modeled for. 

02. Models Have to be Skinny or Slim

Models have to be skinny or slim

This is also one of the biggest myths about modeling industry; there are other categories of models like plus size modeling and curved modeling, there are numbers of plus size models working in modeling industry and gaining the most of popularity.

Even recently top agencies are starting to feature more women who are healthy in shape and size and made for them in different categories and divisions. Just think positive about yourself and find the best agency that features you and begin your career.

03. Models Have to be Tall

You have to be tall; this is one of the biggest myths about the modeling industry.  That’s not true, there are a number of short models in the modeling industry and they are doing great in the industry.

Also you have to be tall and to meet a few requirements in some categories like high fashion modeling when they are on the runway and when they are doing print editorials shoot.

There are specific height requirements; if you’re male you should have the height between 5’11” to 6’3” and if you’re female you should have the height between 5’8” to 5’11”.

If you want to get into high fashion modeling you have to meet these height requirements but there are so many shorter models that are successful in their career with their hard work and dedication.

There are various categories of modeling that don’t necessarily require specific height like photo-shoot modeling, commercial modeling, body part modeling and modeling for magazines etc. you just need to have average height to begin in modeling.

I will mention here another article about 14 different types of modeling or modeling work, so you can check out.

04. You Should Have a Professional Portfolio

You should have a professional portfolio

This is absolutely not true;  If you’re trying to get signed with an agency or your beginner to the modeling industry, all you need to have is a portfolio of a clear picture of yourself.

This will help the agency to determine your features and also see your poses. There is no need for a professional portfolio in the beginning, don’t waste your money on hiring professional photographer and making a professional portfolio.

Some agencies are willing to pay for the first shoot if the model looks promising but most of the time models have to pay. You should know about your capacity that is more important.

You can keep the good portfolio that agencies will ask you but you don’t need to do that with a professional photographer. 

05. Plus-Size Models Can Be any Size

If anyone sees the plus size models they think that they might eat whatever they want, that’s not true. Even plus size models have to follow a strict diet to maintain this figure. They are hired by their agencies for their measurements that they have to maintain.

Plus a size model does not mean that you’re completely out of control of your weight but if you want to get into this category you have to be healthy weight, bigger hips, bigger bust and bigger waistline.   

06. You have a Perfect Face Shape

You have a perfect face shape

If people think about modeling, they especially see their face shape. That’s great if you have a perfect face but you can see super models also. They also have something not good enough but they are maintaining themselves and taking care of themselves.

You can also make yourself a perfect face shape that modeling agencies should love. There are so many professional models that have high forehead, no high cheekbone and many other features.

Sometimes anything can become trendy and unique that people can love more so make yourself perfect and find the agencies that you want to get into.

07. You have to Be Very Young

You have to be very young to become a model where your age should be between 14 to 19 years old. If you cross 19 years older you’re useless in the fashion industry, it’s completely false and this is the biggest myth that beginners models believe.

Now, so many top agencies are looking for older and all size models, there is lots of demand in the fashion industry for older models such as high fashion modeling, commercial modeling, in healthcare ads or in pharmacy medical.

You get a lot of examples who started their careers at the age of 25 and more and they are successful in their career.

QNA’s on Modeling Industry

Can you Become Famous by Modeling?

Becoming a famous model requires so many years of hard work, your dedication, hard work and talent can help you to get famous soon. But still, you need to be patient and focus on your career.

What is the Dark Side of Modeling?

A dark side of the fashion industry is that there is no job security in their modeling line of work and models are replaced faster than in any job industry. If your experienced model still the modeling agency forgot as soon as someone younger or sexier models comes.

Why is the Modeling Industry Bad?

There are many dark sides of the modeling industry that are all about money, sexual harassment, lies and very creative bookkeeping. So, if you’re trying to get into the fashion industry then you need to be very careful and take care of yourself.  


Here you know about what are the biggest myths about the modeling industry so believe yourself and give a try but modeling is not for everyone, you can try to get into this industry and make your career.

Don’t stick to one category, try different category of modeling so you’re able to get into at least one category. 

Hopefully. you like this article, If you have any questions or any suggestions kindly put in the comment box below.       

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