Top 7 Plus Size Lingerie Models – Best Tip for Plus Size Lingerie model

Today, the plus size lingerie models have high demand in fashion industry. If you see in fast there is no popular and commonly very less plus size models in advertisements but now the industry of plus size modeling growing drastically and there are number of plus size models enjoying their successful career.

 Well, the fashion modeling and commercial modeling welcoming plus size lingerie models. Most of the top agencies opened their door for plus size model and also, they have a division for these models.

Most of the brands and big clothing companies want to promote their products, services and clothes through plus size models, including bikini, lingerie and swimsuit brands etc.

Read this article for more information, here are top 10 plus size lingerie models and 7 best for how you also get into this industry.

What is Plus Size Lingerie Modeling?

What is Plus Size Lingerie Modeling

A plus size modeling is a category of modeling that individual from size 6 and above who is promoting or engaged with lingerie or swimsuit cloths they are plus size lingerie models.

What are the Requirements for Plus Size Lingerie Models?

If you’re dreaming to become a plus size lingerie model then the first thing that need in you is your confidence. If you have enough confidence then the right way is yours.

Because, while shooting you were wearing very less clothes like bikini, lingerie or even swimsuit and your generally surrounded by so many people. You may also have people teaching you constantly such as your hair stylists and make-up artist. It’s very important that you should feel comfortable with less clothes and have confidence in craved.

The big big brands also want to work with who have a self-confidence and self-love. So, its very importance to have a self-love on your appearance and you may become a good representative.

For becoming a plus size lingerie model don’t have strict body measurements standards and also for height, but there are some things that brands and agencies wants to looks in you.  

There is no specific height for plus size lingerie models but some of the agencies and brands love models who is tall because models look good on the runway. If you have a height 5’7” that will be great.  

You need to have a flowless skin, have an attractive face and healthy hair. Many brands look who have a clear skin and proportional body type. Thant means having a bigger bust and smaller waist.

Brands also looks your talent; it means you should know your best angels and you should know poses that work in plus size lingerie modeling.

Top 10 Famous Plus Size Lingerie Models

Famous Plus Size Lingerie Models

There are so many plus size lingerie models successful in their career and earning good huge amount of money. These models also have a million of followers on social media especially on Instagram.

Here we are listed top 10 famous plus size lingerie models.

01. Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham is one of the famous American plus size models, she was worked with biggest brands and fashion shows.

02. Tara Lynn

Tara Lynn also famous American plus size lingerie model, she appeared on magazines such as vogue Italia and ELLE Spain.

03. Quinn Miles

She is one of the famous plus size lingerie models and she is working with Ford models agency, she is living in Chicago.  

04. Precious lee

She is African plus size lingerie model and she is a first curve model that appear on the page of American Vogue. Precious lee is working with IMG Models agency and she continues becoming famous in fashion industry.  

05. Fluvia Lacerda

Fluvia lacerda is a Brazilian plus size lingerie model, she was appeared on vogue Italia. 

06. La’Tecia Thomas

La’Tecia Thomas is Australian plus size lingerie model and also make-up artist.

07. Chloe Marshall

Chole Marshall is an English plus size lingerie model and she is from Cranleigh, she won the title of Miss Surrey in 2008. She become the first Plus size model reach the final for the Miss England.

08. Crystal Renn

Crystal Renna is a American plus size lingerie model and also author.

09. Tess Holliday

She is also American plus size lingerie model and she is very famous in industry. She has also formerly known as Tess Munster.

10. Saffi Karina

Saffi Karina is a U.K.’s plus size lingerie model and she modelled for John Lewis, Speedo and Bravissimo.

7 Best Tips for Plus Size Lingerie Models

Best Tips for Plus Size Lingerie Models

If you’re a have curve body and want to become a model then here is good news for you, still also you can become a pus size lingerie model, but you need have an attractive face, skin should be glowing and have a healthy hair.

Here are some the best tips for plus size lingerie models.

01. Research on Industry and Clothing Brands

It’s very important to do research on industry, there are lot of videos on YouTube, read the fashion magazines, get knowledge as much as you get from internet.

It’s important to know how the industry is working because there are some dishonest people wants to take disadvantage of you. So, it’s good to know how to stay safe.

You need to know the market of plus size models and also for the industry, there are lots of brands that make clothes for plus size people.

You need to research on brands that they make clothes for plus size people then you can approach the agency to hire you as a model, then you’re going to stand out from the craved of models. 

02. Stay in Shape

Stay in shape

Stay in shape is very important for plus size models, just because your plus size you can eat anything, NO. You should take care of yourself.

You need to eat healthy food and workout regularly to maintain your body shape, your skin and toned. 

Make sure your following healthy diet and doing exercise that keeps you fit. Drinking a enough water and getting a platy of sleep may help your skin to glow.

03. Take Care of Your Skin and Hair

If you want to become a plus size lingerie model then you must have clear skin and healthy hair. So, it’s very important to take care of your skin and hair, there are some top models have a good skincare regime and some of them are eat health foods and fruits to maintain their beauty.

Also, plus size lingerie models has to remove their body hair. Many models comfortable with shaving their hair or hair removal cream and some of the models choose to get a wax. It’s totally depends on your decision.

04. Build your Network

It’s important to have a some of the people contact details and you know somebody in the industry, it will help your more.

If you’re working with any agency then try make a good bonding with people and also there are some many parties and events, these are the best place to noticed.

05. Find a Right Agency

Find a Right Agency

Finding the right agency may help you to getting chances of success in your career. All the models need to have a right agency, do your research on agencies and find one that you are comfortable with.

If you have a good agency then they will find your work but they will take some percentages from your earning. That is god idea to have a right agency because sometime they will guide you and may protect you from dishonest people. 

06. Have a killer Portfolio and Z-card

You need to have a killer portfolio and Z-Card because they will kick-start you career, also, theses two are main tools in the modeling industry.

They will showcase your range, experience and expertise as a model in a professional way. Your portfolio contains 12 to 20 best pictures of you and these all photos should be natural, clean and high-quality.

You need to have a z-card, it will help you to build your network. A z-card is like a model’s business card, it includes some of your images and your contact information.

07. Stay Passionate and Consistent

It’s very important to stay passionate about your goal, because modeling is very difficult profession to get into, but if you enough passionate about your goal then it’s motivates you and will keep you consistent.

You may get lot of rejection in this industry, but stay passionate and consistent about you work. Your body, skin, hair and healthy should be consistently maintained.


Here we known about 10 famous plus size lingerie models and also some tips on how to get into plus size lingerie modeling. Make sure that you’re working harder to become a supermodel and make your position higher level in this industry.

Hopefully you like this article, if you have any suggestion and questions kindly put them in a comment box below.

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