How to Do Preacher Curl with Perfect Form – It’s Benefits 

The preacher curl is one of the important pieces of equipment in any gym, that will help build big and strong arms.

Everyone goes to gym and always hopes to have huge and strong arms, but why do people not get that huge arm even though they are doing all those biceps curls. Because they are not doing exercise with proper form or they are choosing exercise that does not hit your biceps in a different way.

Well, you can consider preacher curl or add that into your next arm day. That will provide variation to your curling routine and hits the biceps in a different way.  And this can help to engage your biceps with each and every rep, that ultimately makes your biceps stronger and bigger.

To do preacher curls you need to have a preacher bench, the majority of gyms keep this machine in their gym. If your home gym is well-stocked including a preacher bench, then that’s appreciated. The preacher bench is designed to sit properly and do the exercise correctly and safely.

So, read this article till the end to know the benefits of the preacher curl and what is the proper form to do it.

What is Preacher Curl

The preacher curl is a variation of the traditional bicep curls, which are not different from the normal bicep curls. The preacher curl can be done both ways, with a free weight rack and the weight stack.

The preacher curl is an isolated bicep exercise that will allow you to improve your lifting form with controlled movement and safely.

Importance of Preacher Curl Movement

Importance of Preacher Curl Movement

There are many reasons that are proven why a preacher curl movement is important, if you’re looking to get bigger, stronger and huge arms then these are the curls that help to get that huge.

Curls are very simple: the curls movements are simple and work better on your arms. The curl movements are easy to learn and these are an important part of your arms workouts. Of course, you can put more effort into your biceps workout the more growth you will see.

Try to do curl movement: everyone has done biceps curl movement once in their life, it is very rare to see someone tell you not to do biceps curl movement, but also it is rare to see someone tell you to do curl movement because they love it. If you love to get stronger and bigger arms then biceps curls are important to be in your arm workout day.

Versatility of curl movement: there are many ways to perform biceps curls with cable, barbells, dumbbells and weight machines but make sure that makes it the most versatile movement. That will give you more tension to your biceps with different ways.

How to Do Preacher Curl

To do the preacher curl you need to have a preacher bench and you can grab E-Z bar, dumbbells and barbell.

Here are step by step guide:

  • Sit on the preacher’s bench and adjust the height according to you with your feet flat on the floor and your upper arms and chest to be in contact with the arm pad. so, you do the exercise properly.
  • Grab the E-Z bar or barbell and hold it using an underhand grip (palms facing up) and your arms extend.
  • Curl the weight up, while keeping your upper arms on the bench and bending your elbows, until your forearms are vertical or at shoulder level.
  • Hold for a second at the top of the curls.
  • Then, lower the weight slowly until your arms extend with straightening your elbows to the starting position. 

You can start performing preacher curls by 3 to 4 sets of 10 to 14 reps. It’s important to choose the weight, sets and repetitions based on your ability. And maintain good technique throughout the exercise.

Also, take the help of a personal trainer for proper form and avoid injury. 

Benefits of Preacher Curl

The preacher curl has many benefits that are more beneficial for building stronger and bigger biceps. One of the biggest benefits is that it has the ability to force you into negative movements that are really great to improve your muscle growth and strength.

It will take away for you to cheat with exercise. There are some other benefits including:

  • You can exercise variety of form and hit your biceps with different ways
  • An underhand grip can target the biceps brachii
  • It’s also useful for upper body structure
  • Gives maximum stress to your bicep muscles
  • Build bigger and stronger muscles
  • You can add dumbbell, cable and barbell bar

The only downside of preacher curl is that it required a preacher bench to perform the exercise. If you work harder and stronger then it will make your daily task more effective.

Bicep Curl Vs. Preacher Curl

There are a lot of people who have this question, which is more beneficial curl? The short answer is completely depending on the person’s training style.

Both the exercises are working on the same muscles and performing some function, so it totally depends on how long the individual has been training.

 A person who has experienced or experienced lifter may go with preacher curl, so you can also try to do preacher curl you may get more benefits. Or you can also do bicep curls and see the result between them.

Preacher Curl Variations

Thumbless Overhead Preacher Curl

In this exercise you can’t use your thumbs for this exercise, so it is important to have a strong grip. The thumbless curl overhead preacher curl builds your handshake-dominating power and also helps to improve the strength of your forearms. You can use E-Z bar, dumbbells, barbell for this exercise.

Set on the preacher bench, holding the weights with an overhead grip using just your fingers. Curl the weight up, with bending your elbows till shoulder level. Hold for seconds and lower the weight slowly to the starting position.

Zottman Preacher Curl

The zottman preacher curl is the best exercise to hit both your biceps and your forearms hard.  When you do this exercise on a preacher bench, this focus moves to the biceps, which will help you to work from different angles.

Set on the preacher bench, hold dumbbells each hand by your shoulder, palms facing away from you. Slowly, lower the weight until your arms are fully extended. Rotate your hands so your palms face towards you. Then lift the weight back up to the starting position.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Preacher Curls Good?

The preacher curls are great exercise to grow your stronger biceps, brachioradialis and brachialis. But it’s important to know the correct form and do it with safely and properly

What’s Better Preacher Curl or Standing?

Stander biceps curls are good and you can perform seated or standing, this will allow you for a lot of swinging. but preacher curls will keep your arms in the same place and target your biceps hard. Of course, you may not curl as heavy but this will give more benefits of stronger isolation.

What Does the Preacher Curl Work?

The preacher curl is best classified as an isolation exercise, it targets one joint and one muscle. But also target brachialis and brachioradialis of the preacher curl exercise


Preacher curls are great exercises to get bigger and stronger biceps, but you need to perform in good form and avoid cheating while exercising them.

Hopefully, you like this article, if you have any question and any suggestions kindly put them in the comment box.  

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