15 Most Popular and Different Types of Perms (2022) For Women

Perms have come a long way since in the 80s, and I think this idea about perms comes from moves that were made 25 to 35 years ago, and you may be surprised to learn about perms. This is a wonderful hairstyle that you can do today. So here we are listed 15 different types of perms for women.

The perms can be an option for women who want a head full of curls and get their desired look, and perms can create a style that will appeal to women of all ages. Once you apply perm, the hair style can last up to six to eight weeks and it can last itself until the hair grows out.

If you apply it properly, it will curl your hair, can bring volume and bounce, and also gives the illusion of layering to straight cuts. So read the article till the end, here you will understand what each term means for perm and choose the perfect perm for your hair. 

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What is a Perm?

A perm is a process in which a stylist uses chemicals to change the texture of the hair to a permanent curl or wave. Typically, perms work by altering the structure of your hair, using chemicals to break the bonds of your hair that determine that natural hair texture.

This treatment takes around two to three hours, so book an appointment according to your free time.

This hairstyle has been around since the 80s, modern people have made it trendy again and stylists have improved styles with new techniques, and made it modern perms. Today, women get many options of perms to choose the best for their desired shape.

15 Different Types of Perms for Women

01. Body Wave Perm

Body Wave Perm

Body wave perm is one of the very popular perms these days, with their romantic waves, loose and the style looks natural and increases the volume of your hair.

Your hair stylist will use much larger rods, they used to create loose waves in a body wave perm, and placed in the hair in bit different positions. and this perm creates a very natural look, that will refresh your stylish look and does not require much maintenance.

The body wave perm is best for long hair, and it’s a great choice if you have naturally straight hair. The body wave perms last between three to six months.

02. Spot Perm

Spot Perm

Spot perms focus the curls on only one section of your hair rather than the entire head of your hair and create a specific look like curls on top of your head, and it is also called a partial perm.

This may initially sound odd to you, but trust us: it can work wonders, and a great way to add a little volume in the mid-hair or create more volume in the section of your hair is thinning. You can choose the spot perm if your hair naturally curls on one side of your head.

The spot perm adds lift to the roots and makes your hair look luxurious and thicker. It also does not require more maintenance, but the one thing you should give some special attention to is the perm. Before you wash it, be sure to pre-conditioning your hair, and leave-in spray.  

03. Spiral Perm

Spiral Perm

The spiral perms use a cold technique and create very tight curls, and well-defined spiral curls have both movement and bounce. The spiral perm style is best for individuals with very healthy hair, because to create these curls the strong chemical will be used.

This type of perm works well with long hair and uses longer rods, and each curl extends from the root to the tip of the hair follicle. You can ask your hair stylist to mix up the look, while varying the size of the perm rods they use in your hair.

If you want to add a lot of volume to your hair, then this style is for you. You should have at least eight to ten inches of hair to get this perm, because the hair curls up so tightly with a spiral perm. If you take proper care and maintenance, it will last up to six months.

Over the months the curls will relax so you need to use high-quality haircare products to keep the curls frizz-free and skinny.

04. Multi-Textured Perm

Multi-Textured Perm

Multi-Textured Perm is the perfect way to get the natural hairstyle, and this perm can produce one of the realistic and lightly curled looks by using a variety of perm rod sizes. This look is to be chosen for medium to long enough hair as it creates tight curls. If your hair is not long enough, then you will not be able to carry off this style.  

If you are looking for a hairstyle as natural as possible, then this perm is best for you and it is a really good idea to think of this perm, because your hair will look highly textured and bouncy. The multi-textured perm will last several months, but you need to take proper haircare and styling products.

05. Straight Perm

Straight Perm

The straight perm is designed to take out any natural curls from your hair, and sometimes it is called a reverse perm or Japanese straight perm.

Your hairstylist uses a strong solution to break down the bonds in the hair, and apply heat. After that the hair is washed and straightened with a hot iron. Then neutralizing chemicals are applied to bring pH of your hair and to ensure the hair stays straight.

The straight perm was originally from Japan, and chemicals that differ from other types of straighteners or relaxers. This perm can last up to four to six months.

06. Stack Perm

Stack Perm

The stack perm is a natural looking style that keeps the roots of your hair little straight and ends of your hair more curled. This perm is typically for long thin hair, one of the most preferable types of perm.

This style can only be used by those who do not have any kind of layers cut in their hair, because this perm itself will create the look of layer and there is no need for cutting. This kind of perm looks so natural and most people with curly hair do not have curls that extend all the way to their roots.

They use several perm rod sizes to create this style, so the curls will look natural and it will last up to five to six months with little more regular deep haircare.

07. Root Perm

Root Perm

The root perm is looking a little like spot perm in that only one section of your hair is permed, but the root perm focuses only on the roots of the hair or the first two to four inches from the scalp.

This is a basic technique of hairstyle, because this perm is supposed to be done close to your scalp, and it can only be done by applying the cold method of perming hair.

This is the best way to add natural-looking volume and give a bit more curls if your current perm is growing out. Also, it is easy to care for your hair after a root perm. The basic problem many people face is that their hair is not appropriate for such a procedure.

This perm only lasts approximately a month or two months.

08. Volumizing Perm

Volumizing Perm

As you can tell from the name, the greatest advantage of this type of hairstyle is that it creates more volume or gives more additional volume rather than tight curls.

To get this look, the hair stylist uses many perm rods and chemicals in order to give more volume, the neutralizing chemical is applied after the perm rods are removed. This will let the curls relax slightly before they are set.

This perm is equally suitable for shorter hair and longer hair, and your hair looks wavy and it is really awesome. It lasts up to six months.

09. Pin Curl Perm

 Pin Curl Perm

The pin curl perm is retro-style, and often referred to as a pin curl. Many Hollywood beauties have supported this style throughout the 1900s. This style is the best option for those women who have short or medium hair. You just need a curler and pins.

This style is a perfect solution for adding extra volume to thin and lank hair. And it is easy to style just by running the fingers through the curls. This type of perm does not last longer or not more than one month.

10. Digital Perm

Digital Perm

The digital perm is a new option for those who are looking for natural waves without using harsh chemicals. But they use more balanced chemicals and infrared heat to create this perm.

Digital perm is best for those who have very straight or thin hair and don’t expect your local hair stylist to offer this type of perm, but you get this style in the nearest city salon.

This digital perm process takes some time, so you need to book your appointment an entire morning or afternoon to get your digital perm. This style is one of the longest- lasting perm, it will give you curls up to a year or 14 months.

11. Finger Waves

Finger Waves

The finger waves perm looks vintage and wavy, and this look can be achieved with a special perm. To get this look, let your hair dry naturally, and excessive drying using brush or comb will make this type of perm look frizzy. Try to use serum with Argan oil that will keep your waves looking defined and soft.

12. Modern Style

Modern Style

This perm is not to be old fashioned, adding texture to the bottom half of the style with a basic perm can create a modern and edge style. This style is popular nowadays, and many Hollywood actresses have seen this style.

13. Short and Bouncy

Short and Bouncy

Shorter hair can look great with a perm and bouncy curls can look sexy and romantic and it requires very little effort and maintenance. Shorter hair can be simple to wash and air dried. To look great in this style, then try to add some gen or mousse.

14. Partial Perm

Partial Perm

Partial perms will add curls and texture to the lower strands of your hair. The upper part of your hair is straight to create a smooth texture. The partial perm works well for medium and long hair and gives you a sexy, soft look to any style.

However, partial perm is one of the most popular perms, you can simply perm the ends of the hair, just create waves or curves to give your hair movement.

15. Classic Up-Do Permed Hair

Classic Up-Do Permed Hair

The perm is flattering for all the face shapes and is easy to do at home on your hair. Add curls to the bottom section of the hair and gather all the hair in hand as if to make a ponytail, then twist your hair around to cover and secure with pins.  

Gently tease out individual curls and arrange them on top of your head, this will give you a more attractive look. 

QNA’s on Types Of Perms

  • How Long Does a Perm Last?

    Most of the perms are lost between around three to five months, but this can be depending on several factors like the length of your hair and type of perm you get. If you have long hair, it can be more difficult to perm and curl, and will lose the definition with hair growth. So, that’s why get regular haircuts to help to maintain the look (perm hairstyle).

    How you care for your hair also plays an important role, so be sure to use the best products that are designed specifically for your hair type.

  • How Much Does a Perm Cost?

    The cost of perm will be depending on the type of perm you get and where you get the service or where you live. Many perms involve a more complex and time-consuming process to get that desired look, that will raise the cost.

    On average, the price of perm is between $75 to $500, but you should contact your nearest stylist for more information about price or get a more accurate estimate. Also, know the maintenance costs, so the style fits in your budget.

  • Do Perms Ruin Your Hair?

    A perm doesn’t hurt your hair health, but the process may weaken and dry strands. If you already have damaged hair, then you may be more prone to a brittle feel and breakage.


Well, if you have short hair or long and versatile hair, there are many great types of perms that can help you show off your personality and highlight your best features at any age.

If you are not sure about which perm is best for you, then you can check with your local salon, and your hair stylist can give you the best options based on what you are looking for and also give you some tips for caring for your hair.

Hopefully, you like this article, if you have any questions and suggestions kindly put them in the comment box below. 

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