10 Most Popular Facial Features that Modeling Agencies Love

01. High Cheekbones

High Cheekbones is a requirement for a lot of top modeling agencies.  The top modeling agencies want their models to have high Cheekbones

02. Gap Teeth

If you have gap teeth then you have huge demand in the modeling industry

03. Captivating Eyes

This is one of the most required facial features that modeling agencies love, this is actually like signature for most of the models is to have captivating eyes

04. Great Smile

Having a great smile on your face all the time makes you more attractive and this is an important facial feature that modeling agencies love

05. Thick Eyebrows

there are lots of models that have thick eyebrows and having thick eyebrows will get more attention on you and will make you more photogeniC

06. Symmetrical Faces

There are lots of successful models, who don’t have a symmetrical face, but having a symmetrical face has more demand in this industry.

07. Freckles

Having freckles is very valuable and in high demand in the modeling industry, there are a number of models who have freckles and they are successful in their career

08. Flawless Skin

Modeling agencies also look at your skin, so for models it is very important to pay attention to their skin

09. Luscious Locks

Modeling agencies always look for those models who have a healthy head with shiny hair, who can promote their products. 

10. Expression

Expression is one of the must-have facial features that Modeling agencies love. Facial expression through your mouth and eyes is essential in the modeling industry

The successful models don’t have these all the features but having one feature that different makes agencies notice you.

If you want to know more about facial features that modeling agencies love, then click on the below link.