7 Ways to Lose Weight with Lipedema

Lipedema is a complex condition so you need exercise regularly and maintain a balanced & healthy diet

Lipedema is also known as a painful fat disorder, and it is a condition that stores excess fat in the lower part of the body and upper arms

Here are the best 7 tips to lose weight naturally with lipedema. Losing weight with lipedema also depends on the cause of lipedema condition

01. Healthy Diet

A healthy diet may help you to control the growth of lipedema fat deposits, and the diet also depends on your body types & condition of lipedema

02. Exercises

Exercise is the great way to reduce the painful lipedema fat. You need to do some exercises because that is proven and effective way to reduce weight

03. Swimming

Swimming is one of the effective exercises & also a low impact exercise. Water exercise are more beneficial to people with lipedema

04. Walking

Walking is one of the best exercises for lipedema because it is an excellent low impact exercise and stimulates the lymphatic system

05. Weight Training

Doing exercise often helps to control lipedema progressing to the next stage, so do any exercise that helps

06. Try Supplements

We do not recommend any kind of supplements, still you want to try, talk to a doctor before trying anything

07. Wear Compression Garments

Wearing compression garments has many benefits to those who suffer from lipedema. These tight garments can give you more relief

losing the weight that results from lipedema is more challenging and can’t be done through normal diet & exercise. Talk to doctors & professionals, so you can get the best direction to lose weight with lipedema

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