9 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Carbs Intake

Cutting back on simple carbs may provide some real health benefits. Studies show that low carb diets may help with weight loss & better management of diabetes

01. Reduce Your Intake of Sugar-Sweetened Drinks

Reducing drinks like soda can significantly reduce your simple carb intake & protect you against the development of type 2 diabetes

2. Cut Back on Refined Grain Bread

Sticking to a moderate amount of whole grain bread can make your intake of simple carbs, which may cause blood sugar spikes

3. Think About Fruit Juice

Fruit juice is often just as full of simple carbs, so it’s best to limit your consumption if you’re looking to cut carbs

04. Consume  Lower-Carb Snacks

Low carb snacks like nuts and cheese can help you feel satisfied due to they contain higher protein & healthy fat

05. Start Your Day with Lower-Carb Breakfast Foods

Starting your day with eggs or other high protein, lower-carb foods, can help you feel full and satisfied for several hours

06. Use Sugar Alternatives

Using sugar alternatives can help you keep your carb intake low without giving up sweetness altogether

07. Focus on High Protein Foods

Adding higher protein foods to your meals can help you feel fuller, fight cravings, and boost your metabolic rate for a brief period

08. Supplement with Healthier Fats

Supplementing your lower-carb diet with healthier fats can add variety and even health benefits, including weight loss

09. Count Carbs with a Nutrition Tracker

Use a nutrition tracking app or online program, it can help you monitor & fine-tune your carb intake

Concentrating on protein, fiber, complex carbs, and healthy fats can help you feel satisfied throughout the day and will provide the nutrients needed for a balanced diet

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