9 Best Exercises to Get a Washboard Abs

Washboard abs also known as a six pack or chiseled abdominal muscles. If you want washboard abs, then you need to focus on a solid core training program and a healthy diet.

It is very important to add variation to your workouts that can help keep your routine fresh and interesting. So, here are 9 best abdominal exercises that can help you work towards getting washboard abs.

Mountain Climber

The mountain climber comes under the HIIT & strength building workout category. This exercise helps burn abdominal fat, and is an effective way to strengthen your core and improve your metabolism.

Flat Bench Leg Raise

This is a great exercise for working your abdominal muscles, and also improves the strength and flexibility of your hips and lower back.

Toe Reach

This exercise fully engages the abdominal wall and helps get a washboard abs, trims down your waist and strengthens your core. The toe reach also helps to improve flexibility, balance and posture.

Ab Roller

The ab roller is a piece of equipment, and it’s a direct core exercise that works your deep ab muscles. This exercise gives you a defined midsection and will also strengthen your core muscles.

Flutter Kicks

This is a great exercise for targeting your lower rectus abdominal muscles. The flutter kicks also work your hip flexors, which can help reduce tightness in your hips.

Bicycle Crunch

This is one of the best exercises for targeting both your abdominal muscles and your obliques. The bicycle crunches can help you increase core strength, slims down your waist, and improve your flexibility and stability.

Russian Twist

The Russian twist is great for strengthening your core, obliques and spine. This exercise is a total core exercise that also works your balance, trims your mid-section and builds stability in your spine.

Reverse Crunch

This exercise is a variation of the traditional crunch, and one of the most effective moves to trim your midsection and strengthen your rectus abdominis.

Plank Position

The plank position is one of the great exercises that can get you killer abs. This exercise also strengthens your glutes, hamstrings and burns more calories.

To achieve washboard abs, you will need to train your abdominal muscles regularly and follow a healthy diet. These exercises are a great starting point but try not to limit yourself to only these exercises.