09 Biggest Myths about Weight Loss 

There are a lot of weight loss advice, tips or recommendations on the internet, or even social media. But most of it either proven not to work or unproven.

Losing weight can be challenging. However, exercising and reducing the caloric intake is the best approach to weight loss. Here are 9 biggest myths about weight loss that you shouldn’t believe.

Skipping Breakfast Aids Weight Loss

The researches have shown that skipping breakfast won’t have a significant effect on weight loss, but the quality of breakfast that matters the most. And skipping breakfast may increase the risk of being overweight/obesity.

All Calories are Equal

These are the biggest myths about weight loss. Not all calorie sources have the same effects on your weight and health. Consuming enough protein rich foods can increase metabolism, reduce appetite, and aid weight loss.

Supplements Can help You Lose Weight

Most weight loss supplements are ineffective, and the best supplements may help you lose small amounts of weight over several months.

Consuming Carbs Make You fat

Low carb diet can aid weight loss, but whole foods that are high in carbs are very healthy. If you keep your carb intake low and protein intake high, you will lose weight.

Need to Eat less and Move More

Telling people to lose weight you only need to eat less and exercise more is ineffective advice that rarely works in the long term.

Need More Willpower to Lose weight

A person's failure or success at weight loss is not a reflection of their willpower reserve. There are several factors, like genetics, age, lifestyle changes, & environmental factors that play an important role in weight loss.

Losing Weight is a Linear Process

Generally, losing weight is not a linear process. It can take a long time to lose weight, and your weight tends to fluctuate up and down by small amounts.

Weight Loss Diets Work

Studies have shown that dieting rarely works in the long-term. 85% of dieters end up gaining the weight back within a year. It is great to change your lifestyle, increase your activity levels & eat healthier, you should lose weight.

Cutting Fat from Your Diet Helps Lose Weight

Cutting fat doesn’t lead to weight loss. In fact, it often leads to weight gain. Fat alone does not cause weight gain, and your body needs healthy fats to function properly.

If you’re trying to lose weight, you may have heard several myths and you may have even believed some of them. If you want to lose weight in a healthy way, then try to make changes in your diet and lifestyle.


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