Top 10 Biggest Nutrition Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

Social media, magazines and websites are rife with misinformation and it can be difficult to tell what’s evidence-based and what’s myths.

Here are 10 biggest myths related to nutrition that you shouldn’t believe. These myths are leading to public confusion so let’s get into it.

High Fat foods are Unhealthy

This is the biggest myth in the nutrition industry. In fact, many high fat foods are extremely nutritious, and they can help you maintain a healthy weight.

White Potatoes are Unhealthy

White potatoes are a good source of several nutrients, including vitamin C, potassium, & fiber. They are good to add in your diet, just be sure to consume in more healthful ways, like baked or roasted.

Eating Healthy is too expensive

Eating healthy can take some planning and time in the kitchen, but eating on budget is possible. Just look high and low for better deals, and try to avoid pre-washed, or pre-cut foods, because they may be expensive.

All Juices & Smoothies are Healthy

It’s important to remember that most smoothies and juices sold at stores are loaded with calories and added sugar. When you consume in excess, they can lead to weight gain and promote other health issues.

Weight Loss is Easy

Weight loss in not easy, and is difficult for most people. It requires consistency, hard work, self-love, and patience. Also, genetics & other factors make weight loss much harder.

Carbs Make You Gain Weight

Adding healthy carbs in your diet won’t make you gain weight. However, following unhealthy eating patterns, and eating unhealthy carb-rich foods will lead to weight gain.

You Have to be Skinny to live Healthier Life

You don’t have to be skinny to be healthy. Most important to live a healthier life is consuming a nutritious diet, maintaining a healthy body weight and maintaining an active lifestyle.

Supplements are Waste of Money

Supplements are useful & often necessary in many people. When you use it correctly and in the right form, supplements can be beneficial in many ways.

You need to Eat Small & Frequent meals for better Health

Eating frequent meals regularly throughout the day is not the best way to optimal health and to promote weight loss. Research shows that a regular meal pattern may be best for optimal health.

Very Low-Calorie Diet is the best way to Lose Weight

Following a too low-calorie diet can lead to metabolic adaptations and long-term health consequences, and make long term weight maintenance difficult.

The nutrition industry is rife with misinformation, mistrust of health professionals, and lead to public confusion. So, it is very important to do your own research before doing anything with your body.

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