7 Common Reasons Why People Gain Weight in Winters

Winter season brings an array of health concerns along with it. It not only flares-up up cold, arthritis, flu, skin & respiratory diseases but also leads to weight fluctuation

According to a study, many people tend to gain 3 to 5 kilos during winters. To avoid gaining extra kilos, we must know the reasons why it is in winter we tend to gain extra kilos

01. Cold Weather

Cold weather is a main reason that we gain extra kilos. Instead of exercising at the gyms, we prefer staying indoors. It is not easy to stay active & fit when it’s freezing outside

02. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

This is related to seasonal changes, and it affects our mood & health. This might also lower our urge to workout or hit the gym, resulting in weight gain

03. Comfort Foods

With the dip in the temperature, we always try to eat heavier & warming foods. But having excess carb & fat loaded foods can lead to put on extra kilos

04. We Tend to Eat More

During winter season, our biological system increases our urge to eat more (many researches have proven that)

05. Dehydration

During winter season, a little dehydration can mimic a feeling of hunger, making you eat more food

06. Longer nights

Longer nights mean more you sleep, and it may impact on your body & health cycle, which could make you lethargic

07. Increases Metabolism

Increases metabolism sound health but sudden increase can result in weight gain. This might increase our hunger, making us to eat more food

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