9 Best Ab and Core Exercises with Weights

Doing abs exercises using weight like dumbbells and weight plates, significantly improve muscular endurance and help you develop six-pack ab muscles faster.

Whether your goal is developed six-packs or just little more definition around your midsection. These 9 ab exercises with weights will help get you there.

01. Dumbbell Crunches

Dumbbell crunches can increase muscle flexibility and strengthen the core muscles. This exercise works on your abs & obliques.

02. Dumbbell Toe Touching

Dumbbell Toe Touching exercise works on the upper ab muscle, and it is one of the favorite exercises for many people. This exercise strengthens core muscles and reduces back pain.

03. Dumbbell Leg Raises

It is great exercise for working your lower abs & hip flexors, which help strengthen your abs in the least amount of time.

04. Russian Twists with Dumbbell

This exercise works on your lower abs, and it is an effective way to build your core & shoulder. it may require a lot of strength & support to perform

05. Hanging Dumbbell Leg Raises

This exercise works on your entire core, especially great for targeting the lower abs. It is a little challenging for overweight people to perform.

06. Bicycle Crunches

Bicycle crunches are effective ab exercise, and work your deep abs and the obliques. This exercise also helps tone your midsection & slim your waist.

07. Dumbbell Side Bend

This exercise can improve your core strength, by targeting your internal obliques & external oblique muscles, and also flatten your side fats.

08. V-Sits

This is great exercise to target your lower and upper abs muscles at same time. Which helps to develop strength, balance and coordination.

09. Barbell Rollouts

This exercise strengthens your entire abdominal region. This exercise also improves strength and stability in the arms and shoulder, improving your overall performance.

These exercises can help you to build stronger and thicker abdominal and oblique muscles. If you’re trying to get six-pack abs faster, then focus on consistent workout and a balanced diet.

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