Diet To Fight Omicron: Eat These Foods Daily to Boost Your Immunity

To build our immunity stronger, diet plays an important role. Home-cooked food, foods rich in vitamin C, fiber, micronutrients like fruits & green leafy vegetables can give a boost to our health

When it comes to Covid-19, sticking to the basics like following social distancing, waring masks & washing hands frequently, while following a fitness routine & healthy diet can go long way in keeping the infection at bay

01. Ginger

Ginger is an anti-inflammatory properties & is highly effective in fighting germs, viruses & bacteria. add in your kaadha or tea can keep your immune system stronger

02. Ghee (Butter)

Ghee is one of the easily digestible fats which generates heat in your body & keeps you warm. Ghee is a great thing to add in your diet

03. Turmeric

Turmeric is a powerful antioxidant & it gives relief from all the cough problems once you start including it in your daily diet

04. Honey

Honey is high on antioxidants & good for digestion. It is effective for sore throat & may boost your immune system

05. Millets

Millets is high on fiber & have low glycemic index. It can boost your immunity, aids weight loss, good for digestive system & increase your blood circulation

06. Amla

Amla is packed with vitamin C & makes your immune system stronger. Also, it can keeps all the disease & illnesses away

07. Garlic

Garlic is immune boosting properties & helps lower blood pressure. It is heavy concentration of sulfur-containing compounds, such as allicin

A strong immune system can help you fight the highly-infections strain Omicron. You can add these foods suggested by a nutritionist to your diet to boost immunity

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