Get Your Taste and Smell Back After COVID-19

Your taste and smell work together to make you enjoyable while eating food. Many things may interface with your taste, but usually taste returns back when the cause is resolved

Loss of taste and smell is also a symptom of COVID-19, but researchers are still trying to understand how the coronavirus affects the taste and smell

Losing taste and smell is depending on the cause, most of the taste will be resolved on its own or by treating the causes and viruses

There is no perfect time to get taste and smell back after COVID-19

The good news is after COVID-19, most of the people got their taste and smell back quickly. So, losing taste and smell after COVID-19 is temporary

Losing sense of taste and smell sign of underlying condition and associated with COVID-19. it is usually temporary and may improve within a few days or months

Treating the cause can help get your taste and smell back. But if you lost your smell and taste for a longer time, kindly talk to the doctor for a better treatment

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