Healthy Diet Plan for Gain Muscles for Skinny Guys

Most people will think about how much time I should eat to gain muscle (weight); the best answer is six times in a day. Three main meals and then three snacks in between, it will help to gain muscles for skinny guys

For Breakfast

– 8 tablespoons of oats – one medium banana – one handful mixed nuts – 250 milliliters whole milk and one scoop whey protein

For Snack

– Its snack time and you can take a whey protein shake – 250 milliliters milk – one scoop whey protein – one medium banana – three strawberries

For Lunch

– In a lunch time you can eat bit lightly – Egg on toast with two slices whole wheat bread – six slices of tomato – a half avocado – four large eggs

For Snack

For snack again proteins shake – 250 milliliters of milk – one big scoop whey protein – one medium banana – one cup of oatmeal – also, you can add some carbs and then one tablespoon of peanut butter

For dinner

– For dinner two cups whole wheat pasta or brown rice – 300 grams of chicken or beef or fish – 150 grams of vegetables like broccoli or spinach

For Snack

– 250 milliliters of milk – Two any fruits – A handful mixed nuts – One scoop of whey protein

This is a basic meal plan every day which helps skinny guys to gain some muscles (weight), it can change here and there,. Remember, you should always eat between 3,000 to 3500 calories a day

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