13 Healthy Dips and Spreads

Dips and spreads make excellent snacks, condiments and party food. You can use whole foods to make your own that are just as tasty and more nutritious. Here are 13 healthy dips and spreads.

Peanut Butter Fruit Dip

Peanut butter fruit dip is loaded with protein, healthy fats and fiber, and takes only a few minutes to prepare. It tastes great with bananas, apples, and grapes.

Garlic Avocado Spread

Garlic avocado spread is creamy and nutritious spread can be used on wraps, sandwiches and even as a base for pizza.

Lemon-Herb White Bean Dip

Due to their smooth and creamy texture, white beans make an excellent base for dips. This dip is high in protein and fiber, which can keep you feeling full and promote good digestive health.

Ranch Greek Yogurt Dip

Using Greek yogurt for dip is an easy way to boost your snack’s nutrients. This dip is high in protein that helps boost fullness and metabolism, which may aid weight loss.

Honey Mustard

Honey mustard makes a fantastic dip for chicken and veggies, and a delicious spread for sandwiches.

Buffalo Chicken dip

Buffalo chicken dip is a light version of the classic dip that uses Greek yogurt instead of cream cheese, and it is a tasty snack for game days and parties.

Southwest Black Bean Dip

Southwest black bean dip is a filling and flavorful dip that takes only a few minutes to prepare. This dip is rich in protein and fiber.

Smoked Paprika Lentil Dip

Smoked paprika lentil dip packs a smoky punch and is great for whole grain pita chips, and makes a good filling for wraps. It’s packed with protein, fiber and iron.

Apple Pie Cottage Cheese Dip

Apple pie cottage cheese dip is a healthy dessert that is sweet, fruity and decadent. It is loaded with protein, making it an incredibly filling snack.

Mashed Pea Spread

This pea-based snack tastes excellent on sandwiches, wraps, toast and veggie pizzas. Peas are loaded with important nutrients that may decrease your risk of heart disease and regulate blood pressure.

Chocolate Cashew Spread

Chocolate cashew spread tastes great with pita chips and apple slices. This spread provides nutrients, such as unsaturated fats and potassium.

Pumpkin Ricotta Dip

Pumpkin ricotta dip is a sweet rich treat with simple ingredients. Ricotta cheese is loaded with satisfying protein and pumpkin is a great source of provitamin A.

Spiced Butternut Squash Dip

This is a squash-based dip and a healthy dessert. This can be easily spread on bread or used as a dip for veggies.

These are healthy dips and spreads that make excellent snacks, desserts, condiments and provide important nutrients. and these are easy to make.

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