How the Intermittent Fasting Works (Weight Loss)

One of the best things most people do is intermittent fasting and it works and you will lose weight

If you strongly do intermittent fasting you can lose weight fast without exercise in a month

How the Intermitted Fasting Works

You fast a certain number of hours per day and then the other you eat

For Example

One method is to eat eight hours a day and then the rest of the hours which is 16hours comes to 24hours you fast. This is called 8:16 intermittent fasting, it’s actually a very popular method and most people follow this method only

Second method you can bump it up to a 4:20 meaning 4 hours of the day you eat and then the rest of the 20 you fast, just remember the first day will probably be the hardest because your body is not used to it

Easy Ways that you Can do Intermittent Fasting

– You Can eat from 9am to 5pm and fast in the evening. – You can eat from 12 mid-day to 8 pm and nothing in the morning

If you do intermittent fasting strongly, the chances will increase to lose weight fast. Just you need to fast for a certain number of hours per day

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