7 Korean Habits That Will Help You Lose weight

By Praveen

Weight loss is about living a healthy lifestyle, practicing mindful eating are factors which can help you lose weight

Korean ways of living, exercising & eating will surely improve the quality of your health & also help you achieve your weight loss goals

01. Vegetables

Korean people love vegetables, which is on of the main reason behind their healthy & slim body. Most of vegetables are high in nutrients and low in calories & fat, which makes it great to lose weight

02. Korean Eat Fermented Foods

Kimchi is a traditional Korean dish prepared with fermented vegetables, mostly radishes, cabbage, green online & others. Fermented foods improve digestive systems is often linked to weight loss

03. Minimize Fast Food

Korean people avoid eating processed high-fat, high calories foods, and they prefer eating home-cooked foods

04. Exercises 

Korean lifestyle is like walking & running happens in plenty because of their love for traveling and walking. Physical activities are important when it comes to losing weight

05. Seafood

Korean people prefer eating seafood, since seafood is reach in lean protein, it help you feel fuller for longer period of time, which leads to weight loss

Korean diet is naturally rich in fiber & lean protein, limits snacking, less sugar & fat rich foods and they exercise regularly. Together, these factors are likely to help you lose weight and maintain heathy body


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