Masturbation Effects on Kidneys and Back Pain?

There is no scientific evidence that masturbation has any negative effect on your kidney’s health, and also, there is no evidence that masturbation can cause: your kidney failure, kidney pain and kidney disease

Masturbation and Kidney Stones

Female masturbation does not affect kidney stones. But on a male masturbation, there is some evidence that masturbation may help eliminate kidney stones

Other Masturbation Myths

– Masturbation results in a low sperm count. – Masturbation damages the kidneys and causes kidney pain. – Masturbation causes hair to grow on the palms. – Masturbation leads to blindness.

What are the Benefits of Masturbation?

– Can help your fall asleep – Improve your mood – Promotes calmness – Relieve anxiety and stress

Side Effects of Masturbation?

Masturbation is itself not cause to any health concerns.  However, there are some physical and emotional side effects -Guilty Feeling -Masturbation Addiction -Physical Side Effects

Is There Back Pain After Masturbation

Masturbation does not cause back pain. In most cases, the back pain occurs after masturbation because of your bad posture during the masturbating

There is no scientific evidence that masturbation affects the kidneys and back pain or causes any health concerns. But masturbation even has some benefits