9 Secrets to Smell Good All Day Naturally (2022)

Everyone wants to smell good all day & every time, because it boosts your confidence & may feel fresh

Smelling good is not a genetic trait, so anyone can smell nice & fresh all day, by just using perfumes & fragrances that give you a nice scent

Smelling good is as important as looking your best when you’re around people, and fragrances & perfumes can play a huge role. But here are 9 other ways that you may smell good all day naturally

01. Drink Enough Water

Drinking enough water is the best way to staying hydrated is for smelling good all day and dilute some bad scents in your mouth

02. Choose Healthy Diet

Foods that you eat is an important part of how you smell, so eating more vegetables & fruits will keep your body fresh & smell good all day

03. Moisturize Your Skin Right After Shower

Try to moisturize your body with scented lotion right after you get out of shower, because it may last longer when you apply it on the wet moist base and can smell good all day

04. Get Clean Shower and Reach the Right Spots

It is very important to get a clean shower & clean the most sweat glands, Like armpits, butt & groin

05. Pay Attention to Your Clothes

How much effort you put into washing your clothes can show how good you smell. Most of the laundry soaps and detergents also have good fragrances like perfume

06. Lightly Spray on Your Bedsheets and Pillows

Smelling good around you is more important than applying perfume to the body

07. Let Your Perfume Dry Before You Go

First apply your perfume on your body then should apply on your clothes and let your perfume to dry and then step out

08. Keep a Hair-Dedicated Perfume

If you want your hair to smell good, try to get a hairbrush and hair-dedicated perfumes, because that will keep your hair smelling good and give a shiny colour

09. Use Shoe Spray Fragrance

Shoe spray fragrance is important, it is more like a perfume for feet and will make you smell good

Shoe spray fragrance is important, it is more like a perfume for feet and will make you smell good

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