09 Best Shoulder Exercises for Building Muscle 

Shoulder muscles are very complicated joints that are not easy to target without proper knowledge. So, doing shoulder exercises can improve your appearance and add definition to your overall physique.

Shoulder exercises are very important and effective, many people lift weights that’s too heavy and in the wrong way. So, here are 9 best shoulder exercises for building your shoulder muscles.

Front Raises

The front Raise is an isolation exercise for shoulder flexion and can help you build strength and definition in the sides and front of your shoulders. In daily activity, you need stronger shoulders to lift the objects safely.

Overhead Dumbbell Press

The overhead dumbbell press is effective exercise that targets the anterior, posterior, and lateral deltoid muscles. This exercise helps you build strength and size of your shoulders.

Lateral Raises

The lateral raises are effective shoulder-strengthening exercises that help you tone your shoulder muscles and part of the upper back muscles. This exercise targets the deltoid muscles & some trapezius fibers as well.

Sanding Barbell Shrugs

This exercise boosts the strength of your shoulder, neck and upper back muscles. It also improves your posture, so consider adding this exercise to your workout routine.

Push Ups

Push ups are good for the shoulders because it allows your shoulder blades to move freely. And it is also beneficial for building upper body strength.

Barbell Overhead Press

This exercise is great for your shoulders and most of your body. It helps you improve your strength and muscle mass. You just need a barbell to perform this exercise.

One-Arm Cable Lateral Raise

This exercise targets your middle deltoids and gives more tension to your shoulders. The cable version helps strengthen your shoulder and upper back muscles.

Crab Walk

The crab walk is a bodyweight exercise that provides a full-body workout that promotes joint strength, shoulder and core stability and strength. It also improves your posture & balance.

Cable Face Pulls

The Cable face pull targets muscle groups around your shoulder joints, specifically the posterior deltoids and rotator cuff muscles. It’s improved stability and strength of your shoulder muscles.

Do these simple exercises three to 5 times per week, it can help you build muscles of your shoulder and relieve shoulder and upper back pain. Before trying any workout routine, take advice from your personal trainer.


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