Side Effects of Apple Cider Vinegar

Several research suggests that Apple cider vinegar may have several health benefits. However, consuming too much of apple cider vinegar can cause unwanted effects.

Many people have also raised concerns about vinegar possible side effects. here are 8 potential side effects of consuming too much of apple cider vinegar.

Digestive Side Effects

Apple cider vinegar may help reduce appetite, but it may cause unpleasant digestive systems in some people when they consume too much.

Throat Burns

Apple cider vinegar has acetic acid, which has the potential to cause throat burns when you consumed too much.

Skin Burns

Apple cider vinegar also may cause burns when you applied to the skin. There are several anecdotal reports online.

Low Potassium Levels and Bone Loss

There is one case report of low potassium levels and bone loss that was likely caused by drinking too much apple cider vinegar over a long period of time.

Delayed Stomach Emptying

Research suggests that apple cider vinegar may reduce the rate at which foods leaves the stomach and enters the lower digestive tract.

Erosion of Tooth Enamel

Apple cider vinegar contain acetic acid that may weaken dental enamel and lead to loss of minerals and tooth decay.

Drug Interactions

Some studies suggest that some medications, including digoxin, insulin and certain diuretics, may interact with apple cider vinegar.

Blood Sugar Regulation

Some research suggest that consuming apple cider vinegar can affect how the body regulate blood sugar levels. Anyone with diabetes should speak with doctor before trying a vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar can offer several health benefits. However, there are some possible side effects when you consumed too much. It’s important the monitor the amount you consume.

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